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Tornado – The Advanced Guide!


Throughout multiple Clash Royale metas, Tornado has been always a great card to have in literally almost any deck.

Due to the special ability of this card, we can do tons of stunning moves, gaining positive Elixir trades and more.

In this page, we are going to show you the best uses of it.

clash royale tornado spell

Drags enemy troops to the center of the Tornado while dealing damage over time. Doesn’t affect buildings.

Clash Royale Tornado Spell


  • The Tornado is unlocked from Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop).
  • This card is a 3 Elixir arena damage spell with moderate damage and a wide radius.
  • The Tornado pulls troops (only troops) towards the center of the spell, making them vulnerable to splash damage. While being pulled, units are still able to attack.
  • The Tornado doesn’t damage buildings at all so you don’t need to worry about triggering the King’s Tower when using it.
Cost Radius Duration Target Type Rarity
3 5.5 2.5 sec Troops Spell Epic
Level Damage per Second
1 44
2 48
3 53
4 58
5 64
6 70
7 77
8 84


Tornado or Zap?

After some recent balance changes in Clash Royale, our beloved Tornado got some great indirect buffs.

Tornado is now a great alternative to Zap because it:

  • Kills Goblins (Zap no longer can do this). Although this is a negative Elixir trade, do it in the really bad cases.
  • Can pull Goblins from the Goblin Barrel off the Tower, to trigger the King’s Tower. The same thing goes to Hog Rider, Giant etc.
  • Can counter Minion Horde with the help of the Crown Tower.
  • Can bring the Princess in the range of your Tower. Let’s make her taste her sister’s arrows.
  • Kill any Zap-bait troop without assistance: Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Goblin Barrel etc.

Zap is only better at resetting Inferno/Princes/Sparky/etc and dealing damage to Towers.

Below are the best uses of the Tornado

  • Defend a target: Elite Barbarians are coming towards your Wizard? Hold them away from your Wizard while he is mowing them down.
  • Bunch things up: Princess, Ice Wizard, Wizard and any other splash damaging unit love the Tornado! While keeping the enemy troops away from yours, Tornado is also grouping and dealing damage on them, making the most of your Princess, Ice Wizard etc.
  • Deal Damage – Tornado can kill Skeleton Army and put Minions into 1-hit HP. This is probably one of the less useful aspects because there are so many cards doing this better.
  • Force a re-target: Want to force the opponent’s Hog Rider, Miner, Golem, Giant, Lava Hound etc to target your King’s Tower? Yea here you go!
  • Force on target: The opponent’s Barbarians trying to stop your Hog Rider from landing the last hit? Pull them to the back with Tornado!
  • Get extra damage done: Keep the enemy troops far enough so your Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower can deal tons of more damage!
  • Change order of attack: Assuming that your opponent sends in a Royal Giant and a Mega Minion but your Tower target the Royal Giant instead of the Mega Minion. Use Tornado to pull them away! Due to their different movement speeds, the Mega Minion will be hit by the Tower first.

You are doing it wrong

Don’t use Tornado to force the Miner to activate your King’s Tower more than once!

Tornado is one of the best spell in Clash Royale. Keeping doing that is such a waste. Take a look at many cases I listed above.

Your Tornado Decks should have splash damage. Also, don’t leave this ridiculously OP defense out of your arsenal.

Things you may not have thought of

  1. If you glue your opponent’s defenders to his Tower, your Princess can hit them all at least twice.
  2. Hog Rider can be yanked to the middle and killed quickly without doing a single hit to the Tower.
  3. Split pushes can be yanked to the middle.
  4. While dealing with Royal Giant Deck, If your opponent trying to take out your second Tower by placing the Royal Giant in the middle, pull him away so that he will target the King’s Tower instead.
  5. Use Tornado to help your Inferno Dragon do a lot of more damage and deal with the distractions
  6. Elite Barbarians locked on your Tower? Pull them to the King’s Tower or yank-and-insert your Guards to tank.
  7. Tornado can be also used to split your opponent’s Elite Barbarians! Tornado them to the center then use Ice Spirit.
  8. Always try to pull huge pushes to the middle so both of your Towers can join the fight.
  9. The Royal Giant can be pulled away for 3 seconds while getting hits by your defenders, preventing him from doing 2 shots.
  10. Balloon can never hit your Tower If you have Tornado in your Deck.
  11. Clump defending troops to the Tower so your Sparky can remove them all at once.
  12. Pull the Lava Hound to the middle so your Towers won’t get hit while the Lava Pups also activate the King’s Tower. Even If the opponent’s Miner is soaking damage, you still have 2 Towers (including the King’s Tower) defending.

