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Clash Royale July Update – New Arena: Frozen Peak and 4 New Cards


New Arena called Frozen Peak is going to be added into Clash Royale in the next July Update. Also, lots of other new stuffs will be revealed soon!

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frozen peak clash royale july update

New Arena: Frozen Peak – Clash Royale July Update

New Arena: Frozen Peak

According to Supercell, the new Arena is going to be unlocked at 2300+ trophies. So this is the new Arena 8!

frozen peak arena clash royale

4 New Cards Incoming

Yes, probably 4. In Ash’s sneak peek video, there are 58 cards in total, meaning there will be 4 new cards. Hopefully there will not be all Legendaries guys LOL.


Other new stuffs:

  • Before joining a Friendly Battle, you will be able to choice which Arena to fight in (from Arena 1 to the one you are currently in).
  • TV Royale button will be moved to the middle screen (Battle screen), meaning it will replace the old Training Button.
  • Updating…

New Cards – Ice Spirit and Bowler

Ice Spirits and Bowler new clash royale update

Yes that’s right! New cards will be released in the upcoming update guys! In order to read more about them, please take a look at the day 2 sneak peek page!

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