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Clash Royale January Balance Change Update (1/24)


Hey guys, as always, Supercell is releasing a new Clash Royale balance change on January 24th.

This time, Supercell is taking a look at Royal Ghost, Night Witch, Lava Hound and more. You guys will love this update!

january balance change

Clash Royale January Balance Change Update (1/24)

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost

Damage -6%; Invisibility delay 0.7sec → 1.2 sec; Hit Speed 1.7sec → 1.8sec

Clash Royale Flying ZappiesZappies

Targets Ground and Air

Clash Royale HunterHunter

Range 5 → 4; Bullet spread slightly smaller (projectile range remains at 6.5)

Clash Royale Night WitchNight Witch

Initial Bats spawn quicker

Clash Royale BatsBats

Hit Speed 1sec → 1.1sec

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

Hitpoints +5%

Clash Royale Goblin HutGoblin Hut

Spawn Speed 4.9sec → 5sec (one less spawn in total)

Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AMini P.E.K.K.A

Hitpoints +7%

Clash Royale LumberjackLumberjack

Hitpoints +7%

Clash Royale MortarMortar

Minimum Range 4.5 → 3.5

What do you think about these changes guys? Please share your opinions!


  1. My brief views on the update:

    Royal Ghost: Understandable. He was too OP. But will still be good in Bridge Spam and Challenge 3m or pekka decks.
    Zappies: Love that they target air- they will stop inferno dragons now!!! Will be so good in beatdown decks! But I wish they got a slight dmg buff, as they don’t really have good dps.
    Hunter: Don’t really see the point. Hunter is only sort of popular.
    NW: Only a slight buff. But NW Clone may come back??
    Bats: Agree. They offered too much value. But not much difference.
    Lava Hound: Yay! Finally! They might be more of a threat. Lavaloon return?
    Goblin Hut: Accumalatively, less chip damage. But GH will still be really good. But more balanced.
    MP: Might be too OP now. They were very good already.
    Lumberjack: Underappreciated card, happy to see some love. Definitely soar in usage rate, especially in Golem decks. Like Prince buff. More of a threat. Goblins now don’t counter it fully (previously one of the best counters.)
    Mortar: Undecided as to whether this is buff or nerf. A nerf since it makes it easier to distract and less likely to target the crown tower (like virgiro said) but possibly buff if the mortar is turtled up.

    Overall: Decent update, mostly good choices.

    • Royal ghost was not too op imo. Can’t really tell if hunter was nerfed or buffed really. NW clone won’t come back as only initial spawn is shorter. Mini Pekka will certainly be strong but not op. LJ one shots goblins so idk what thats about. Mortar is mostly a nerf.

  2. Royal Ghost: In my opinion, they should nerf him in the way CWA suggested aka when he turn visible once, he doesn’t go back to invisibility. This one is also okay tho.
    Zappies: Now they may even outshadow Electro Wiz! Still one-hit by Fireball tho.
    Hunter: Supercell clearly want to see this boi in meta.
    Night Witch: Who cares?
    Bats: Doesn’t really change anything, by that way Skeletons should be nerfed too if they want to keep the rule that Bats are flying Skeletons.
    Lava Hound: Welcome back LavaLoon? I hope not.
    Goblin Hut: It’s too small!! It’s still gonna dominate the meta :/
    Mini PEKKA and Lumberjack: Indirect buff to Guards.

  3. Zappies got a buff! Yes! The Lumberjack buff was sooooo needed. The Royal Ghost was a big nerf, but I don’t think it will be dead. Goblin Hut needs a little more, its just not enough.

  4. Opinions:
    RG: ded, bye bye
    Zappies: not a good buff, decreasing elixir cost would be much better
    Hunter: meh, still won’t be used much
    NW: we need more bats, not quicker spawn
    Bats: good nerf
    LH: still outshined by golem, needs more damage IMO
    Gob Hut: if u do a balance change, u dont do it THIS small
    MP: meh
    LJ: meh
    Mortar: IM LUVIN IT

  5. My thoughts,
    RG: Ouch, but still is viable
    Zappies: probably will overshadow electro wizard
    NW:Her bat spawn rate should be increased
    Bats:meh, did not do much
    LH:Probably will not change anything
    Gob hut:meh, did not do much
    MP: I do not think it should have been buffed
    LJ: much needed buff
    Mortar:Phew, I hate mortar

    • I don’t think zappies will overshadow ewiz cuz they cost the same but zappies do very low damage, low attack speed and initial attack so sparky would destroy it. It also doesn’t have a zap when placed. Lavahound 5% health buff is decent because it already has a lot of health.