Shared by darchangels13

Basic uses

  • Pull Hog Rider, Giant, Golem etc to your King’s Tower. Just place the Tornado 1-2 tiles from the King Tower, in the center.
  • Switch a unit’s lane when it’s near the center. (Pull 3 Musketeers etc)
  • Kill Princess/Clones for an equal trade.
  • Pull back defending units placed behind the Tower, prevent your troops from being distracted.
  • Group/Hold units to make the most of your Price/Ice Wizard/Inferno Tower/Wizard/etc.
  • Pull the opponent’s support troops to prevent their damage while his tank is being dealt with.
  • Decent counter to Graveyard.

It pulls all units, both air and ground, regardless of their weight. It doesn’t kill anything stronger than the Goblins, meaning it can’t kill Minions.

Tornado can’t pull ground units over the river but flying units.

Since P.E.K.K.A and Golem load time are pretty long, you can easily use Tornado to pull them to the other lane If they are near the center.


The Tornado can pull units which are not walking (being loaded).

You can take the advantage of this to pull the Giant attacking your Tower to the center, force him to attack the Cannon:

But if the unit is already walking and you try to pull it away from where It wants to go, it will resist the Tornado. However, if you pull it towards its intended destination, it will be pulled significantly faster. Use this wisely in different situations.

This spell seriously counters Miner. If your opponent plays the Miner like below, use your Tornado to force him to activate the King’s Tower:


Other tips:

  • When the Inferno Dragon is locked on your Tower rand you don’t have Zap/Lightning, use Tornado to pull him away.
  • If your opponent uses the Pig push to bypass your defensive building in the center, use the Tornado to counter his move.
  • If your opponent uses the Tornado on defense, take the advantage of this by using Hog/Giant to speed them up.
  • Tornado doesn’t break Prince’s charge or Sparky’s charge.
  • You can pull the Royal Giant far away from your Tower, force him to attack the other building (see more in the video below).


tornado placements

Shared by min_58


  1. Is it just me, or was a Tornado Guide already implemented? Because thisn looks nothing like the one I made

  2. And I find it extremely funny that you all say that “we love your guides”, given all the negative criticism from past guides.

      • Because it wasn’t posted, and it likely won’t. Most likely, other guides I make will recieve the same criticism, such as “This will.never work , but nice guide though!” And other bullcrap like that

      • No, what everyone really means when they say that is “Stop writing guidess, they’re useless”

      • As I stated above:

        1. I scheduled this before you submitted the guide.
        2. Your guide is not better than this. If this guide was not up today, your guide still would not be approved.

        If it’s just about the giftcard, I will give it to you right away without a doubt :).

        Also, I could post your guide here so people can see it If you want :).

      • So let me know If you want to make things clear.

        I’m still okay with everything. I really want to make CRA better and better. And can’t do that If I act like shit with people :).

      • Stop being sad and angry about ur guide didn’t get posted. Get over it. Man up. Move on and try to do better next time instead of focusing on the past. The worst thing you can do is not start again in life. Everyone has to learn at some point and this is just one flipping guide. Write another guide and if it gets posted get ready to accept the criticism. Were supposed to help each other.

    • Well keep in mind that this guide was already posted, it was just reposted. But if you think you have some good tips to add, then you can add them and then submit them.

    • Like the fact that everyone else’s decks are better than mine because they “don’t work” or “are useless”

  3. Nice guide!
    I’m considering using a deck with tornado included(except exenado). Any suggestions?

  4. For your understanding: Every once in a while, old guides are updated so that the information on them remains correct in cases such as nerfs or buffs and possibly new uses for cards. I would not call this guide a repost but and updated version of an old guide. Someone had submitted a new guide on Tornado. Will decided to post it and it was already due for the process of posting when Frisk submitted her guide. According to will, the first submitted was more detailed and because it was also submitted first, it was posted.

