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How to deal with Bad Manners (BM)


Bad Manners can really change the way you play Clash Royale, usually for the worse. After a string of being BM-ed, your phone is in mortal danger. Thus, in the words of the wise Hydraulic Press Channel, “We must deal with it”.


What is BM?

In Clash Royale, BM tends to mean spammed emotes rudely so the opponent would get upset.

This normally causes you to tilt and lose a lot. This is one thing that you must know how to deal with to become a successful Clash Royale player.

In this guide I will show you five methods for dealing with BM.


One of the most simple ways of blocking BM. The emotes won’t be able to get to you with this amazing filter.

As soon as your opponent starts spamming rude emotes then just mute them right away. DON’T WAIT!

If I face a player like 2 levels higher than me, and he starts the game by saying “Good Game” then I will mute them right away.

If you wait, you can be upset by the emotes you have already seen before you mute them.

This can really affect you during the battle really giving your opponent a huge advantage.

Your opponent can now get a legitimate excuse to say “Thanks” after you lose.

Deflecting the emotes

I think that this is the most effective way to deal with BM.

I must confess that I used to be a BMer when I was a level 1 and I beat level 9 players. Whenever my opponent did this, it took all of the fun out of BMing.

All you have to do is put a thumbs up and a laughing face after you either make a mistake lose a tower or the game if they start BMing. Make sure you spam the thumbs up emote.

As the BMer, you will feel like your BM has no purpose and you are just wasting time because you are not gaining any advantage or anger from your opponent.

If you want, put the Oops emote.

Punishing your opponent

Okay, so this method is not the best for me but it may work for some of you.

All you have to do is simply ignore the emotes.

When I used to be a BMer, I would sometimes get no reaction from my opponent even if they haven’t muted. Instead of being bothered, they punish me for spamming emotes by sending a prince or lumberjack down the lane while I was too busy being rude. After you punish your opponent, you can BM.

This is definitely not the best way to deal with the problem in my opinion, but it may work for you.

Being a good guy

Okay, this is very important.

Let’s say that your opponent takes one of your towers, and they say “Good game”, “Well played”, “Thanks”, “Oops”, and he puts a crying emo. Use one of my methods above, and deal with it.

Instead of being upset, you should say “Well played” after a good play made by your opponent.

If you end up winning the game, say “Good Game”, and “Good luck” to your opponent. This will make your opponent regret BMing causing a more peaceful Clash Royale.

Stay away from the Well played button here if you win because your opponent may think that it is sarcasm.

Remember, two wrongs DO NOT make right.

How to watch replays filled with BM.

Simple, put something over where the emotes come out with. Something like a postcard or your fat finger wwould work, or you can just ignore the emotes.

Ending Notes

I hope you liked my guide and I am sorry if it is too short but I worked really hard on this.

Please help make Clash Royale better by not BMing. I am sorry that I have no video for this guide. Please check out my channel though.

Well played to all who will listen and oops to all of you who don’t. Bye guys.



  1. ladder is different than challenges bruh. ladder is no skill, challenges are where real skill is displayed. you trophy count does not determine your skill level bruh, it determines how much you spend. Even if you are underleveled at a high trophy count, thats probably because the people are trash like you bruh

  2. GY???
    BTW, if anyone can recommend a remedy for my stubbornness I get when I have a serious loss, I’d be happy to get it.

  3. I have been beaten by brilliant play by players and then they mock me. I think to myself, that their win Is somehow diminished now.

  4. That made remember me when I lost due to game crashing my opponent laugh spam me more than 50 times in a row

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