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Let’s Join CRA Discord Server!


Hey guys! It’s Ultimate and your friendly neighborhood mods, Zigge and Will! We hope you’ve all been having a great day so far.

Today, we’re not going to be sharing your average deck guide. We actually wanted to talk to all of you about a recent growing problem…

Our Current Situation

As many of you may know, many Disqus members were banned recently on account of spamming and off-topic chatting in the comment section.

We are starting to realize that this has grown to be far bigger of a problem than it was before and we think it’s finally time to address it.

Earlier on, spamming was not an issue that we needed to address in this way. When people spammed, they were given a warning not to do it again.

The thing is, you guys are beginning to ignore the countless reminders that the moderators and your fellow commenters have been giving you.

It has gone so far that they are resulting in bans…

Most of you just use the comment section to talk and chat but in doing so, you are burying many quality comments ranging from compliments to questions.

While it is very easy to get carried away and accidentally begin to converse, you must remember what that is doing to other comments.

Questions should only need one answer; unless there are many different opinions. Another thing we noted coming from you guys is the short length of replies. If it’s a yes or no question, you can answer with a short yes or no but a quality comment would include a reason (Ex. Yes, I do believe that being able to count Elixir is important to push up higher in ladder because of how much control it gives you in the match).

We have also came across a couple of spammers, just writing in nonsense in the comment section for no reason. This is getting very frustrating for everyone is it’s not tolerated on any level.

Making quality comments that are actually worth reading are not impossibly difficult to make. Even former spammers such as Ultimate are able to make them (Micro Comment Guide hehe).

clash royale arena discord server

The Solution

In an effort to resolve these issues, we have decided to create the official CRA Discord Channel. Discord is an online program designed for gamers with chat and voice channels allowing you to communicate as you please.

You can join our Discord server by clicking at the button below:


Make sure to nickname (It’s different from your username so you can make your username whatever you want) yourself the same thing as your Disqus account username as well as reading the rules for the server.

Some Features we have at the moment:

  • Ranking system based on Clash Royale card rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Keep chatting to gain XP and unlock new badges.
  • Team speak channels for Clan Battles and Tournaments.
  • A music channel where you can listen to music while playing Clash Royale. Simply type in song name and the bot will play it automatically for you.
  • Lots of new features are coming soon.

Note: It is recommended to use the native Discord app on your Desktop/Mac/Smartphone for the best performance.

Don’t hesitate to ask us when you need help on with anything (how to change nicknames, being cool, etc.)

The point we are trying to put across is quite simple: Please don’t spam, make quality comments, and use our new Discord server for chatting instead of chatting in the comment section.

Help us improve CRA by following these guidelines and feel free to join our Discord server if you wish to talk about anything with other Clashers.

Happy Clashing!

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