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Ultra Fun Miner + Cannon Cart Deck


Hi; It’s PeakCell, and now I want to show you my newest friendly games deck. This deck is potentially good for challenges but is mainly designed for having fun in 2v2 battles.

It was only tested in friendly battles, but against good players, and is pretty good.

miner cannon cart

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale BanditClash Royale Cannon CartClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale LightningClash Royale Bats

What is the point of this deck?

This deck is based on a nice synergy, in fact.

We’ll talk about it in the next part, but basically you have 2 shield units (Miner, Ice Golem) which protect 2 DPS units (Musketeer, Cannon Cart) supported by a temporization unit (Ice Spirit), burst cards (Bandit, Lightning) and an air card if necessary (Bats). Best explanation I can give 😉

Usually, this deck will only damage a tower while counter-attacking: Your miner can take your opponent by surprise, and your Ice Golem can transform a lonely unit into a problem, that you can then enhance by adding what your push needs: Burst, temporization, or DPS.


  • Can chip damage a tower if countered
  • Very fun to play
  • A shield – DPS – Tempo – Burst synergy
  • Huge counter-attacking potential


  • Swarms counter it
  • Hard to upgrade
  • Has no building
  • Defends with a lot of fragile units


Let’s go further into the details!

Clash Royale MinerMiner: Meatshield and potential win condition.

You want to use him as a counter-attacking card mainly. If you can, use it only this way, and to finish a Tower.

Try to be the less predictable possible on your Miner placements (especially if you want to finish a Tower with him) and support him well; that’s all you have to do with him.

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem: Tanky unit used to shield a push or kite.

Ice Golem has kinda the same purpose: He’s used as a counter-attacker. Put him before a Musketeer or a Cannon Cart and you have a threatening push!

He really makes pushes hard to deal with, when they are crafted well, so a full push (with DPS, burst and tempo) can be extremely powerful because of its shield(s).

Also, the Ice Golem is used to kite. Seriously, kiting can buy a lot of time to annihilate a push.

Clash Royale MusketeerMusketeer: DPS unit to defend and counter attack.

She’s a DPS unit you will want to use defensively. Then you’ll counter-attack with her.

She’s also an anti-air unit of the deck so make sure you can play her when necessary.

As the Cannon Cart, the Musketeer will sometimes still be up for a counter attack because of her range, which also allows for an Ice Spirit coverage when she’s countered past the bridge.

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart: DPS unit to defend and counter-attack.

It has the same role as the Musketeer, but is not countered by Lightning, only targets ground and costs 1 Elixir more.

Use it as a defense when you need to counter ground units (unless you have 1 Elixir to spare) and counter-attack with the other cards.

The Cannon Cart’s DPS is surprising and its shield and health points make it very, very good to take a Tower since it is hard to get rid of it (If it dies in range of the Tower, it will often get some hits against it. And it hits very hard).

This card will be your main counter-attacking card since it destroys your opponent’s defense very fast if well supported.

Clash Royale BanditBandit: Burst unit, to defend and attack

She’s a burst unit, so she’s going to take your opponents by surprise. Play her as a defensive unit when you need to, or put her behind your push when you’re counter-attacking. Either way, make the most out of her dash!

She works great with a DPS unit and an Ice Spirit because they will destroy your opponent’s defenses pretty fast since the Bandit also has a nice DPS after applying her burst.

Clash Royale LightningLightning: Burst card to make a push successful easily

Lightning is a burst card too , but is a spell.

It can completely destroy a whole defense, chip damage a Tower, change a Tower’s focus, and most commonly pair with DPS units and/or a Bandit so it destroys tanky units very fast.

You can also use the Lightning to make a good trade out of a bad placement or destroy an annoying Musketeer placed in the back of your opponent’s field.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit: Cycle card and temporizer

It is a cycle card, but mainly a temporizing card.

