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Clash Royale December Balance Changes Update


Supercell is releasing the the December Balance Changs supdate for Clash Royale on December 11th.

december balance changes

Clash Royale December Balance Changes

Please note that these changes are not live yet. They are coming on December 11th 2017.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Hit speed to 1.6sec (from 1.5sec), first attack comes 0.1sec slower

Clash Royale KnightKnight

Hit speed to 1.2sec (from 1.1sec)

Clash Royale PrincePrince:

Hitpoints +5%, hit speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec)

Clash Royale fireballDamage Spells (Fireball, Lightning, Zap, Log, Poison, Rocket, Arrows)

Damage -5% to Crown Towers

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem

Death Damage slow effect duration to 1sec (from 2sec)

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelSkeleton Barrel

Added Death Damage

Clash Royale Giant SkeletonGiant Skeleton

Hitpoints +5%

Clash Royale GuardsGuards

Damage +5%, hitpoints +5%, hit speed to 1.1sec (from 1.2sec)

Clash Royale GoblinGoblins (affects Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel)

Damage -6%

Clash Royale elixir collectorElixir Collector

Hitpoints -13%


  • Mortar – FIXED: Minimum range bug
  • Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower – FIXED: Damage not resetting after breaking through a shield (e.g. Guards, Dark Prince, Cannon Cart)

What do you think about these balance changes?

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts guys!


  1. These Balance Changes suck.
    Now the good ole hog is useless on the ladder-fml.. rip, hog
    the Prince is going to rise where people bridgespam and the meta will be endless bridge spam
    the Ice Golem being worse is a situation that is just worse than before
    The Giant Skeleton-mostly, only noobs use him anyway
    Guards: Nice, but until they will be able to counter overleveled Elite Barbarians they still suck for 3 elixir
    Skeleton Barrel-I don’t understand. If there is a picture of a Goblin Barrel and the name wrote is Skeleton Barrel, which barrel is it?
    Also, if it’s the Skeleton Barrel, it will still be too useless for being a win condition and it just takes a card slot where you can have in you deck other cards that have value on the offense while they can kill some things on the defense like cannon cart, lumber jack, bandit etc

    • Elixir Collector-no opinion, I dont use it much since YOU GET PUNISH ON THE LADDER BECAUSE PEOPLE JUST EBARBS YOU

      • I’m a big collector player and I am happy when I see ebarbs instantly attack on the drop. They’re so damn easy to stop and distract. Couple of small cards which you can still afford with 4+ elixir left.

      • I’ve never understood why ppl hate them so much. So many decks have so many cards that for 6x elixir can easy stop, then even chip counter attack. It does take good placements though.

      • Alex Lord the thing is that you must be the most focused you can as a human being to not let the ebarbs damage your tower

      • I know what you mean about focus, but it is fairly repetitive sequence you follow. 1 drop cheap distraction 2 drop a damaging unit out of range of the distraction unit. 3 back up/replace the two above if spells are used. As long as you seperate the units then the ebarbs just run around a lot whilst you tower chips in. Not one strike on tower usually. Hog is harder to stop I find.

    • I completely agree, now the hog knight decks are complete shit on ladder, and hog is going to be dead in competitive play.

  2. see why i hate deez balancings?

    decks: zap (10)/fireball (8)/hog rider (8)/mirror (5)/rage (4)/skeleton army (4)/baby dragon (4)/balloon (4)
    zap (10)/fireball (8)/hog rider (8)/mirror (5)/rage (4)/skeleton army (4)/princess (1)/lumberjack (i call him lumby) (2)
    zap (10)/fireball (8)/hog rider (8)/mirror (5)/rage (4)/skeleton army (4)/tornado (4)/balloon (4)
    zap (10)/fireball (8)/hog rider (8)/mirror (5)/princess (1)/skeleton army (4)/tornado(4)/lumby (2)

  3. Welp.. Guess it’s splashyard only now.. Rip ladder hog hybrid deck with virtually every card in it nerfed..

  4. Honestly, the changes aren’t too drastic but it can changes some interactions. Also, that extra hit from Hog Rider before dying may not occur. Spell cycling can probably be more difficult. We need to wait and see what happens in practice…

  5. Knight and hog finally get a nerf! Massive over use. Wonderful news. Not sure on ice golem. Guards been under loved a long time. Bold but needed changes imo

  6. This is my opinion:
    Hog rider:is supercell nuts?
    Knight:Check hog rider.
    Prince:fine,fine but b.s. though
    Damage spells:absolutely not needed
    Ice golem:this is even more unnecessary
    Others are fine but is supercell trying to overkill elixir pump?

