3M Ram with Night Witch – The Ultimate Control Deck (New Version)

Hey guys, This is Blaxeturner and today I’m bringing you a deck that has been absolutely dominating Grand Challenges.

You won’t see it on ladder as much as there are a few cards that can be underleveled in ladder play, nevertheless, it still is a very strong deck.

Night Witch Three Musketeers Deck

Night Witch 3M Ram Control Deck

Clash Royale Night WitchClash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale elixir collector
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale BanditClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Zap

Cards Breakdown

Three Musketeers – Lately, Three Musketeers have been dominating the meta. They shut down many decks such as Lava Hound or Hog and they are a triplet that requires attention. Their ability to split allows you to place pressure among two lanes. Usually, your opponent only has 1 three Musketeer counter, so it is crucial for them to save it for your Three Musketeers or suffer the consequences. Three Musketeers aren’t seen on ladder as often as a +1 Fireball will one shot them. However, at challenge level, card levels are balanced and three Musketeer play is seen a lot more.

Elixir Collector – For placing down a building, this card will give you a +2 Elixir profit while banking Elixir for your next moves. Your opponent is faced with the choice of negating this profit, or suffer the wrath of the Three Musketeers. Elixir Collector serves as a bait for three Musketeer death spells and the balance between the two serve as a troublesome combo. No matter which trade your opponent makes, you will always profit from Elixir.

Ice Golem – Ice Golem had been neglected since it’s ice aura nerf, however, it’s making a comeback with Three Musketeers. The ability to cycle the two Elixir tank through the Deck allows for a bigger and harder to stop push. It is also amazing on defense, being able to kite many troops from your Tower or blocking an Elixir Collector from a Miner. The ice aura that is able to kill Skeletons or damage Minions is a big plus.

Bandit – With the recent buff of the Bandit in its dash speed, it has become a threat that needs to be addressed quickly. During gameplay, it’ll become a blur in the hidden mass of troops on the field, secretly dealing hundreds of damage. The main utility of the Bandit will be its speed as it puts lots of pressure on your opponent that often beatdown decks won’t be able to stop.

Ice Spirit – In a push as heavy as Three Musketeers, the Ice Spirit will cause for a more difficult push to stop, all for the cost of 1 Elixir. Being able to Freeze units allows for your Musketeers to deal thousands of extra damage or allows the Night Witch to spawn more Bats. It also serves as a quick cycle card to get back to your Elixir Collector or Musketeers.

Night Witch – Being able to barely survive both Fireball and Poison, it serves a tasteful bait. It’s defensive capabilities are also extraordinary, being able to spawn Bats frequently to chip away at large tanks and swarm around your troops as a blanket. The Night Witch itself is able to deal loads of damage which can prove useful when facing tank decks.

Battle Ram – There are many hidden utilities of the battle Ram. One of them is being able to absorb a Lightning for your Three Musketeers. When placed next to Musketeers, the Ram will absorb all three Lightning bolts. This not only gives you a +2 Elixir trade, but allows your Musketeers to survive so that you can place an ice Golem or Bandit  to continue pushing. The battle Ram also can help take out buildings or serve as a defensive utility with the two Barbarians that spawn.

Zap – In this heavy Deck, the only spell left is the Zap. The Zap is useful for quickly eliminating opposing threats while also being able to reset the Tower to target onto a new troop. Likewise with the Ice Spirit, it also allows your Musketeers to get in some extra damage which is a huge amount considering the amount of damage they do. The cheap cost of Zap also allows you to cycle through your cards.


General Gameplay:

During the first two minutes of the game, it is all about finding out your opponent’s Deck, mainly, the counters to your Musketeers.

You want to try to bait them out with your Elixir collectors or Night Witch so that you can punish them later on.

You can also show your opponent your Musketeers so that they will fear from using their spells on your pumps, allowing you to store Elixir.

You also want to defend as cautiously as possible and not take too much damage. Your goal is to gain Elixir advantage so that you can use your Musketeers without being punished.

Cycle between the ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Zap, Bandit, and Night Witch for defense while occasionally, using Three Musketeers to clean up on defense.

During Double Elixir time, you need to push hard. You only have one minute left of the game and it is during your prime.

You always want to split up your Musketeers and attack both sides. Before your Musketeers cross the bridge, and ice Golem, Bandit, or battle Ram in front will allow them to tank for your Musketeers.

A Night Witch left over from defense can turn into a deadly offense with the Bats quickly swarming the map.

You always should hover with your Zap to eliminate any swarm threats.


The one main weakness in this Deck are swarms. The Deck does not have a lot of swarm control so quickly swarming pushing will hurt.

To get around this, you need to understand your opponent’s pushes and counters to your cards.

Ice Golem is great against skeleton Army and Goblin Gang, which serves as an area denial when you push offensively.

You always want to get your Zap and Ice Spirit ready when you go against Barbarians to allows your Musketeers to clean them up.

Night Witch and ice Golem also serve to get Minions down to Zap range to further continue your push.