Think about it: Your two main offensive units are ranged DPS units. It means an Ice Spirit placed before the bridge will actually have the time to support them against melee counters because it can reach their positions pretty fast!

Also, the Ice Spirit is there for easy trades, like countering a lonely Musketeer with it.

Clash Royale BatsBats: Anti-air unit, but also double-threat tool!

It enhances a push by making your opponent having to think about countering air units too, most likely using more Elixir to do so.

Your opponent having too many things to counter can often make a push reach the Tower, so the Bats are pretty great to send when you have a well-crafted push going.


I hope you’ll like this deck! It was designed for friendly battles, but I’d like you guys to tell me if you succeed with it in challenges.

I may try it myself soon after seeing how well it does in friendlys. The Cannon Cart is very surprising since it has a lot of health and DPS, which makes this card fun to me, so I wanted to create a Cannon Cart deck: Here it is!

Anyway, have a lot of fun, and see you in the arena!



    • Yeah…and i just don’t get why….
      interesting deck btw. I don’t really think matchups are necessary since it’s a 2v2 guide and from my experience most people use off meta decks in 2v2

  1. I like the deck but I have one main problem with it. Lightning has almost no synergy with miner…at all. Great deck and guide in all other manners though

    • Thanks ! Yeah the lightning has almost no synergy with the miner but it is great to make trades and destroy your opponent’s defensive tanks to make your push harder to stop.

      • As a personaly preference I’d use rocket or poison since they synergise better with miner and still provide lots of value although they are harder to use

      • Poison can be nice to add to the already powerful DPS; the rocket is risky (as is the lightning but this one will often give value) in this deck so I’d prefer the poison I think.

  2. new sparky idea! (when you zap it it wont reset the charge, it will infact speed it up cause it shoots electricity and zapping it gives it more so faster charge!)

  3. Soooooo, what do you do against a massive Golem push coming your way, musketeer and cannoncart isnt enough for that…

    • If the golem player has a lightning spell, I’m not gonna lie, you’re screwed. Otherwise, a lightning can destroy its supports, and a cannon cart and a musketeer can defend the golem pretty easily and counter attack violently. Usually however, the golem will be hard to stop. (and usually it will be played with lightning)

  4. I was thinking…would giving tesla chain damage to the 4-5 highest hp units with a few nerfs to balance it out make tesla viable? Tell me what you think!

  5. Thanks ! Gonna try to make a longer post on my next deck guide since it seems people notice the short length too much.

    • The top contributors do long posts and include other things likematch ups and tips so I guessthat is what makes ur guide look short.

  6. Guys, here’s a poll:
    How many legendaries have you guys bought from the shop? ( Please F2P only).
    I have got four: NW, GY, MK and Ewiz. (Thanks to Donations)

  7. New Conspiracy Theory:
    The identity of the P.E.K.K.A has been confirmed.
    It is the ARCHER in a suit.
    Who hated her bow and took up the sword.
    This could be real!

  8. PeakCell described cannon cart real well

    “It has the same role as Musketeer, but is not countered by lightning, only targets ground and costs 1 more elixir”

    Well played sir, well played

  9. just submitted my guide on reading your opponent, im gonna make a guide on how to counter the Mega Knight next (even though i use it on my 2nd account, i do feel it is a bit too op)

  10. Guys… i have gotten kinda bored of RG… i have acquired a second account… i am in spell valley right now… guess which win condition i am trying to master on my second account??? One hint: i have liked this win condition BEFORE starting using RG. 😉

  11. Sparky should have a shield
    And shield should be unspellable

  12. Tried the deck in 2v2 and it’s really fun to play. However i changed miner and ice golem to log and knight, since swarms are so easily accumulated in 2v2, that you need a way to deal with it. In 1v1 that exchange wouldn’t work, because it makes the deck very counterpush heavy. But bandit does her work very well, pften being the only unit touchinh the opponents’ tower.
    Anyway thanks for the deck 🙂

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