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Best Ways to Counter Baby Dragon


Many new players find it hard to counter the Baby Dragon as he is tanky, deals splash damage and fly. No worries guys! I am here go show you the best ways to counter Baby Dragon! Thanks Orange Juice for sharing these great tips!

Best Ways to Counter Baby Dragon

How to counter Baby Dragon in Clash Royale

  • You can counter Dragon with Dragon but there are much better methods that will put you at an advantage.
  • Baby Dragon deals splash damage, that’s why you don’t want to place your troops beside your Tower, especially small troops like Archers or Spear Goblins.
  • It’s better to wait until the opponent’s Baby Dragon targets your Tower then drop your Spear Goblins or Musketeer 1-2 tiles away from the Tower to avoid the splash damage.
  • Archers can tank at least 2 shots from the Baby Dragon so you can use Archers to lure Baby Dragon and completely prevent it from hitting your Tower. If you drop your Archer 1 second before the Dragon is within the Archer’s aggro range, the second Archer will wander off for a moment and that’s 1.5 Elixir for 4 Elixir. This requires a perfect timing so you need to practice couples of times.
    Baby Dragon Vs Archers
  • If you are in a lower Arena, one of the most devastating combos you will encounter down there is the Baby Dragon + Prince combo. The Dragon splashes away at all the troops you are trying to lay down to defend against the Prince. After learning this lesson the hard way, most players will place their troops behind tower but that combo still can do more than 1000 damage over that Tower. The best way of dealing with this combo is to use a pull. Since we know Archers can tank 2 hits from a Dragon, you want to use them to pull the Prince wihtin range of both your Towers. You can get creative with this and do a splitting chain pull for the cost of 3 Elixir.
  • Hog Rider is my favorite defensive unit to defend against Baby Dragon as he can lure the Dragon into a U-Turn.
  • Sometimes it’s perfect to Lightning/Rocket the Dragon and also deal additional damage to the enemy Tower and buildings.
  • Defensive buildings are incredibly effective agianst Baby Dragon. Tombstone works too but only If the Dragon is by iself as it can tank at least 3 hits from Baby Dragon.
  • My absolute favorite building to counter a lone Baby Dragon is the Mortar. It can deal up to 700 damage to the enemy’s Tower before getting while getting hit by Baby Dragon.
  • The Witch is also great against the Dragon since her Skeletons can distract the Baby Dragon. After that, she is great for a counter push.

Okay guys thank you very much for reading this!


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