Crazy 12-Win Giant Cycle Deck for Challenges

Hey guys, what’s up, its Unstoppable here and today I am here with a guide on Surgical Goblin’s extremely powerful Giant Cycle Beatdown Deck that I just got 12 wins with!

Giant Cycle Deck

Crazy 12-Win Giant Cycle Deck

Recently Surgical Goblin released a pretty cool video where he showed a few replays of him playing his Giant cycle deck, with an average Elixir cost of 3.5 even though it has the Giant, Lightning, and Pump in it!

The idea is to continually cycle your Skeletons and Ice Spirit while stacking Pumps to maintain an Elixir advantage over your opponent. He used this deck and won a 1000 player tournament, coming in first and taking 2000 cards as the prize! I tried it out a few times in a grand challenge and got 12 wins, as shown in this chest below. It made it possible for me to level my miner to level 2, as well as giving an insane amount of gold and other cards.

While playing in the challenge, I battled a few famous players like Husein from Indo Royale, as well as The Punisher from Lebanon, and beat both of them with this deck. As you can see it is very strong and I will explain the deck, a few strategies, as well as discuss the weaknesses of it.

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Cards Breakdown 

Giant: The main win condition of this deck. What many players don’t know is that you can use him defensively. For instance, if there is a Knight coming down the lane, or Musketeer, I will use the Giant to tank shots with and then go on a counterpush. This gives me a nice Elixir trade, as well as a Giant for the counterpush. You can use him to tank Elite Barbs, Bowler, Mega Minion, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Furnace, and on and on and on. When you are on offense, the Giant is your tank, and the Electro Wizard is your main support troop.

Log: Log is very replaceable with Zap, and you should definitely replace Log with Zap if you don’t have Electro Wizard either, as you need at least two cards with stun mechanics. Log has been part of a couple nerfs in the last two updates, however it is still very strong. Around 30% of games are Log bait decks, making Log basically a necessity in decks. It is great for wiping out princess, dart Goblin, Skeleton Army, and Goblin Gang, which are used quite frequently in Log bait. Also great for taking that last bit of health off that Musketeer or Electro Wizard.

Lightning: The Giant’s biggest enemy is Inferno Tower. Lightning will crush the Inferno Tower as well as stun it, leaving only a bit of health left. It’s also great for taking care of Electro Wizard and Musketeer, which are quite popular as well. Great against all buildings, support troops, or just to get the last 346 HP off a tower.

Minions: Currently tied with The Log as most popular card in the game, due to their versatility on both offense and defense, ability to distract an inferno, high DPS, and just great overall use. I love using this card on defense, then counterpushing with Giant at the bridge. They can take out Musketeer by themselves, and are a good counter to Electro Wizard.

Skeletons: After Le Doot joined the group again, these are probably the best cards in the game, besides Minions and Log. Their ability to distract a whole Minion Horde, high DPS, take a Musketeer down with tower support, distract an entire Skeleton Army, kill a miner, etc etc is truly LEGENDARY.

Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard is my favorite card in the game currently. He is extremely powerful, getting spawn damage, stun, (rip Sparky and Inferno Dragon). One of his most useful abilities is that he can stun the Inferno Tower from this side of the river. Combined with Lightning, an Inferno Tower has no safe placement! Placing it near the bridge to avoid Lightning results in your Electro Wizard stunning it from your side of the arena. Electro Wizard is also great for counterpushing after using him on defense. If you must, replace him with Musketeer, but also sub Zap for Log so you will be able to reset Inferno Tower/Dragon.

Elixir Collector: The MVP of this deck. Its pretty much the only reason you can win with this deck. The idea is to cycle Skeletons and Ice Spirit to your Pump, and continually do so until double Elixir. Then place a slow Giant in the back, while supporting with your Electro Wizard, Minions, Ice Spirit from behind. I’ve had Giant pushes with 3 Electro Wizards and 2 Giants, if you are able to successfully cycle Pumps.

Ice Spirit: Another quick cycle card. A great control card on defense, able to almost fully counter a Musketeer.


General Gameplan and Tips

This deck normally always has a good starting hand.

If you have Pump, place it down. If you don’t, cycle Ice Spirit or Skellies.

If you don’t have any of these, wait for your opponent to make a move.

If he places Pump, Lightning it, or use your Giant at the bridge on the side the Pump is on. Wait for his response, then Lightning the Pump, tower, as well as whatever he counters your Giant with. Now, let the board reset and cycle to your Pump.

Now assuming you have a few Pumps down, the goal is to begin to play defense and protect your Pumps.

If he uses Lava Hound or Golem in the back, this is a great time for you to use Giant, Minions on the other lane. Wait another second then put an Electro Wizard at the bridge too. This is for one main reason. Golem and Lava Hound are almost always accompanied by Minions. Placing your Electro Wizard down afterwards will give you a high chance of catching him off guard. You are pretty much ignoring the Lava Hound or Golem on the other side while forcing your opponent to spend all his Elixir on your attacking side. Meanwhile sneakily add your one Elixir Skeletons to take his Golem down. Lava hounds barely do any damage, so you can ignore them until they pop. Pretty much a waste of 7 Elixir for your opponent.

Another tip is to know the meta decks at the moment.

Currently I have been playing a ton of Grand Challenges and pretty much know all the main meta decks. Lava Hound is quite rare. I am seeing a lot of Graveyard Knight control, Hog Rider, the super popular Golem-Baby Dragon-Minions-Electro Wizard-Pump-Skeletons-Lightning-Log deck, as well as the Knight Goblin Barrel deck.

Out of all of these, the The Log bait and Graveyard Poison decks are tough to deal with. However, I almost always win against lava hound and Hog Rider, while breaking even with Golem.

Log bait is very annoying, but the important thing is to either save your Log for the opponent Goblin Gang or his Goblin barrel. I like to use Log on the Goblin Gang, and use Ice Spirit + Skeletons on the Goblin barrel. I might take a couple hundred damage, but if it allows me to continually Pump up, he will not be able to stop my big push with the Giant

I often am able to predict my opponent’s decks just based on their first two or three cards. Baby Dragon almost always signifies Golem, for instance, and Ice Golem is constantly with Hog Rider or Graveyard.

Pump Placement Tips:

  • Be wary of your opponent’s Lightning, Rocket, or Poison. Place Pumps behind the tower with the least health, and if he uses Rocket or Graveyard place Pump in the middle.
  • If I start with collector, my favorite sport is right below my crown tower and next to the king tower on my right. I have found that 55% of times opponent start their push on their right, so their push will be most likely towards my other crown tower.
  • Never Pump up after 40 seconds, unless you are sure you are in the lead.
  • Finally, don’t get too greedy with Pumps. I have lost games because I Pump up after overtime, for instance. It is too risky and your opponent can rush you and you will lose the game. Analyze the situation before Pumping, and keep in mind what your opponent has.

In double Elixir, you will need at least 35 seconds for a good push with Giant behind your king tower, etc. If you have less than that, start your Giant further up in front, or else he will not make it to the tower in time.

I’ve also embedded a video kind of unrelated to this but fun to watch where I came back from a huge Elixir deficit, probably the biggest comeback I’ve ever had in clash royale!!!

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I hope this guide is helpful and you can get 12 wins with it. Let me know If you have any question, tip, or comment!