Dart Goblin Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

Hi there! It’s Exordium Clash here, back again with a detailed analysis of my latest video Deck and a commentated guide to go with it! I guarantee this will help you understand a phenomenal Deck. Hope you all enjoy…

Dart Goblin Rocket Spell Bait Deck

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Dart Goblin Rocket Spell-Bait Deck

There are several main elements of this Deck that you will gradually develop upon during your time using it.

Ideally, a combination of these techniques will result in huge win streaks for you.

This is an incredibly versatile Deck, but must be used right to avoid random fluctuations in Trophies!

Maintaining a cycle that works is immeasurably important with this Deck. If you do not, you are likely to start using. Sometimes it just ‘clicks’ with players; it may take some practice though.

For example, a way to sustain a strong cycle after your opponent ‘outcycles’ you with a Giant or Hog at the bridge is to keep your Inferno Tower in rotation until the next push, playing the other four Cards available and saving it. If you do this with each Card, you will play with a huge amount of weight on your enemy.

Dart Goblin Tips:

Dart Goblin has low health, so protect him. This troop is a glass cannon – using him as a decoy is useless in almost any imaginable situation, but DG can snipe away at troops with incredible power over time. The Dart Goblin is a very speedy attacker, so again, he is useless as a tank but a useful support unit. In seconds hundreds of damage can be dealt, so placement should be your main objective/focus.

The Dart Goblin is amazing. It is so underrated and I’ve absolutely fallen in love – it is quick, great as a chip Card and can pretty much act as a consistent Fireball cycle against a Tower, dealing 300+ damage per run (uninterrupted) at Tourney standard.

  • Always start by cycling the Dart Goblin. If you begin with the Dart Goblin, then you have a great advantage – 300 Tower damage is almost 99.9% certain, as defending against a Dart Goblin (especially when you have just begun a battle) is almost impossible for your enemy.
  • Try to keep constant pressure on your enemy. This is the advantage of a cycle Deck – I myself have been beaten most times (using beatdown) against players who are VERY quick, so it’s a good skill. Don’t get me wrong – overcommitting is definitely not the way to go. But keep maintaining a strong cycle.
  • Be quick – that’s what this Deck is all about. Don’t build slow pushes like Princess behind your Tower and Knight at the bridge unless you have to – pressure and speed are very key elements to winning.

Dart Goblin in Defense:

Keep him protected. You do not want to be in a reliant situation and then have your Dart Goblin killer by a Musketeer or Wizard – keep him by the side of Towers if you are defending against ranged troops. He has low HP but can be a useful asset when supporting a Zapped Inferno Tower, for example.

Never sacrifice the Dart Goblin. This will buy you almost NO time at all, especially against fast attackers. Employ the use of your other Cards for this, such as the Skeleton Army or the Knight.

3-Point Defense:

This is an important section of the guide, as the Deck features ‘lighter’ or more vulnerable spell-bait Cards.

When defending against heavier Decks, you need to use speed to your best advantage possible. Use this ‘3-point’ triangular defense as a help:

This method essentially relies on one troop tanking, with your cheaper troops chipping away. Knight or Valkyrie are both very good Cards to take on support units as the melee ability is very helpful!


This Deck is strong but can only be mastered through lots of practice and experimentation. Use it with all these tips and you will thrive!

Hope you all enjoy and check out my YouTube channel above, watch my content and Clash on!