    • Hog rider – hog rider is the most used win condition on ladder followed by mortar, both prevalent for F2P. In my opinion, hog rider has escaped nerfs for half a dozen metas now since his last nerf/buff where DPS was lowered but HP was increased. I think any good hog player will still work almost as well as before with this nerf, but now it just wont be as easy to get value hits and damage from hogs which is currently too easy. For 4 elixir he’s too strong compared to, say, an equal level miner.

      Knight – He is the single most overused card in the game other than spells. Nerf has been called on for a long time to make other cards relevant again. This along with ice golem being nerfed will give more opportunities for other mini tanks like valkyrie, dark prince, etc to have a role in decks rather than just being off-meta alternatives to knight like they are at the moment. More variety but knight is still high value at 3 elixir.

      Prince – desperately needed something to become relevant again. Even with this I don’t think he’ll be competitive but I do think he’ll be more usable for players intent on putting him in.

      Spell damage – Doesn’t really affect much. Spells already get huge value when you kill things with it and get tower damage on top, this just makes spell cycle harder.

      Ice gol – Like with knight, heavily overused and needed some kind of nerf. Knight was more prevalent on ladder but ice golem more for challenges. The reduction in slowdown from the frost nova isn’t going to stop people using it because it still is the cheapest tank in the game at 2 elixir, it still is the best kiter in the game and at tourney standards it still counters skeletons and bats with the frost nova. It will still synergize with zap perfectly. GREAT for decks that require a fast cycle anyway.

      Pump – Will need someone like Orange Juice to crunch the numbers to see if that’s overkill or not. Pump needed a nerf but I’m not sure how much the 13% will impact it.

      • First-hog rider maybe the most used win con but dude check the versatility.Hog rider is balanced and always will be,supercell dont need to nerf hog rider.
        Second-knight is overused,yes i know but again hes also balanced despite the overuse.
        Third-true that but prince is gonna bring back bridge spam.
        Fourth-spell damage to crown towers being reduced.This is totally unnecessary.
        Fifth-Ice golem is overysed probably of its cost but ice golem being nerfed again may kill it.Oh and IMO reduction by 1 sec could cost you a game.
        Sixth-Definitely overkill.

      • What do you define as balanced? If something is widely overused on not just ladder, but also challenges and the competitive scene (note how often it was used in CCGS), I consider that leaning on the side of too strong more than balanced. Balanced is a card like miner, which as a win condition can be very good with a good level of skill but also can be difficult to win with because it’s a one crown deck and one defensive mistake can mean it’s all over. Hog has 40% more HP than miner, almost double the damage per hit and is almost as easy to get hits on the tower as a miner. You can DPS a tower down quicker with Hog and switch lanes far easier with hog if it suits you. Hog is also far more dangerous as a punish tool even by itself. You touched on bridge spam with the prince… hog is the original bridge spam. The more low skill players lean on the pure strength and effectiveness of hog + spell, the worse they will be at the game using other decks. For high skill players, this change doesn’t affect TOO much because despite the lower DPS, they will still be able to get value out of hogs, they will still be able to get hits in. The only difference is that hog now has more of an element of risk just like other win conditions have (miner, giant, battle ram, etc all have weaknesses that were – and still are – bigger than hog’s weaknesses). The nerf is justified because all strong cards that are overused have received nerfs to make other options more attractive, just like how they buff underused cards to make them usable.

        Knight is what metaminion used to be. A defensive powerhouse that exceeds all expectations in giving defensive value each time you use it. Strong at defending such a wide variety of cards that it’s almost criminal. It’s overused as much as it is because it’s so strong and that justifies this nerf – it’s been hard meta for nearly a solid year now. Think about it, if in any deck there is a need for a mini tank, 99.99% of the time it’s a choice between knight and ice golem. That puts cards like Valkyrie and Dark prince in the closet only used for off meta decks. There needs to be a tradeoff. Ice golem is lowest elixir cost but counters X, whereas Valk is 4 elixir but counters Y and Z so I should use Valk in this deck. The old knight did virtually everything you need from Valk for 1 less elixir so that shut her out completely. Knight was too effective at everything before and now hopefully will be more balanced, while allowing other cards to have a chance.