  6. My reactions:
    Royal ghost: deserved
    Zappies: still won’t use them cuz mine are lvl 4
    Hunter: idk if it’s a buff or a nerf…
    Night Witch: debatable whether I should use my almost lvl 3 night witch
    Bats: agreed, a bit op, but I’d rather have a damage nerf
    Lava hound: lavaloon strikes back?
    Goblin hut: meh, still gonna be good
    Mini Pekka: decent change
    Lumberjack: good change
    Mortar: zap bait strikes back?

    Overall good changes, except 1 flaw
    No mega knight nerf

  7. I like all of these changes but they really need to reduce gobhut health. It’s actually a horrible card for the game.

  8. good to see zappies’ buff, f2p will no longer complain about how strong Ewiz is
    thanks, SC, mortar is my nightmare
    i’m thinking about what LJ and MP look like after update

  9. Noooo,theyre nerfing mortar(for me if the minimum is hogher it wouldbe better).The other changes werent so fascinating except for rg

  10. Time for opinions:
    Royal Ghost:Deserved,hope it doesnt dominate the meta too much
    Zappies:Fine,fine.Much more viable
    Hunter:Dont care
    Night Witch:SC needs to work harder so shes not horrible anymore
    Lava Hound:Needs a damage buff not health.
    Goblin Hut:Try harder
    Mini Pekka:Are you kidding me?
    Mortar:SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY ON EARTH DID YOU NERF MORTAR.WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!

    • XBow has been strong in the meta ever since it got buffed a few updates ago. Each season since, I have seen Xbow decks finish in the top 50 of ladder.

      Xbow decks are high skill cap though. Especially with Golem and Megaknight firmly meta options.

      • is it possible to create a pekka MK deck I am thinking abt it i saw it on CWAs channel once but i am not sure if it is possible. Something that is good at takng out tanks for defense and defend xbow for counterpush?

      • to expensive youd have to defend then play xbow id suggest pekka log arrows and xbow the rest are choice

      • It depends what decks you see most in your trophy range if we’re still talking ladder. Zap bait with bats and inferno dragon is still in the meta so you need to be able to counter those so you don’t lose value with Pekka. If you don’t see challenge meta in your trophy range, and you know you can easily get defensive value out of Pekka, then it’s perfectly viable.

        I’ve seen some lavaloon but I’m not sure if that’s just people trying it out after the buff or if that will be part of the meta again. If it is, then Pekka isn’t the best tank killer for your deck so you’re better off looking at other options.

      • If u face beat while using xbow, it’s better to rocket cycle (that’s why xbow rocket does a lot better) and turtle up with the xbow. You get better defense too.

      • Agreed, although if they don’t give you any rocket value it’s got draw written all over those matchups. Miner-siege hybrid for me is more reliable than rocket cycle for beatdown matchups.

  11. Zappies deserve buff but why it can target air now? Balloon is now getting hard to the tower

    Also the mini pekka is fine enough after the previous update…Not it is kinda op

  12. My thoughts
    RG. Well finally he deserved it
    Lavahound. good buff, needs damage
    LJ. good buff, i have him so he could be used
    Mini Pekka, the heck? he is already strong? this is OP now
    Gob Hut. why so small change? i hate that card anyway
    Mortar. Same as Gob Hut, (just why?)
    Bats. yes they were to good for 2 elixer but still what about damage nerf?
    Zappies. yes they needed a buff, im all for it
    Hunter. ehhh, mine is lvl 1 so not important
    Night Witch. I still dont like facing her so this is good/bad as it needed a small buff but not my favourite leggy.

  13. This update will kill lavaloon with the zappies itting air even though they tried to raise the Hp on the lava hound. I like the Lumberjack buff because i use it and the mini pekka should be 5 % increase instead of 7. mortar and goblin hut are stupid it does virtually nothing. the mortar buff is kind of like a nerf in a way. Royal ghose is op even though i dont have trouble with him. Good balance update

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  15. RG – finally
    Zappies – will still suck, needs damage buff
    Hunter – going to be meta, good buff
    Night Witch – OK, but how does this affect anything lol
    Bats – they are kind of op
    Hound – Damage buff, not hp buff!!!
    Goblin Hut – thx it was cancer
    Mini Pekka/LJ – What?!? they are ok already
    Mortar – rip

  16. RG- much needed… a little salty tho bc I just pulled one yesterday xD
    Zappies- odds are they’ll be is a few meta decks, if not an hp buff will be needed
    Hunter- I dont see them very often so this will probably help
    NW- with the bats nerf she’ll stay meta without being overpowered
    Bats- idk I didn’t really mind their power but they were used a ton so it makes sense
    Hound- still seems to be underpowered with zappies now hitting air
    Goblin Hut- no huge change but a much needed nerf
    Mini PEKKA/LJ- good buff, LJ needs some love
    Mortar- As a mortar player its annoying but I don’t see it affecting how I play for the most part

