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Clash Royale Battle – Basic Rules


Since Clash Royale is a pretty new game so many players can’t understand the rules in game completely. I’d love to write this small guide and help you!

a Clash Royale Battle

In Summary,  If you win a battle, you earn trophies and you can go up to unlock new Arenas. Arenas unlocks new Cards.

The Battle in Clash Royale

  • Players square off against live competition on tiny maps dotted by six buildings; three for each player: two Arena Towers and one King’s Tower.
  • The object of the game is to destroy the other player’s King’s Tower (middle building) while protecting your own.
  • You’ll do this by deploying troops from a hand of cards (drawn from a Battle Deck that you’ve built) anywhere within an allowable area on the field.
  • Each card requires a certain amount of Elixir to deploy, but your Elixir regenerates quickly, so you’re only ever moments away from deploying your next troop or spell.
  • More cards are collected by unlocking chests won in battle or bought in the shop, which in turn will unlock new cards that you can add to your Battle Deck and level up the cards you already have.
  • On the event of taking down an Arena Tower, a new region on the opponent’s side is opened, available for you to deploy your Troop Cards to have an upper hand on the opponent.

Clash Royale Battle Deck

The Battle Deck

  • Your battle deck is the rotation of cards you wish to have in battle.
  • To change these you must tap the card you wish to add into your battle deck and tap use then tap the card that you would like remove from your battle deck.
  • Next to the Battle Deck heading it will display the average elixir cost of all your troops, sometimes this can come in handy when deciding if your deck is suitable. For example a deck with an average of 3.5 elixir that is semi-powerful is better than a deck with an average of 4.7 that is slightly more powerful as you will not be able to deploy troops as often to counter defences and proceed with your offensive strategy.
  • The battle deck consists of only 8 cards, so you want all your cards to be ones that you will be using, otherwise that is a waste of a valuable cardspace.

Winning the Battle in Clash Royale

  • If you destroy the other player’s King’s Tower, you win immediately.
  • If no one is able to take down the King’s Tower within the first 2 minutes, you and your opponent’s Elixir regeneration speed is doubled.
  • If no one is able to take down the King’s Tower or have more towers destroyed than the opponent within the first 3 minutes, sudden death is enabled, a mode in which the next player to destroy a tower wins.
  • If that is not able to happen within another minute, the game will end as a tie and no one will receive or lose any of their Trophies.


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