        Prince is dangerous but there are millions of counters which will form the meta. Tombstone, Guards, Barbarians, Skeletons, etc plenty to work with to stop Prince being too massive a threat. Battle ram was like a prince that targetted towers before its deserved nerf so you couldn’t distract it, while bandit’s dashes were broken and now fixed – I don’t think prince will be anywhere near the problem that the old Vietnam bridge spam was.

        Spell cycle was creeping back into the game. There was a time early on in clash royale where the most efficient strategy was to hurl spells at eachother’s towers, and whoever got there quicker won the game. They nerfed that damage the first time to make the game more about troops than just spell damage, and they are doing it again to encourage more actual playing than spell cycling. Which is the dullest form of winning a match in the game.

        Ice golem is still massive value for 2 elixir and losing 1 second of slowdown time definitely doesn’t kill it. It hurts it, I’ll give you that, but most of the uses of ice golem aren’t affected by that nerf much. (1) Cheapest tank in the game makes it great for cycle decks – Unaffected by nerf. (2) Best kiter in the game – unaffected by nerf. (3) Frost nova kills bats and skeletons to win value for the ice golem – unaffected by nerf. (4) Frost nova +zap/ice spirit/ewiz makes short work of minions – unaffected by nerf. (5) Only 2 elixir or lower card in the game that can tank multiple hits on defence from support cards like Executioner, musketeer, ewiz, etc which makes it a great distraction tool while you DPS down their push with other cards – unaffected by nerf, although the slowdown would’ve added more value. As mentioned above with the knight, the nerfs to knight and ice golem are a way to balance the game out overall by allowing other cards to get some love. Ice golem offered too much value and still overs great value. If they left ice golem untouched, then everyone would drop knight and jump ship over to ice golem. Nerfing both allows balance.

        Pump is still great spell bait for 3 musketeer decks. Heavy golem decks have taken a hit, but with or without pump you can still make them work, just look at surgical goblin’s 20 win golem deck without pump. I’ve seen several others that have been successful, each of them having relatively cheaper cards in the deck to lessen the blow of no collector. Hybrid golem decks are more of an option and I’ve already seen a triple spell golem deck in GC which actually looked good. Pump needed to be nerfed because too often a game was won on the opening hand, which was killing the game. If it turns out to be overkill, they will probably buff pump later on.

  7. Is this true that everytime there is an update….80% of them suck…..and y the hell u want to nerf the knight…I guess they are promoting people to be a noob and use Ebarbs cz 75% of cr players are beggars…in less truthful way..they call us F2P….bz it will take more than 4 yrs for us to max out one legendary right……and then the same people will organise tournaments for every one….wow!……rip

  8. Hog: SUPER building-block-of-an-organism WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!?!?!?!?!??!
    Kinght: Makes sense
    Prince: well deserved
    Damage spells: unnecessary but I understand why
    Ice Golem: See Hog
    Skeleton barrel: not gonna do much, unless the death damage is 300+
    Giant Skeleton: I guess…. Other tanks are still gonna be better, they need to decrease bomb timer
    Guards: See prince
    Goblins: See Knight
    Elixir Pump: I see the idea, but that is way overkill