  17. RG: duh, everyone knew it would come
    zappies: I like the buff, now zappies are usable imo.
    hunter: eh I don’t see why supercell did this but I’m fine with it.
    NW: with the bats nerf, I guess supercell wanted NW to stay decent(bats nerf=NW nerf)
    Bats: I like it, bats were a bit OP.
    hound: useless buff.. sad..
    gob hut: unlike a lot of people, I think supercell did well to balance it out. I mean, it’s annoying, but let’s give it a chance to shine, you know?
    Minipekka and LJ: LJ buff was much needed, but mini pekka?
    mortar: with it dominating the ladder, it needed a nerf
    overall: well done

  18. royal ghost: needed more inv delay, good
    zappies: NEEDED THAT BUFF
    hunter: idk, its ok
    NW: good, a bit better now
    bats: didnt really need that, they need a buff
    hound: kinda needed it
    gob hut: if u gonna nerf it, nerf it more
    mini pekka: NERF THAT THING NOW
    LJ: good buff, kinds needed it
    mortar: doesnt really do much, but ok

    Royal Ghost: Needed this nerf, but will still remain a strong card

    Zappies: They’re actually usable now, but still need either an HP or hit speed buff

    Hunter: This is actually a buff, because he has a shorter targeting range even though his shots will still travel the same distance, meaning more of his shots will hit what he is targeting which means more damage for the Hunter

    Night Witch: Not going to change much, just to compensate for Bats nerf

    Bats: Didn’t necessarily need this, but it’s a good nerf

    Lava Hound: More tankiness for flying stuff

    Goblin Hut: Honestly, didn’t think it needed a nerf. The introduction of Royal Ghost and the rise of Skeleton Barrel is what brought Goblin Hut into the meta, not Goblin Hut itself. But, one less spawn isn’t much

    Mini Pekka and Lumberjack: I like this because it is an indirect nerf to Knight, which is completely broken in my opinion and should have gotten nerfed. This buff to MP and LJ is good because it offers more versatility for tank killers and these are two of my favorite cards.

    Mortar: This is to make that annoying Mortar Knight cycle deck regress some. Mortar will target on things for a little longer due to its decreased blind spot

      • What, Supercell lied to us? Also, did u have a different name before? I don’t recognize you

      • I was hoping nobody recognized me so it’s fine that you don’t. Supercell didn’t lie. The total dps of the RG goes down if you account for hitspeed nerf.

      • DPS nerf doesn’t mean damage per hit nerf

        I interpreted you as saying they nerfed ghost’s damage per hit, not per second. Yes, its DPS goes down, but honestly, DPS is the most useless stat in the game. It doesn’t tell you much about the card itself. For example, Sparky’s DPS is misleading because it only shoots every 4 seconds

      • yes but royal ghost doesnt take 3-4 seconds to attack. DPS is a huge stat for any normal melee unit.

      • That’s not my point. My point is that everybody makes a big deal over DPS when it is actually meaningless. Although DPS is a combination of damage and hit speed, only damage and hit speed stats matter because if you were to just look at a card’s DPS without knowing its damage or hit speed, you wouldn’t know anything about how the card attacks. It could do big damage over a longer time like Sparky, or smaller damage very quickly like the X-Bow or Dart Goblin. You wouldn’t know until you actually played with the card. DPS alone tells you nothing about the card

      • I never said it did but for the Royal Ghost that is a large nerf. Of course dps doesnt say everything about a card but it doesnt make it meaningless.

  20. I realized these changes are indirect needs to sparky: Mini Pekka buff, zappies buff, night witch buff

    • Mini Pekka? Yes, he is a bad problem now. Zappies? It wouldn’t change anything since sparky isn’t a flying troop. Night Witch? Meh, elixir trades still would be fine compared to what already counters Sparky.

      • The Zappies buff doesn’t affect Sparky directly, but Zappies weren’t competitively viable before the buff and now they are, especially in poison bait decks. That’s an indirect nerf to Sparky in the new meta because there will be more zappies.

      • Keep in mind the Zappies have far less range than Sparky and require skills like Sparky users to counter her with them. A Zappy approaching the Sparky is going to lose because Sparky will shoot first. Placing Zappies next to Sparky will not work, as they have to place and charge, taking 2.6 seconds. Surrounding her with Zappies will work, but they might have support behind the Sparky to kill them, so not really.

