Clash Royale Update: February Balance Change (2/13)

Hey Clashers, as always, Supercell is releasing a new balance change on February 13rd to keep things balanced.

This time, Executioner is getting a nerf, Witch, Baby Dragon and Dark Prince is getting some great buffs. Let’s take a look!

Clash Royale February Balance Change

Clash Royale February Balance Change

So we’re going to go over those changes and talk about how they will change the game, and also go over new decks around these changes. You can view the new decks I’m playing with right now throughout this video, so you guys can get an idea of what type of decks will be great after the balance changes.

Executioner: Damage  reduced by 6%; Range decreased from 5 to 4.5 tiles; 4.5 (from 5); Axe hit radius reduced by 10%

It was inevitable that Executioner would see balance changes since it was too good and have a lot of sketchy attributes, like how it stunned troops, something it wasn’t intentionally made to do. This is actually a very big change to Executioner, which will ultimately balance this troop. It will still be a good troop, but no longer will it define the meta. Combinations like Tornado with Executioner will still be great.

I like this change, since the Executioner was practically everywhere in the meta. It overpowered beatdown decks, which in turn gave way to hyper defensive and siege decks. Decks such as Miner cycle with Rocket and X-Bow siege decks became really popular in the ladder, and those are not fun decks to play against, and they also slowed down the meta. So this nerf to Executioner should diversify the meta and bring a better balance to the game.

Poison: Duration decreased from 10sec to 8sec; DPS increased by 24%

This is in my opinion a very big change. The main reason I rarely used Poison after its slow down effect was removed was because it took too long to kill certain threats, such as Skeletons. But now since Poison will do 24% more damage per second, it can kill Skeletons in 1 tick, meaning Poison will completely counter Graveyard, which also means that Poison will completely stop Graveyard even if your opponent uses Freeze Spell with it.

This also probably means that Poison will now overtake Fireball again. Poison does more damage overall than Fireball, has a much bigger radius, since it lasts for 8 seconds it will be really good on offense, and the biggest benefit of carrying Poison over Fireball is its ability to one shot Skeletons, shut down Graveyard, help against defensive buildings like Tombstone as Poison can easily take down a Tombstone and one shot the Skeletons instead. I feel like it’s going to be a really good card now and we can expect to see decks similar to Hog Trifecta, Giant Poison, and even Miner Poison control decks.

Witch: Damage increased by 6%.

This change will basically allow the Witch to one shot Skeletons, making her an excellent counter for Graveyard. But, it’s still not enough to make her into a popular option for high tier players. She still suffers heavily against Bowler, Executioner, Valkyrie, Princess, and now Poison will make her even less appealing. Not only does Poison hurt her a lot, now it will instantly kill all her Skeletons in one shot. And while she would make a great counter against Graveyard, Poison will be the better option. So I don’t expect to see much usage of the Witch in the higher Arenas. But she will be be one of the best troops in the lower arenas. The Witch is one of the strongest cards in Arenas 1 to 6.

P.E.K.K.A: Deploy time decreased from 3s to 1s


This is a change that I’ve been asking for for a very long time. This will allow P.E.K.K.A to be better on defense. The 3 second deployment time was a big problem for the P.E.K.K.A as a Hog Rider could easily get a couple of swings on your Arena Tower before your P.E.K.K.A even got 1 swing on the Hog Rider. This change will make her much better on defense, being able to kill Giants, Royal Giants, Hog Riders, Golems, and so on quicker. However, the main problem with P.E.K.K.A is that she’s just too easy to distract, so she won’t be a meta-defining card, and probably won’t see much usage in higher arenas. The P.E.K.K.A has a 4.5 tile sight, which means that she can be kited away by threats such as Ice Golem, making her change lanes. This is a very big problem, and I believe that an easy fix to this problem would be to make her sight half a tile less, prevent kiters and making it harder to distract her.

Dark Prince: HP increased by 5%

The Dark Prince has been neglected for way too long. I like that Supercell is paying attention to this card. I like the 5% HP increase, which would allow him to get another swing against a lot of things. However, the main issue with Dark Prince are threats such as Tombstone and Skeleton Army. A charging Dark Prince is unable to take down a whole Skeleton Army with his 360 splash radius. In my opinion, a charging Dark Prince should be able to kill a whole Skeleton Army with his 360 splash. This is one the biggest problems holding back the Dark Prince, so making his 360 swing radius bigger makes a lot of sense to me.

Baby Dragon: Range to increased from 3 tiles to 3.5 tiles

I don’t really agree that 0.5 tile range increase is going to make Baby Dragon more appealing. Maybe it will make Baby Dragon 1% more appealing, but I don’t see this as much of a change. It will allow Baby Dragon to lock onto things 0.5 tile quicker, and that’s really it. It won’t help it do anything else better. Still Baby Dragon is a pretty balanced card, but not a great card in the meta. One of my main concerns with Baby Dragon is that it’s just too slow. It moves slow and attacks slow, taking a while to kill a Minion Horde. I think it would be great if it could attack a little quicker, so it can two shot Minions faster.

Skeletons: Skeleton count increased from 3 to 4


Welcome back to the Arena, Ledoot!

This is actually a significant change. Adding a 4th Skeleton means that the 1 Elixir Skeleton card will now do 33% more damage per second. That’s big. This means that the 4 Elixir Skeletons can eat away at a Hog Rider or Giant much quicker. Not only that, 4 Skeletons will help so much in deterring Graveyard, especially on the ladder if your Skeletons are higher level than your opponent’s Graveyard Skeletons. And most of the time the level of the Skeletons from Graveyard are lower. And of course no one wants to use a 2 Elixir Zap Spell on 1 Elixir Skeletons. These pesky Skeletons will be an excellent choice in many cycle decks.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton Count decreased from 16 to 15

This change won’t really make much of a difference when you consider that the Skeleton Army is a big group of Skeletons and many of the outlying Skeletons can’t even get a hit off their target.

Possible New Meta Decks

Here are some great decks that might be very strong in the new meta.

  1. Hog Cycle: Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Poison, Cannon, Skeleton, Ice Spirit, Zap
  2. Giant Beatdown: Giant, Dark Prince, Musketeer, Mega Minion, Poison, Ice Spirit, Zap, Elixir Collector
  3. Miner Control: Miner, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Mega Minion, Poison, The Log, Inferno Tower, Skeleton Army

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What do you think about the balance change this time? Please share your opinions guys!