  9. There’s leik 50 of these already…BUT…
    Hog Rider: It makes sense. It seemed a little too deadly to me for a 4-elixir card to do as much damage unattended as it does.
    Knight: I can see the idea, but I don’t think that the damage was the problem. His HP is just a tad bit high. Regardless, this should make his easier to deal with (he’s only 3 elixir, after all)
    Prince: Uhmmm…sure. Whatever. Still don’t see him doing much. PEKKA and even Mini PEKKA are still just better replacements overall.
    Damage Spells: YES. When CWA released that spell-cycle deck, I almost choked on my own throat. Sell-cycling is getting a bit too common for my taste. But the nerfs to the Knight and Ice Golem should make defending harder, and so spell-cycling less common
    Ice Golem: Yet another nerf. I can’t say that it’s undeserved, though. For 2 elixir it was amazingly good at stopping pushes. Plus I like Valkyrie 🙂
    Skeleton Barrel: At the time that I’m reading this, the image on the description for this site showed the goblin barrel, so I was so confused (WHY are they buffing goblin barrel??) I can’t disagree, though. Skeleton Barrel was a “ok that’s cool whatever” card. This should make it a bit more interesting.
    Giant Skeleton: I don’t think that HP is the problem. His damage was WAAAAY too low for 6 elixir. Whatever, he’ll survive for an extra 0.5 – 1 seconds.
    Guards: Nerf Goblins, and Buff Guards. I see what they’re doing here. I like the idea though. Maybe we’ll see them a bit more.
    Goblins: Yes…? I don’t think there was too much of a problem, but I guess if they want guard usage…
    Elixir Collector: The only change that I’m thinking “STUPID STUPID STUPID!” WHY would you do that!?! the interactions between spells and pump were perfect (although it may give control a better chance against beatdown: fireballing a pump did very little)

  10. Don’t forget the spell nerf meant the gobs and the collector needed something to come off otherwise they would have been effectively buffed. Not saying it’s equal but you get you have to look at the spell nerf holistically.

  11. I’ve been waiting for the updates so here’s my opinion on them:
    Hog Rider: FINALLY. I believe now Hog won’t get that extra hit in anymore, this is a bigger nerf than it seems.
    Knight: ? I don’t think it would affect many interactions but ok. Nerfing his hitspeed isn’t the way to go with him.
    Prince: Probably to keep it in check with the dark prince. I don’t think there will be too many double prince decks though.
    Damage spells: This one is interesting since lightning already got a nerf. I’m worried that Inferno Tower will now definitely rise in usage causing for an overall defensive meta.

    • Ice Golem: Why. The only real interaction I think will change is that bandit will now dash on to the tower as it only dies because of the slow effect.
      Skeleton Barrel: Makes no difference whatsoever. Everyone knows at this point to take out the skeletons anyway and most of its counters usually stop it before it reaches the tower anyway. I had said earlier that the barrel could connect as much as it wants but if the damage is around the old goblin barrel damage, then it should be fine. If it’s higher, it’ll become maybe a tad bit higher threat.

      • Giant Skeleton: Maybe more threatening. I personally think that it should be 5 elixir because I see it as a time buyer and support demolisher.
        Guards: Underrated, and a great buff. I think now Hog will only get 2 hits off instead of 3.
        Goblins: This won’t bring back 1 elixir skeletons, but it was necessary. I don’t think an ice spirit and goblins, for example, won’t shut down a lone giant anymore.
        Elixir Collector: Miner is a stronger counter now. Other than that it was to keep it significant with the damage spells nerfs.

      • As for the bug fixes, mortar I never had a problem with, and didn’t they fix the inferno bug 2 updates ago?

      • Right the ones I showed were from the crown tower damage. Although I may have miscalculated since OJ said the -5% was coming from the 40% crown tower damage to nerf it to 35% of the spell’s damage.

  12. List of tournament level damage spells new damage with update(in case no one else commented them):
    Zap: lvl 9 from 64 to 61
    Log: lvl 1 from 96 to 91
    Arrows: lvl 9 from 98 to 93(close to log)
    Fireball: lvl 7 from 229 to 218
    Poison: lvl 4 from 240 to 228
    Rocket: lvl 7 from 493 to 468
    Lightning: lvl 4 from 335 to 318

  13. Hog Rider



    not gonna change anything

    Clash Royale PrincePrince:

    no need, prince is card for arenas 1-5

    Damage Spells (Fireball, Lightning, Zap, Log, Poison, Rocket, Arrows)

    but… why?

    Ice Golem

    rip ice golem

    Skeleton Barrel

    but how much does it deal?

    Giant Skeleton



    Deserved, gonna be meta

    Goblins (affects Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel)

    are they 1-hit for zap now? rip log bait

    Elixir Collector

    rip pump


    Mortar – FIXED: deserved
    Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower – FIXED: it was okay actually, shield cards are dead tbh

  14. Thought Goblin Barrel got death damage for a second!!! Then saw the wrong thumbnail had been used for Skeleton Barrel. Lol!

