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Clash Royale Guide: 10 Best Tips for Trophy Pushing


Clash Royale is a Mobile Strategy video game released by Supercell for Mobile Devices. It lets you participate in an epic area having the objectives of creating a deck and outsmarting your foes in real-time, fast-paced battles. Becoming a master of strategy isn’t easy as it requires you to learn how to create the best deck to compete with real-time players worldwide.

Before starting the game, choosing unique cards may help you make yourself prominent in battles when heading to the area. Hundreds of cards are available, and you can make the collection that helps you upgrade your troops, spells, and defenses. Battle your way to rank at the top on the leaderboard and claim exciting prizes, along with the in-game currency. Besides, the game features a lot of locations, known as arenas, where the player has to battle against the opposing team.

What is Trophy Pushing in Clash Royale?

If you are new to Clash Royale, then surely there would be a question in your mind concerning Trophy Pushing. So, trophy pushing means gaining a lot of trophies by completing challenges and there are many rare rewards from the chest for those players who have lots of trophies. There’s another question – how can you get lots of trophies?

To get more trophies, you have to participate in some games on the ladder in a sequence, and your focus should be on winning trophies. The same thing does matter in Clash of Clans, where players struggle to achieve high numbers of trophies to get more and rare rewards.

10 Best Tips for Trophy Pushing in Clash Royale

We’ve compiled a guide to help you learn how to make the process of trophy push fast in Clash Royale. It includes almost 10 tips, and all are easy to understand. Before starting, let’s discuss a bit about Ladder. Whenever you run Clash Royale or open the Press Battle, the matchmaking system may put you against other players from across the world who have the same level as you have. Competing against other players in a mode known as Ladder; however, this is because it has many Leagues and Arenas following the trophies you have claimed.

1. Avoiding Tilt in Clash Royale

Tilting in games usually refers to an emotional reaction regarding in-game matches or events that may cause deterioration during gameplay. In short, if we say that tilt is another name for frustration and rage that appear in case of defeat as deviant behavior. So, we suggest you avoid Tiling by following a simple method by playing a few matches and having some rest. Losing a match won’t help you concentrate on your gameplay; therefore, having a break is mandatory, so, you can’t lose your temper.

2. Work on Your Deck

Clash Royale comes with a variety of decks especially designed to work in different game types. Having lots of decks doesn’t mean you can use the same deck in Ladder, Small Battles, or Classic Challenge. If so you already doing that, stop this instantly and move on to make your deck with good cards which help you claim more trophies.

3. Learn about Meta-game

We recommend you start learning about in-game meta as it is crucial and designed to change constantly; therefore, you should work on it only if you have over 6K trophies where players are allowed to play Meta Decks. To check out what deck your competitors are playing, you must visit Leaderboards to see the top decks.

4. Master Your Deck

After learning about Meta, the fourth point is to master your created deck and work on it to learn new tactics. You should interact with each card and learn about its best position and timing. Usually, this will be done automatically with experience; however, you must avoid modifying or changing your deck every day.

5. Learn from Defeats and Watch Replays

Losing a game isn’t a big deal as it sometimes reveals the points where you are weak. Losing matches in a row is an indicator that you are frustrated; so, you should take a break and come back with a relaxed mind. Watching replays is one of the best practices we almost ignore.

6. Upgrade Your Cards

Upgrading all cards in your inventory using your hard-earned gold isn’t a good idea. Surely, you open lots of chests daily for in-game rewards, and upgrading them all isn’t mandatory; therefore, you should keep in mind that the level of cards matters in Ladder. In short, you must go with those cards to upgrade that you are using.

7. Avoid Getting Confused with High-Level Players

Sometimes, the matchmaking system may throw you into battle to confront high-level players. At that time, losing confidence and letting players dominate you won’t be in your favor. Managing your Exilir and keeping your mind relaxed might help you achieve victory.

8. Don’t be Laggy

Lagging in Clash Royale when you are playing the highest leagues will cause your defeat; therefore, before starting the game, you should check the health of your Internet Connection and work on your environment as any disturbance near you might distract your attention from the game.

9. Time does Matter

You might know that people surrounding you are busy with their job, school, or other work. We suggest you manage a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes in the day to play a few games that may increase the chances of your winning. This is because most of the players make their appearance in the late evening.

10. Play Calmly

Clash Royale is only a mobile game designed to entertain you; therefore, you should take it as a match and never make a cause to get frustrated or angry. Play the game calmly and enjoy.

That’s almost everything you should know to improve your trophy-pushing speed.

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