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Clash Royale November Update Recap – Hidden Updates Inside!


Hey guys, so Supercell is going to release the big Clash Royale November update very soon with new cards, balance changes and lots of new features. I decided to create this page to recap everything you need to you about the upcoming update.

Clash Royale November Update

Clash Royale November Update Recap

Balance Changes

In this update, Supercell is going to buff Ice Golem’s death damage and the Rage effect. Ice Spirit’s freeze effect and Inferno Tower HP is going to be nerf also.

Take a look at this page for more details about these balance changes!

Friendly Battle Rework

For the better battles, both players’ cards are set to the Tournament Rules in the Friendly Battle mode.

Here are some more hidden information I got from Yarn’s video:

  • Players no longer see the Elixir bar of friend’s opponent while spectating. People were using this as a way to “cheat”.
  • Card Request reduced to 7 hours (from 8 hours). Awesome!
  • Max Trophy requirement in Clan Settings now is 4000 trophies.
  • Muted opponents no longer show bubbles.

New Special Event Challenges

The first special event challenge is the King’s Cup, which is gonna be available on November 4th.

During the King’s Cup, your cards bring to Tournament Standard, even If your cards are below the cap. There will be also a new game mode in the King’s Cup which is called “Blind Mode”, giving both players random decks to play.

Read more about the King’s Cup at here.

4 New Cards

Yes, 4 new cards are going to be released soon my friends!

We now all know the first card is the Tornado, which was leaked by Supercell today:


And this is the leaked image containing the other three.

leaked cards clash royale november update

Take a look at this page to see the gameplay of these new cards!

Hidden Updates

Below are some hidden updates which were not reveled by Supercell. Asdamp mined the data from Clash Royale 1.6 game files (thanks a lot buddy!).

New Achievements:

Name Quantity Gems
Friendly battles 1 5
Friendly battles 5 10
Friendly battles 10 25
Challenge special events 1 5
Challenge special events 3 10
Challenge special events 5 25
Donations 5000 30
Donations 10000 50
Donations 25000 100

4 New Shop Packs:

Name Cost Contents!Notes
Red bundle $4.99 Charity bundle. Available only for iOS
Rumble Bundle $0.99 Magic Chest from your arena; 80 Gems
Rumble Bundle $4.99 500 Gems; 10000 gold
Rumble Bundle $9.99 1200 gems; Super Magical Chest from your Arena


  • Reference to Dark Mirror (Possible new card coming in the next update)
  • The most powerful Trainer, Trainer Cheddar, is now set at 5000 trophies. He gains 1 Elixir every 0.7s during normal time. He uses this deck: Miner, Ice Wizard, Princess, Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon, The Log, Sparky and Lumberjack (super payfecta).
  • Epic chest shows up in shop every 7 days. Legendary Chest shows up in shop every 21 days.


Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can visit it later with ease my friends!


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