    • Was such an annoying deck. Kind of balanced against meta but completely annoying to be up against if you didn’t have anti deck

  15. My reactions:
    Hog: kinda expected that
    Knight: also expected a nerf
    Prince: it might become meta
    Damage spells: okay seriously, wtf
    Ice golem: welp bye bye ice golem
    Skeleton barrel: great change, might get me to use it
    Giant Skeleton: okay change, tho I often see it on ladder
    Guards: welcome back to the meta
    Goblins: rip log bait
    Elixir collector: YES, BYE BYE MEGA KNIGHT AND 3M

      • Well, ppl mainly attack the pump becuz the main point of pump decks is to get an elixir advantage, and obviously, players don’t want their opponents getting an elixir advantage to overwhelm them

    • log bait was dominating everywhere from ladder to challenges. It wasnt even touched for months but finally it was tuned down a bit

  16. they indirectly nerfed siege by nerfing all the spells… I’m good with giant skeleton and guards buff, but I believe prince was specifically designed for crushing arena 1 to 5. supercell shouldn’t try to change that.

  17. Ok my reactions:
    Hog : WHY!??!?!??! *Sniff* *Sniff*
    Knight : So he’s like the miner in dps now? Either way its ok
    Prince : FINALLY!
    Spells : wth?
    Ice golem : Pointless, he’s still good
    Slekelele barrel : Depends on the amount of death dmg
    Giant Skelly : Needs a buff on the bomb timer
    Gobs : Well deserved
    Elixir collector : WHY!??!?!

  18. Really tho, many balancing in this update doesn’t change much
    Knight and hog will still be very strong, prince and GS still kinda meh, spells will still be used for chipping towers, ice golem, skelly barrel and elixir collector changes are kinda pointless
    But guards ftw

  19. I can’t believe the nerfed Goblin and Elixir Collector! This this is massive. I’m not very happy with the changes. I don’t really think Hog Rider needed both 0.1 second more AND 0.1 second first swing. Guards needed a buff but the spell damage nerf is kinda annoying. Now I have to re learn how much damage each spell does

  20. wtf now I have to re-learn all damage spell damage and WHY THE ELIXIR COLLECTOR????? IceG is now useless imo

  21. IMO the nerfs are unnecessary. Just look at this meta, it’s pretty balanced. Whether you play beatdown, control, bait, or siege, you can climb up if you know how to play the deck well.

    However, after the nerf, Logbait, Hog Control, and Beatdown decks with Pump face the same fate as Bridge Spam did, which makes the new meta imbalanced…again.

    To be honest, the buffs are decent though.

  22. Here are Elixir collector interactions vs spells:

    Rocket: denies 8
    Lightning: denies 7
    Poison: denies 5
    Fireball: denies 5
    Arrows: denies 2
    Log: denies 2
    Zap: denies 2
    Freeze: denies 1

    Rocket: denies 8
    Lightning: denies 8
    Poison: denies 6
    Fireball: denies 6
    Arrows: denies 3
    Log: denies 2
    Zap: denies 2
    Freeze: denies 1

    Note: all of these interactions are based on tournament standards

  23. Frustrating because they nerfed half of my main deck. :'( For how long it takes to upgrade now, I only get, like, ~4~5 upgrades a year, and they’re nerfing my highest level cards. It’s very upsetting to spend ~2~3 months accumulating cards & gold for an upgrade, just to get nerfed right after you do! :'(

  24. R.I.P Mortar Cycle! Lightning unnecessarily nerfed again, goblin nerfed (guards could replace them though) and knight nerfed (fair enough it will still be good).

  25. Bait and hog got a neededly deserved nerf. Finally.

    Guards are going to be super good now, they might replace goblin gang in some cases, as even without the shield they can still tank some damage from the tower.

    Not sure Prince needed a buff, but either way he is still good.

    Knight is fine.

    Giant Skeleton could have had a Damage increase, to kill archers in one hit.

    I wish spell tower damage was nerfed more. Like -25%. Rocket cycling the tower will not change at all and will still dominate.

    Ice Golem will still be good.

    Poor elixir collector, but it needed it. It can bait out even more spells now for an even trade, which is a slight buff.

    Needless to say, GG SuperCell on this update! Putting up those fake cards for Opegit to look at was WP.

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