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Most Common Mistakes Against Beatdown Decks


Hey guys, I am going to release a series helping you fix the most common mistakes while dealing with different deck archetypes.

I choose Beatdown deck archetype to begin this series because beatdown decks are extremely popular at the moment. Beatdown deck users usually crush the opponent’s Towers due to the opponent’s only mistake.

What is Beatdown Decks?

In general, Beatdown decks are designed to dominate you by building a huge pushes based on Elixir advantage.

To read more about all deck archetypes, take a look at here!

Most Common Mistakes Against Beatdown Decks

Overcommitting: Since Beatdown users need the Elixir advantage to destroy you, try not to waste a lot of Elixir otherwise you will be done.

Placing defensive building too early: The early building will lose a lot of HP before you really need it. This also lets your opponents use cards to deal with your building effectively (for example, use Minions to distract the early Inferno Tower).

Letting the opponent build a push: Once your opponent places something expensive down (Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Bowler, Lava Hound etc) down, push on the opposite lane (applying pressure), forcing your opponent to split his Elixir to defend. Do you let Hog Rider get to your Tower? Do you let X-Bow target your Tower? Do you let Miner chip away your Tower? Why would you let a beatdown user build up a push, which is very hard to stop?

Spending too much on applying pressure: To stop the opponent from doing a huge push, you need to apply the pressure, but not too much. Spending a lot Elixir on applying pressure is pretty related to overcommitting. If your opponent can somehow stop it without losing the Tower, you’re done!

I want to put this in a specific case because I have seen so many players spending everything they have on the opposite lane.

Forgetting a part of the push: In beatdown decks, the tank is generally as threatening as the supports behind. While dealing with beatdowns, you have to stop the entire push, meaning you can’t ignore any part of the push. For example, most people always try to take out the Sparky first while defending against Giant Sparky. Distract the Giant with your building otherwise he will punch your Tower really hard.

Not ignoring some units: Keep the advantage or beatdown will destroy you! For instance, If some Minions are coming down to your Tower, you will have to choose between ignoring them or defending them. While dealing with beatdown decks, most of the time you should not. It’s better to let your Tower soak some damage. The 2 Elixir you spent to counter 500 damage of the Minions could have countered 9999 damage later in the battle.

Letting the opponent pump Elixir: When your opponent plays the Elixir Collector, you need to either destroy it with Rocket/Miner or apply the pressure immediately.

Attacking the wrong lane: When the opponent already dealt a lot of damage to a side of your map, you should attack on the other side If you didn’t do a lot on the opponent’s Tower on the same side. Beatdown decks heavily rely on counterpushing. If you attack on the same side, you will give your opponent the advantage transforming their defenses into enormous attacks.

Hope this helps guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question!

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