        You need a good tank like MK to effectively kill the support and distract Sparky.

      • Most counters to Sparky are unsafe in front of the sparky. Barbarians, goblins, skeletons, etc are great counters when surrounding the sparky but get obliterated if approaching it. Even Ewiz, because all it takes is a decently timed zap for the sparky to wipe out an approaching ewiz.

        If a sparky approaches zappies from the front, you just need to play ice spirit or skeletons to the side to absorb the blow and the zappies will then target and stunlock the sparky.

        The only counters that can completely stop a sparky from shooting are Ewiz, rocket, zappies and high DPS flying cards. Zappies are a great counter to sparky that may well be meta, which automatically is an indirect nerf to sparky. For me, sparky was more viable in the last meta than this one, and zappies adds to an excessively long list of counters that always make Sparky hit and miss.

  21. I am still wondering how MK and Inferno Dragon escaped ANY balances.

    RGh: needed it.

    Zappies: Helpful, not sure if enough yet. We’ll see.

    Hunter: Strange approach, but I like it

    Night Witch: Not sure what to say. Her Bats are pretty annoying already.

    Bats: Should have deducted a bat.

    Lava Hound: It can help in a way, but I was really hoping for 193 death damage.

    Goblin Hut: Actually needed it.

    Mini PEKKA: Tbh he kind of needed it.

    Lumberjack: Tbh he didn’t need it. I see him as often as a hog rider. He is better than Mini PEKKA in nearly every way other than that he can’t instantly kill a wizard, but it usually doesn’t matter.

    Mortar: He did need it. He pretty much only targeted dart goblins, princesses, royal giants, buildings, and towers.

    • agree with MK’s point, but IDrag is balanced, man
      and i think zappies will be a good option to use as fireballbait in 3M decks

    • imo lumberjack is worse than mini pekka(it’s sad cuz lumberjack used to be my favorite legendary), and I think bats nerf was enough. 4 bats were trash, remember? and NW is considered one of the worst legendarys right now.. just my own opinion

      • 4 bats were trash because no one knew how to use them. Now, everyone knows how to use them and can safely go back to 4 bats without problem.

        NW is still a good card and does awesome with beatdown. Beatdown just needs a revive and that’s where this balance update comes in.

        MK is OP because of his spawn damage. I consider his synergies with inferno dragon and bats etc. fairly balanced and powerful (except for Royal Ghost, of course). The reason why his support is so good and apparently “OP” is because his spawn damage kills everything, leaving you low on elixir and support (unless you are a lava hound user). Saying this now, I don’t think inferno dragon is the one that needs the nerf. MK should have his spawn damage removed. It’s basically a 4 elixir fireball and a 3 elixir super-tanky-beast with strong splash and a jump attack that kills everything as well.

        Zappies can’t reach inferno dragon 90% of the time, so really nothing changed for inferno dragon in terms of use.

      • I have two problems with this. First, it’s that bats weren’t used because people didn’t know how. They literally just sucked. They didn’t do enough dmg and died to zap. Also, mega knight isn’t op or too strong. Removing his spawn damage literally makes him a worse royal ghost with more health.

      • People didn’t know how to use bats back then. Now, with the new meta, people know how to use them and would do well even with 3 bats.

        A worse Royal Ghost with more health is more annoying than a Royal Ghost right now, trust me. I have played the MK without utilizing his spawn damage and I have done decently well with him anyway, getting to the tower without problem.

      • Dude bats is not hard to use. There is no way people didn’t know how to use them because they’re just flying skeletons. Also, MK can be countered with any sort of Tank+DPS combo quite easily. The only reason he is usable is because he has the spawn damage. Why would you use MK with no spawn damage if you can play Pekka?

      • Bats should be sort of hard to use for their cost anyway. 2 elixir shouldn’t give you such an advantage over all that.

        MK can be countered with tank + DPS unit if left ALONE. Support the MK better and maybe that wouldn’t counter it so hard. The MK’s advantage over PEKKA is powerful splash damage attacks so that swarms don’t counter him as hard as PEKKA. Believe me, I play PEKKA normally, and swarms, no matter how you support it, are pains in the arse and stall for a long time, giving lots of time for the tower and ranged troops on defense to kill her and support on offense to kill her. It is hard. MK, however, clears support very easy without utilizing spawn damage by placing him at the river in the middle and then him jumping at the support, and a pre-placed inferno dragon should kill the tank and go on the unstoppable counterpush combo known as the MK-Inferno Dragon-Bats-Zap combo.

