Double Prince Zap Bait Deck

Hello, this is SgtBananaPants here with my Double Prince Zap Bait deck!

And this deck has still been extraordinarily successful on the ladder. My account has gotten up about 500 trophies with this deck (roughly 2,400 to 2,900).

I have also won multiple Classic Challenges. So without further ado, let’s get into the deck.

And this is my first guide, so there might be some details that I forget. I apologize in advance.

Clash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale PrinceClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Goblin Barrel
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Skeleton Army

Double Prince Zap Bait Deck

Cards Breakdown

Here are the basics for each card. I’ll give more details in other sections.

  • Prince – Your main win condition. He is the only exclusively offensive card in the deck. He can be used on defense if necessary but I usually save him to head an offensive push. This deck is already pretty heavy on defense.
  • Dark Prince – Your secondary win condition. I use him for defense where one would normally use a Valkyrie, to take out support troops. More often than not, the Dark Prince, with the Inferno Tower and maybe an Ice Wizard, will shut down any push with health to spare for a counter push. On offense, he can be paired with any card in this deck save the Ice Wizard and Inferno Tower.
  • Skeleton Army – This is one of the most important cards in the deck. This is your secondary card to take out tanks. It is used for any strong point-damage card instead of Inferno Tower. It is used sparingly used on offense, but that is mostly counterpunching.
  • Goblin Barrel – This is another important part of the “Zap Bait” part of the deck and also by far the trickiest card to play. Once you get to Arena 10 and high Arena 9, opponents know how to counter this card. It is also one of the most punishing cards in the game if you use it successfully. Two out of three Goblin Barrel pushes will probably be countered. But when they aren’t, say goodbye to your opponent’s tower. It can also be used on defense if you have no other choice.
  • Ice Spirit – Self-explanatory. Freeze things. This is one of the best utility cards in the game. There are some occasions where I use it in pushes, but that’s not common.
  • Ice Wizard – This card is also fairly self-explanatory. Use it on defense for its amazing controlling qualities. I have seen so many huge pushes shut down by this and a couple of other troops; it’s not even funny. I also sparingly use it on offense in situations that I will outline later.
  • Zap – You thought I would explain Zap? Reset damage and charge, kill swarms.
  • Inferno Tower – Also self-explanatory. Kill and distract tanks.

You might be saying, “This looks nothing like a Zap Bait!” And that’s true. It doesn’t. It’s missing many Zap Bait staples like the Minion Horde and the Princess. However, it is still a Zap Bait because if you think about it, 5 cards in this deck can be Zapped.

Prince and Dark Prince to stop their charge, Inferno Tower to reset damage, and then Skeleton Army and Goblin Barrel. So even though this is an unique deck, it still functions as a good Zap Bait and Anti-Meta deck. But if you are in a lower arena and you want to use this deck, or don’t have some of the cards, here are some substitutions.

And I haven’t tested any of these substitutions, so substitute at your risk.

  • Prince – None. This deck is based on it.
  • Dark Prince- Same deal. You can use the Valkyrie, but I don’t recommend it. You would have to push it with the Prince or it would be rendered useless.
  • Goblin Barrel – I haven’t tested the Graveyard, but it may work. Another spell card could be used instead of it (Clone, Rage, Freeze, maybe Mirror, but I haven’t tested that either.) However, that would detract from the overall “Zap Bait” nature of the deck.
  • Skeleton Army – Minion Horde (although this will hugely detract from defense using this deck due to lack of distraction provided by skeleton army) , maybe Goblin Gang when it comes out. That may or may not work, we shall see.
  • Ice Spirit – I can’t see the Ice Golem working super well here, but you can try it. Otherwise, this little guy is just too useful for me to pass up. You could potentially put in Log but I don’t have it.
  • Ice Wizard – Again, Ice Golem. Maybe Electro Wizard. Haven’t tested either. Wouldn’t recommend either.
  • Zap – Log, Arrows. However, this deck doesn’t have a huge amount in the way of air defense, so putting Log in for this might be bad.
  • Inferno Tower – This is highly dependent on the meta. For the current meta of Elite Barbarians 9 out of 10 battles, the Tombstone wouldn’t be a bad choice. But I’ve heard that the Tombstone is about to be nerfed. And I like that since opponents waste Zap on my other Zap baits, the Inferno Tower is super useful for all tanks. Plus, Tombstone would take away from the air defense. So, I would recommend Inferno Tower.

General Gameplan


This deck is extremely flexible regarding offense. You could pair basically anything in this deck together.

You could put out a lone Prince when they have placed something that is super expensive, such as the Golem. They will likely not counter it.

Most of your offense will be pairing another troop with the surviving troops from defending

Now, like I said, you could pair basically anything in this deck together. However, I also like to be unique and unexpected.


I’m sure you all have your own ways of doing this, but what I like to do is place an Ice Wizard and then let it tank for a Goblin Barrel.

Believe it or not, I have had people ignore this, and this is Arena 9 we’re talking about.

I will also take some surviving Skeletons from a Skeleton Army and put an Ice Spirit in the middle of it to chip on their tower. It doesn’t take the whole Army, just a few will do.

I also sometimes use the Ice Spirit to freeze a tower for a Goblin Barrel, but your Ice Spirit has to be at least even with the tower level. (I think- I haven’t memorized the exact health of Ice Spirits relative to tower damage)

Now remember how I said that the Goblin Barrel is the hardest Zap Bait card to use? I will now explain that.

As you will know, most Legendary Arena players are adept at countering it. So the trick is to pay attention to their Goblin Barrel counters (Zap, Arrows, Log, Fire Spirits, etc.) and when they have none, play the Goblin Barrel. Also, if they have the Log, place the Goblin Barrel behind their tower, but not close enough to the King Tower that one goes for it. The Log will miss, unless he begins to anticipate this placement. I would place the Goblin Barrel on the tower, in the middle, at the beginning of the battle, to bait out counters. Later, mix up placement and timing.


You will use the Inferno Tower for tanks and to distract when necessary.

The Skeleton Army is for high health DPS units.

The Prince is for non-swarm units, but only when necessary.

The Goblin Barrel is to distract, but also only when necessary.

The Dark Prince is for support and small swarms. The Ice Wizard is for control and swarms.

The Ice Spirit is for its freezing ability and swarm-killing ability.

The latter should only be utilized when necessary.

There is plenty of splash in this deck. And the Zap is pretty self-explanatory.

Specific Archetypes

  • Giant Balloon – Skeleton Army on the Giant, try to get your Inferno Tower to target the Balloon. Use the Ice Wizard to slow everything down. Use the Ice Spirit on the Giant and the Balloon.
  • Lava Hound Balloon – Use Inferno Tower, freeze and slow things, hope it works. This deck is fairly weak against air. Attack the opposite lane when they attack with the Lava Hound.
  • Sparky – Skeleton Army or Dark Prince.
  • Lava Hound and Inferno Dragon – Inferno Tower. Attack when they place the Lava Hound.
  • Giant Beatdown- Inferno Tower for Giant, Dark Prince and Ice Wizard for support.
  • Miner Cycle – Skeleton Army the Miner. Use splash for the support.
  • Elite Barbs – Skeleton Army, Ice Spirit. Counterattack the opposite lane.
  • Hog – Skeleton Army or Inferno Tower.
  • Golem P.E.K.K.A – Inferno Tower or Skeleton Army and Ice Wizard.

Well, that’s all I can think of. Feel free to comment improvements to the deck or details I forgot. This is a 1,500-word guide so I hope I remembered everything. I hope you have fun using this deck, and good luck!