Clash Royale December Update Recap: New Cards, New Arena and More!

Okay my friends, the Clash Royale December Update is here! This is going to be a extremely huge update so I want to sum things up so you guys can easily follow the new update!

Okay, let’s go!

Clash Royale December Update Recap

Clash Royale v1.7.0 Data Mined – Updated December 16th

Asdamp datamined the Clash Royale source file and got us some interesting stuffs. Let’s take a look guys!

You get 18 Gold for each win in Jungle Arena. Donation Limit in Jungle Arena is 220 cards per day.

New shop Special Offers

NameCostContainsIf you buy more than once
Holiday Pack 04.99$1,200 Gems and Giant Chest of your Arena500 gems, Giant Chest of your Arena
Holiday Pack 19.99$2,500 Gems and Magic Chest of your Arena1200 Gems, Magic chest
Holiday Pack 219.99$6,500 Gems, and Super Magical Chest of your Arena2500 Gems and Super Magical Chest
Chinese New Year Pack 00.99$10.000 Gold and 80 GemsSame
Chinese New Year Pack 14.99$500 Gems and Magic ChestSame
Chinese New Year Pack 29.99$1,200 gems and Super Magical ChestSame
Jungle Arena Starter Pack9.99$Super Magical Arena 9 Chest, 1,200 Gems and 10.000 GoldN/A

New Challenges

  • Three Bridges: There will be three bridges instead of two. The new bridge is located in the middle. 5 Gems to join.
  • Hero Challenge: 100 Gems to join. Prizes identical to the Grand Challenge.
  • Electro Wizard Challenge: Build decks with the new Electro Wizard. All cards are available to use. 12 wins and you will get the Electro Wizard.
  • Legendary Challenge: Play a deck with a specified Legendary Card. This challenge is similar to the Electro Wizard Challenge.

New Hero cards (possibly).

Better chance of getting Legendary Card from Free Chest and Crown Chest.

It now costs less Gems to unlock Chests.

Titan Arena is being developed.

New Arena: Jungle Arena

The Jungle Arena is unlocked at 2600+ trophies, meaning this is gonna be the new Arena 9. Legendary Arena is going to be Arena 10. Each Jungle Arena chest contains about 10% more rewards than Frozen Peak chests.

The new Arena will be live on January 13 2017.

Below is a screenshot of it I took from Yarn’s video.

Clash Royale Jungle Arena

Four New Cards: Goblin Gang, Battle Ram, Dart Goblin and Executioner

We are going to get 4 new Cards into the game! The Dart Goblin will be available on 13 January 2017. After that, one new card will be released every two week!

To read more about these new cards, please visit this page.


More Epicness!

  • Request and Donate Epic Cards on every Sunday! You can only request Epics once every Sunday. When you donate an Epic card, you will get 500 Gold and 10XP.
  • Epic Card now costs only 1,000 Gold. Epic chests are now cheaper, give more cards and scale with your Arena. See the table below for more details!
  • Buying addition cards in the shop now costs only extra 1,000 Gold each, which is a lot cheaper than before!
New Epic Chest

Source: Orange Juice

Clan Chest – The New Crown Chest

Use the Crowns you get on the ladder every day to help your Clan achieve the Clan Chest! This is a huge chest, containing lots of rewards for active member in Clan.

Take a look at this page to read more about the Clan Chest!

Clash Royale Clan Chest

Other Special Changes

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New Special Events

  • Crown Duel Challenge (December 16th).
  • Clan Chest event (December 19th).
  • Electro Wizard Challenge (December 23).


  • Special Event Challenges can be played in Friendly Battles.
  • New Legendary Jingle when buying a Legendary Card.
  • See a summary of your chest’s contents after opening it.
  • Fresh new look for the Inbox