  5. Hey guys! Im very sorry for not posting for so long. I’m here to share my deck to all of you!

    Here it is:
    Night Witch
    Lava Hound
    Electro Wizard
    and Skeleton Army

    Lava Hound
    Main tank, nothing much about him. He’s not so good in taking out towers, but is quite good for soaking up damage and letting the real threats (Executioner, Graveyard) do some damage.
    Mega Knight. I plan to swap it as soon as i get to arena 10, since at my current level i am meeting a shit ton of mks.
    If you dont have any, just put your choice of tank in.

    Just a thing I use to stop minion hordes and sparky, stuff like that.
    I’m just looking for The Log, since it is quite well.
    Any other spell might work too.

    Night Witch
    She is a mean stabber, easy push killer, something like a wild card. I use her to break pushes, support pushes, get rid of unwanted air customers, shit like that.
    Note: She is a wild card, I basically am just using her to fill up the hole in my deck. Anything works for the best.

    Electro Wizard
    BAM! This guy is shockingly effective, instant damage of zap, lightning stuff and that. You can fill him with the replacement of zap if zap is not on your current cycle. You can also use him to quickly kill weak towers since his attack is instant.
    Nothing really, but if his card is still unfound, just use the musketeer or any ranged troop.

    Don’t look down on this ginge. She is ABSOLUTELY CHAOS when getting rid of pushes. She clears up hordes, chews up damage, and gues what? Level 6 Valkryies CAN tank 1 shot from Sparky!
    (or is it level 7? I just don’t know.)
    None. She is irreplaceable.

    Kills hordes, damages towers, aiming correctly can be devastating to a push. Just don’t let him get close to melee troops!
    Wizard. He can replace him if you are not in Arena 9.
    Princess, if you can find her and you want more range.
    Witch, if you want another defense spawner(skelly) on the ground.
    I would highly suggest not to bring the ice wizard, since his damage is too low. He is just annoying to defensive troops.

    Just to add a little pressure to the fight when a seemingly impossible push is on its way, or bait out enemy cards (and then it gets wasted so try not to do that). Just place carefully to avoid activating the king tower.
    Goblin Barrel or any other card.
    You may also choose spawning huts ESPECIALLY furnace.

    Skeleton Army
    A swarming card. Nothing much to say about it.
    Any other swarming card that goes.

    What is bad about it:
    Bad against cycle decks
    Very high AEC
    One mistake can make you lose

    However, what is good:
    Heavily relies on counterpushes to make a push (That can help against decks that are heavy pushing as the win condition)
    Very good support deck in 2v2
    Helps take down prediction decks (Arrows after hog as soon as you throw a night witch)
    Great for crushing most pushes ( Thanks, Valkryie!)

    Well, that is the end! Have fun!

    • Depends on if it was well-written and a good deck. Good luck on getting it posted, it sounds good!

  6. Tornado is NOT a good replacement for zap. All of the reasons listed there are only in bad cases and usually results in a negative elixir trade. U really need a low damage spell which is low elixir like zap. There’s no point tornadoing goblins because a lot of people have log too. Did u forgot about log??

  7. You don’t have to be a drama queen. You did the exact same thing as u did on your lavaloon guide. Don’t try to make people feel sorry for u because nobody will care

  8. Frisk: Stop being sad and angry about ur guide didn’t get posted. Get over it. Man up. Move on and try to do better next time instead of focusing on the past. The worst thing you can do is not start again in life. Everyone has to learn at some point and this is just one flipping guide. Write another guide and if it gets posted get ready to accept the criticism. We are supposed to help each other. Forgive and forget. If you always think about what happened you can never improve and get better, it’s a contradiction. If u decide to get mad at me think before you say. Think about what I am sayin because I am helping your situation.

  9. How is this graveyard deck that utilizes tornado?
    Ice Wizard
    Ice Golem

  10. “Tornado is one of the best spell in Clash Royale. Keeping doing that is such a waste. Take a look at many cases I listed above.” What is “that” that it is referring to?

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