      • It’s not like the support of the MK can’t be countered as well. While he kills swarms easily, the mk doesn’t do a lot of damage so any tank takes a bunch of hits to kill and by then it may be dead. That combo is quite easily countered if you ask me due to the fact that none of those cards are fast or can get to and target the tower easily. Support isn’t always ground units. Flying machine and mega minion are definitely off the ground and popular support cards keep the push going after death like the lumberjack and the night witch.

      • and if they manage to do that what are you even doing with your elixir? Letting it go to waste? That’s not a hard combo to counter. Zap/ice spirit bats. Building or dps for hog. Mini tank for MK and dps may help kill MK. If not, add another card.

      • Zap bait… Lost my zap. Ice spirit misses the bats most of the time for some reason. PEKKA for Hog and MK but PEKKA dies as well with the hog and MK due to bats and ice spirit makes hog get like 2 hits.

      • MK practically doubles the DPS so he does really, Hog Rider ends up somehow distracting the PEKKA (that is good because hog won’t freely maul the tower, but still) and that leads to PEKKA only getting like 2 or 3 hits on the MK.

      • no MK doesn’t have that much dps and pekka has a ton of health. an ice spirit counters 2-3 bats. Maybe you should play more than a pekka and an ice spirit for that push…

      • do you really think deducting a bat won’t make the card trash? the card loses 1/5th of its damage(20 PERCENT DAMAGE NERF), which is huge. NW is good with beatdown, I agree with that. as for MK, his spawn damage isn’t that OP. even with spawn damage, using MK means spending 7 elixir to only kill supports, which means the win condition will still get to the tower unscathed, while you only have 3 elixir. and MK can’t be put behind the king tower like pekka, because of his spawn damage(resulting in negative elixir trade). and without the spawn damage, he will die quickly to supports even though he is a splash attacker. and my zappies usually reach the inferno dragon

      • Bats hardly get touched, so the DPS problem is solved. Just one bat on a troop can be devastating from my experiences.

        An Inferno Dragon would be placed beforehand to deal wth the tank, and then the MK, making a near impossible counter and near impossible to stop counterpush.

        If your zappies reach inferno dragon, congrats! not sure if many others can do that.

      • Knight does not require one but gob hut definitely does. All the pros say that goblin hut is broken and it’s the most boring and annoying card to play against. Think about it. It’s a tiny bit like an offensive inferno tower. It chips the opponent’s tower but it defends in a way so that dps increases over time due to the spear goblins and thus requires a spell to be played.

      • Goblin Hut became strong due to other cards such as Skeleton Barrel and Inferno Dragon on the rise. Knight has too much health and is in my opinion broken. I can see both getting nerfs next balance update

      • It can’t be a broken card if it doesn’t negatively affect the game but sure knight can reasonably get nerfed.

  22. I hope that this is gonna be a rise of the golem! What I’ve noticed a lot: golem players (especially without log) are scared of THE bait decks. And i see why: constant pressure, chip damage on your towers, pump is getting rocketed, IT for golem…. BUT I know how to beat it. Here is how. First 2 minutes of the game are painfull. Always save you log/overleveled zap for GB and place pump ONLY in the middle, just to see what do they have: miner or rocket. Try to kill princess with goblins or anything cheap you have. If the princess is on the other side of the arena, then use baby dragon. Why not Mega minion? He might die before he gets to the princess. Ok now you are in 2x elixir. Right when it starts, place a pump to bait their rocket. Then start a golem push on the wounded tower side. If they princess on the golem, ignore her. Just space out your support so they don’t get splashed. If on the other side, kill her with your cheap card. If your cheap card is an ice spirit *sigh* then…. I dunno…. Switch ice spirit to goblins or anything else(except for skellies). ALWAYS have at least 6 elixir when your golem is at the bridge, because you’ll need lightning for that IT. If they somehow kill your golem, DON’T GIVE UP! 7/10 times the surviving support gets the tower(or even 2!). So, as you can see, facing THE bait with a golem doesn’t mean you had lost!

  23. Overall I think the balance changes are great except I don’t understand the lavahound one. What was the point?
    Also @windmm when are you gonna post my guides?
    Also yes I would like an author’s box.

  24. The thing is, what I would’ve done is remove bats nerf and replace it with a Skeletons buff, then add a small nerf to mega knight

  25. heyyyyyy guys… never commented in SUCH A LONG TIME…

    got max rg and got to challenger 2. unfortunately there are SO MUCH MAX PEOPLE IN THIS RANGE LATELY

  26. MK is a balanced card IMO, the only thing you can nerf about it is its health maybe. its damage is meh.. he just fits well in the meta now which makes him seem like a really powerful card (which he is on counter pushing)

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