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Clash Royale June Update Recap – Extra Deck Slots, New Cards, Hidden Changes


This is the mega thread of the upcoming huge update in Clash Royale this June.

Everything related to the update (sneak peeks, leaks,…) will be listed here! (So don’t forget to bookmark the page ;))

clash royale update

Clash Royale June Update Recap

Balance Changes

Okay guys so as expected, the Night Witch is going to be nerfed in the upcoming Clash Royale Balance Chance this June 12th! Also, this time, there is a huge change in using spells! Let’s take a look!

clash royale june balance change

Night Witch: Now spawns only 3 Bats upon death (instead of 4); Bat spawn speed reduced from 5s to 6s; The initial Bats now spawn slower (she no longer spawns 2 Bats immediately when deployed).

Tornado, Poison, Heal: Multiple of same spell will stack. For example, when you use 2 Poison at the same time (by using Mirror), they will deal 75 + 83 = 158 DPS throughout the 8s spell duration (at Tournament Standards).

Tornado: Duration to decreased from 3s to 2.5s. Thus, its damage also get reduced from 174 to 145 (not able to kill Goblins)

The Log: Spell range decreased form 11.6 tiles to 11.1 tiles

Goblin Gang: Spear Goblin count decreased from 3 to 2

Witch: HP increased by 5%, Area damage radiusĀ  increased 10%, spawn speed decreased from 7.5s to to 7s, initial Skeletons now spawn slower… Is this enough to make a comeback?

Skeletons: Skeleton count to 3 (from 4). Well. We have to say good bye to Ledoot again… It’s because you are way too OP! Thus, DPS decreased from 268 to 201.

Bandit: HP increased by 4%, Dash initiates quicker (Be aware guys!)

Inferno Dragon: HP +7% (now higher than Baby Dragon HP), re-targets 0.2sec quicker

Clone: Faster cloning effect, better surprises.

Battle Ram: The damage that destroys the Ram no longer affects Barbarians. Hopefully we will see this interesting card a lot more in the Arena!

Bats: Bat count decreased from 5 to 4. Wow this card get nerf even before the release…

Sneak Peek #1 – Extra Deck Slots and New Friends List

2 extra deck slots at level 8! So there will be 5 deck slots in total. This is such a good news for hardcore players. We no longer need to change our decks 100 times every day.

more deck slots

New Friends List System

Another life changing update!

From now on, players will be able to invite friends via LINE, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere by using a given link.


Not only that, players will be able to invite people to the Clan directly. Invited people will be asked to leave the Clans they are already joined.


  • Players can join Clans now at level 1.
  • Decks from Royale TV and shared replays can be copied directly now.
  • 4 New Cards incoming.

Read more about the first Sneak Speek at here!

Sneak Peek #2 – Four New Cards

Four new cards will be added into the Arena guys! Each will come with a Special Challenge! They are Mega Knight (Legendary), Cannon Cart (Epic), Flying Machine (Rare) and Skeleton Barrel (Common).

  • Mega Knight: The heavy tank which has 3300 HP, slightly more than a Lava Hound. He deals damage when spawned (like the Electro Wizard) and has a dash (jump) ability, giving him x2 damage.
  • Cannon Cart: A moving Cannon which has a shield (similar to Guards and Dark Prince). Once the shield is broken, it will not be able to move anymore!
  • Flying Machine: A flying troop which has pretty fast attack speed (1s) and very nice attack range (6 tiles).
  • Skeleton Barrel: The new building-targeting unit which spawns 8 Skeletons once reached the target.

Leaked gameplay

To read more about these cards, please take a look at here.

Sneak Peek #3 – New 2v2 Modes

In this update, we are getting some new stunning 2v2 Modes

You now can create a 2v2 Draft Challenges to play with your Clan mates.
New 2v2 Challenge appears on the homescreen. This event will starts from Monday June 12th to the next Monday. You can invite your friends or your Clanmates to play with you. No trophy count! However, you can join this event to farm crowns for your Clan Chest/Crown Chest.

If this event runs well, Supercell will make bring the button back for the entirety of July.
More about the new 2v2 modes at here.

Bonus Stuffs

smaller league badge

The League badge is smaller now!

New animation for Legendary Cards

Clan Chat profanity filter! Finally! Turn it on/off via your Clan Settings!

Players now can report offensive language/username via Clan Chat.

Card Shop now cycles through all available cards. Never miss any card again!

Below are some data mined via the game files by Asdamp!

New Shop Special Offers

Name Cost Contains Notes
Starter Pack Arena 1 0.99$ Magic chest arena 1 and 80 gems Disabled at the moment
Starter Pack Arena 2 0.99$ Magic chest arena 2 and 80 gems


  • Hint to a new Legendary Building called the bat nest
  • Hint to a new Common Building called NOTINUSE21. No idea on what it is.
  • References to the card “AntiBuilders”, “Hunter” and “Gift Pony”
  • New stun effect in the game (?)
  • 3 New Legendary cards are being tested.


  • A special challenge with skin pack for cards.
  • ‘Gold Rush Challenge’, where you can win the Princess Gold skin.
  • 2v2 Challenge


  • Skins are available from level 3.
  • Skins for King’s Tower and Princess Tower.
  • Skins can be bought with Gems.
  • Some skin names: Barbarian Tower, Bone Tower, Ice Tower, Hog Mountain Tower, Legendary Tower, Jungle Tower, P.E.K.K.A Tower, Spell Tower, Royal Tower, Workshop Tower, Training Tower, Gold Tower, Pony Love Tower.

golden skin princess tower

‘Leaked’ screenshot shared by FenixBurns on Reddit. Seems legit.

New Quest System

  • Daily Quests, Challenge Quests, Friendly Quests, Ladder Quests, Puzzle Quests.
  • Examples: Win x ladder battles; Win x challenge battles; Collect x Chests; hit anything with card X etc.


  • Puzzles and bosses
  • In PvE/TvE you can face multiple waves of enemies like tower defending.


  • The game now runs better on low-end devices.
  • Improved Draft Challenges.

A new game mode was leaked today by Opegit. Seems like a WIP

What do you think about these change guys?

Push with your Night Witch now! Before too late…


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