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Clash Royale December Update Recap: New Cards, New Arena and More!


Okay my friends, the Clash Royale December Update is here! This is going to be a extremely huge update so I want to sum things up so you guys can easily follow the new update!

Okay, let’s go!

Clash Royale December Update Recap

New Arena: Electro Valley

The New Arena 11 unlocks at 3400 trophies. So now the gap between Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena is no longer a nightmare.

Legendary Arena (Arena 12) now has better rewards increased accordingly.

New Cards: Zappies and Hunter

  • Zappies: Spawns plenty of Zap machines into the Arena.
  • Hunter: The closer the target is, the more damage he can deal. He is kinda Shelly or Bull in Brawl Stars If you have played the game.

new cards clash royale

Three New Chests

Some big boys have already landed in the Arena!

  • Lightning Chest: Replace card stacks of your choice with up to 5 “Strikes”
  • Fortune Chest: Get a glimpse of the future and see what your chest might contain…
  • King’s Chest / Legendary King’s Chest: Huge chests with only Epic and Legendary Cards

You can easily pick up these new chests from the Shop or from the Quests menu.

new chests clash royale

New Events coming

Gold Rush, Gem Rush, Special Challenges and Boosts are coming!

New Improvements

The “Daily Gifts” Quest is always active now.

Players above 4,000 trophies now can more often see the Epic and Legendary Cards offers in shop.

Cards maxed are now less likely to appear in Fortune Chest and the Shop.

iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 are now fully supported.

Balance Changes

Read more about the Balance Changes at here.



    • Hey will, I posted a graveyard poison deck I put a lot of time in to it and it’s been my 6th article submitted and none of the others have been posted. It would be super cool if it was posted thanks

  1. does anyone see the last pint in the article? Supercell is doing the exact same thing as they did with coc which was to only support ios7 and above(I had an iPod4 with ios6 sadly). Isn’t this just plain unfair. From software now to phone type?! WTH I’m so angry with what supercell has done this is outrageous. Also goodbye to everyone who thought legendaries at 3000 trophies. And fortune chest is just I guess something people want so hey know what legendary they get?

  2. Why does SC keep giving me leggies that i don’t need….
    Just got yet another graveyard from quest leggie chest when i need princesses
    That makes my graveyard lvl 3…

  3. i can’t believe that supercell launched an update without letting
    any leaks out! Also it say unlock the two cards today! That means no month long wait!

  4. The Hunter is a really cool concept. I really really like playing with Shelly and Bull in Brawl Stars due to their incredible shells.

  5. I love the idea of a new arena! I hate it when I tilt a bit, and a few matches later, I am down in Hog Mountain again. I feel is incompetent…
    Anyways, having an intermediary arena will be really nice, especially for those who are working their way up to Legendary Arena, because they will have a midway point to reach.

    • I know! I played for for hours yesterday trying to get to challenger one before the balance canges but the highest I got was 3900 exactly. I’m trying to think of an golem deck withouit the pump.

  6. Oh my lord! The initial upset with the nerfs, especially with the hog meant I wasn’t really looking forward to this update, and especially quests being removed, however, these new features, especially the chests which look insane, mean the suspense will slaughter me all night! Soooo exited!

  7. LOVE ZAPPY! I WANT HER AS A MERCH! AHHHH I WANT TO SLEEP WITH IT AND EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I really hope that the card is not legendary and can u only get those chest in electro valley

  9. this is honestly ind of an underwhelming update… remember when they said all the things they were working on?

  10. Well, considering how good the E-Wiz is, it needs to be nerfed. I love the E-Wiz, but it’s so good for 4 elixir, not too OP, but needs a nerf, I think a solid indirect nerf would be moving it to Electro Valley instead, as it doesn’t take too much skill to learn how to use, and is super strong. People who already have it in lower arenas could still keep it tho ofc

    • Well, I just got the electro wizard, and in my opinion I don’t think moving it to Electro Valley would be a good enough nerf, as legendary chests contain a legendary from any arena.

  11. They didn’t make any mention of fixing the god awful shop system. Throwing us deals for one epic when we need 2 to upgrade, or having bogus “gems for rares” deals is terrible, and honestly should be rehauled or restored to what it was before

      • imo the commons is the worst deal. You can get 40 commons per request every seven hours. that means that you could get 180 commons per day for the cheap cost of nothing whereas for 20 commons it’s 200 gold. That also means your paying 100 gold per 10 comons. That is the worst value. (sorry for the rant lol)

  12. First off, is the King’s Chest going to replace the Epic and Legendary chests? And second, the Zappies needs to be physical RC cars.

  13. How much elixir is hunter? is musketeer even more dead now? Also, should I try to keep pushing as a level 9 now that i’ve hit 4k? Should I upgrade to level 10?

  14. hmm, nice digest. quests will be less bad now with the daily quest(free chests) that didn’t get mentioned. also, i hope that the new cards will be balanced or if they’re op i get them. *evil laughter*

  15. Wait so you can only buy legendary at electro valley?NoNoNoNoNo ihavent bought any legendaries.Why didnt i buy that bandit 2 days ago.

    • No….legendaries will still be available to buy in the shop once you reach Arena 10 (Hog Mountain) as they have always been.

  16. Well even it said 11 the update was on 12th also my name is not pranay… It’s just my disqus username or something like that

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