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Clash Royale: New Double Prince Lumberjack Deck


Hello everybody and welcome to my first guide to clashing. So my name is Awesome Gamer Neftali or Jelly on clash royale. And this is also my very first guide to clash royale. So this is the cards in the deck Prince + Dark Prince + Log + Lumberjack +Sparky+MIner and Minion Horde. So if you want to be a pro (if this works for you) Then your at the right place!

Clash Royale New Double Prince Lumberjack Deck

The Deck

Prince – He’s fast and cool and rocking the mustache. HE can push troops forward and take a lot of damage. He can be paired up easily with almost any card to make a combo. It is used in a lot of low arenas, but mostly used in P.e.k.k.a Double Prince.Prince

Dark Prince – He is a card with strength and a shield. He can take down small troops with the blast of a sword or whatever it is he can take out small troops it can also take out a Sparky is placed right. It is also used in combos too.


Log – It big is bold its a log. The log can take out small troops and can do knockback damage to the troops to get you more time to counter it but it won’t do damage to air so don’t waste your elixir to a baby dragon or a minion horde or 2 elixirs to waste.


Lumberjack –  He is a really strong card that is a melee attacker with very high speed. A lvl 1 Lumberjack is like having a LVL 9 knight. The Lumberjack should not be ignored. He could take out a whole tower with the assistant of a zap. For 4 elixir he is a really good card. He is a glass cannon and can be countered really easily but when he dies he drops a rage spell which is great with an incoming push. He is a glass cannon which means he a lot of damage but low health.


Sparky – You might say why are you using this piece of trash then you are right but not directly right it isn’t that great but you can use it. In this deck, Sparky plays a BIG role it can take out Pekka ’s, Mega Knights, Golems, Elite Barbs, and Giants. So the Sparky is mostly used to counter the tanks. It can also be paired up with Lumber Prince. It can also be used with an executioner it can target air and ground. That siree is a success.


Miner – The miner is like a miner that is 1,000 times better a regular spell or a troop to hit the opponents tower. It does great damage for a level 1 and better at level 2. Unlike the goblin barrel, it can’t get countered so easily. It can get countered with a skeleton army but we do have an extra log so watch out!


Minion Horde – Minion horde is a great way to get your opponent distracted because if left alone they will wreck your tower. They are used in my deck because if they have a baby dragon or balloon they will get rid of it really. Even though it is very strong, they are a part of the small troop group which means they do a lot but they can get countered with arrows(usually alive with arrows because of supercell’s update and thank goodness for that) zap, fireball, rocket, poison, etc. So if you have a matchup like that make sure to force them to send out arrows first then go full minion horde mode.

Minion Horde

Executioner – This troop was the very first epic card in Jungle Arena (Then the hunter came along) so it has to be good. It is like a wizard, but he can take out multiple things at once than just 2 or 3 like a wizard. He also does twice damage when the axe comes back. LIke the wizard, it can be knocked out by fireballs and rockets and other cards.


SO those are all the cards that are used in my deck and that is their description in my point of view. Card Replacements

Card Replacements

  • Prince- Everyone has to have this card right?
  • Dark Prince- Bandit, MIni P.E.K.K.A.  Log
  • Log- Arrows, Zap, Fireball
  • Lumberjack- MIni P.E.K.K.A
  • Sparky- Zappies, Electro Wizard, Maybe Tesia
  • Miner- Goblin Barrel, Fireball, or any other cheap spells or troops
  • Minion Horde- Mega Minion, Minions, Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon
  • Executioner Baby Dragon, Wizard, Witch, Ice Wizard


The way I got this deck is from myself one normal day I saw decks on CR Arena and saw a deck or the Double Prince Zap Bait deck and saw the replacements and did it. When that was there, I was in Arena 6. I got the Dark Prince because I was in Arena 7 for a while then I tried to go up and instead went down. Then I tried to make another deck with the double prince and it got me up when I unlocked a bunch of legendaries and tried it then did a random deck for 2v2 then It was good because I got 20 wins in a row (help with an awesome partner) then tried 1v1. I won 1 battle and tried another my best streak was 20 wins again. Then I won challenges. Then it almost became my permanent deck. Then one day I hit 3,400 trophies or Electro Valley. Then I knew That deck is perfect for me and my strategies Then from a long time thinking I figured out this deck was great so then I did make it my permanent deck. Then now I want to share it with you guys.



So it is basic gameplay for you. You send out a random card, but no siree. You have to use strategy. Like my strategy is usually to defend at all costs and also sometimes is to go full attack mode during to last seconds of the game. The only reason is not to go crazy with the cards is that this deck is somewhat expensive then you will have lost and trust me it happens to me sometimes.  Basically, it is like having an all expensive deck and if you don’t play carefully you can lose, but if you play carefully, you can get them confused and throw the match which is good for you. So in this deck, you have to use wisely the cards and if your replacement does the same USE CARDS WISELY.


So, first of all, I have shown you what this deck can do, but is it good enough well my answer is MAYBE. It depends on what kind of player are you if you are a hog rider kind of guy then just ignore this deck if it not a good deck for you then ignore it, too. BUT if this deck is good, please comment on how you feel and please like it because I am posting this for you guys and if you want another guide to anything just comment and peace out!


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