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Completely Free-to-play “All Commons” Mortar Bait Deck!



Uh oh! Another bait deck – the archetype that many players hate. If you’re on an F2P quest, an all-commons deck may be a very ideal choice and of course, we don’t want you using EBarbs or RG in ladder so a Mortar Bait deck is the way to go.

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Card Roles


I’m Dougzon (aka C’est la vie) by the way. My PB with this deck is 3677 at Tournament Standards (which is pretty good considering a lot of players here are level 10/11). My RoyaleAPI

Why all commons?

As an F2P player, an all-commons deck is a dream come true. For every request, you can get up to 40 cards – meaning, the deck is really easy to level up and overlevel.

Why not throw in a rare card such as Fireball?

Compared to common cards, you only get 4 rare cards per request. In order to max the card out (from level 1) you will need to request 647 times while maxing out a common card only requires 240 requests. The difference is HUGE.



  • All-commons – easy to upgrade and overlevel!
  • Severely punishes enemy’s mistakes (missed zap/log; overcommitment)
  • Can be played as a defensive deck vs bad matchups
  • Easy to use


  • Vulnerable to decks with Pump; lack of heavy spell
  • Lots of draws due to lack of heavy spell
  • Vulnerable to AoE heavy decks


  • Mortar

The Mortar is hands-down the BEST common win condition. It is cheap, can be played both offensively and defensively, and overall very versatile. This card will be your main damage dealer against towers. Here is a MUST-READ post on Mortar

3M Deck

  • Skeleton Barrel

This card is underrated IMO. It serves as your secondary win condition and in comparison to similar decks, it replaces Miner. Obviously, Miner is the better choice as it is more reliable and isn’t one Zap away to its death but the Skeleton Barrel can be more useful in certain situations such as defending your Mortar vs an Inferno Drag/Tower or tanking for units in general.

This card deals TONS of damage when left alone so it’s a great card to play when your opponent is low on Elixir. Just be aware of Zap or any light AoE spells/troops.

  • Zap

Do I need to explain this? Zap! Use against swarms of troops. Be careful NOT be spell-baited. There are other cards you could use to defend vs swarms such as Skelly Barrel, Goblin Gang, and your Mortar. I also like to use this card when the opponent’s tower is critically low on HP.

Zap in Clash Royale

  • Gucci Gang

Gucci Gang is a core in spell bait decks. The goblins deal a decent amount of damage vs towers when left alone. This card could also be used in many circumstances such as defending vs heavy single-target hitters, swarming a Sparky, or dealing damage vs a distracted AoE troop.


  • Knight

Cheap and versatile mini tank. Use this defensively against AoE troops such as Valk, Wizard, etc.

  • Rascals

The original version of this deck didn’t use Rascals until the AoE troops buff rolled in. Everyone had Valk + Wizard in their deck so clearly, Knight couldn’t be the only mini tank in the deck which is why I started using Rascals. This card is used mainly for defence in nearly all kinds of situations. P.E.K.K.A.? Rascals. Xbow? Rascals. Bridge Spam A-hole? Rascals.

The card is a great support troop to use after deploying your Mortar.

  • Spear Goblins

Versatile cycle card. Great on both defence and offence. I like to drop these guys on the bridge if I’m just gonna cycle it out. They’re useful support troops, too.

  • Bats

Same description as Spear Goblins except I don’t drop them on the bridge. Really great vs Balloon, Inferno Drag, and Lavahound.


  • Early Game

Right once the games loads I tend to drop Spear Goblins or Goblin Gang at the bridge to force the opponent to react fast. Some opponents tend to leave the Goblins alone giving you free chip damage. Doing this allows you to cycle the card out as well (rather than splitting behind the King Tower and watching them die).

During this phase, it’s ideal to play defensively and observe what kind of deck your opponent uses. You can drop Mortar at the bridge but don’t overcommit. Use it to see what your opponent will play to counter.

  • Mid Game

Out cycle your opponent and bait his spells. Use Mortar/Skelly Barrel to deal reliable damage vs towers. If the matchup seems difficult (heavy AoE decks, some beatdown decks, or you screwed up early), play defensively. Try various combinations of troops and splitpushing to confuse the opponent and to keep you from being predictable.

  • Overtime

Continue dealing chip damage similarly to how you deal chip damage during the Mid Game. If you were playing heavy defence, see if you can turn the game around (playing defensively could earn you an Elixir advantage). If you’re sure you can’t turn the game, continue playing defensively until overtime is done.


The gameplay of this deck can be found here on my Twitch channel. You can watch me live or watch the archived videos. Feel free to catch me live and ask for additional tips or comment down below.


If you’re an F2P player and need a deck that’s SUPER easy to level up, look no further, this might be your best bet. The deck is easy-to-use, the archetype is still quite popular in the meta, and I don’t really see much nerfs inbound. I believe that this deck is accomplishing its purpose – efficiency in the ladder for F2P players.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. Again, if you’re interested in seeing how the deck is played, catch me live on Twitch or watch my videos.

IGN: Main: Dougzon; Smurf: C’est la vie

Email: vluonx@gmail.com

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