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Clash Royale APK for BlackBerry 10


I have received lots of requests about downloading Clash Royale apk file on BlackBerry 10 lately. As we all know, we can transfer most Android applications to BlackBerry, including Clash Royale. But, we can’t save our game progress as well as load it from a certain Google ID. Today, I am going to show you an easy way, which help you easily load and save your Clash Royale game on your BlackBerry buddy!

Clash Royale APK BlackBerry 10

Clash Royale for BlackBerry 10


First, you need to download these files then install them directly on your BlackBerry device and please follow the pattern!

  1. Google Account Manager
  2. Blackberry Google ID
  3. Google Play Store for BlackBerry
  4. Google Play Services
  5. Google+ Whitelist
  6. Google Play Games
  7. Clash Royale modified APK file for BlackBerry This is the latest update – 05/01/2016.

Note: This guide is only for Android and BlackBerry. If you want to move your account from iOS device to BlackBerry device, you need to link it to Android first. Please follow this tutorial in order to do that. If you don’t have any Android device in your hand, you can install Clash Royale on PC instead.

More Clash Royale from Android to BlackBerry 10

  1. Download then install Google Account Manager from the list above. Don’t open it after installing!
  2. Download then install BlackBerry Google ID from the list above. After installing, open it and follow its introductions. You should be able to Log In with your Google ID at this step.
  3. Download then install Google Play Services.
  4. Install Google Play Games and the modded Clash Royale APK file.
  5. Open game, go to the Settings menu in game, you can Sign In with your Google account now.
  6. Done!

Connect your current progress on BlackBerry with your Google ID

If you are already playing Clash Royale on your BlackBerry device, no worries, I am going to show you how to link it with your Google ID. Just make sure that you haven’t linked to any other Google account. One game progress can only be linked to Google once.

  1. Connect your device to your PC/Mac. Open BlackBerry Link on your PC/Mac then backup your game (you don’t need to backup the whole mobile).
  2. Follow my steps above to install game on your device.
  3. Restore your backup file.
  4. Everything should be okay now.
  1. The way this method works is to remove the dependence of software on Google Services since BlackBerry doesn’t support Google Services. When the new Clash Royale update is out, you can’t update your game via Snap or any other BlackBerry app market, you need to visit this page and download the latest modded APK file.
  2. You can remove the dependence yourself without downloading at here by using Lucky Patcher and modding the original Clash Royale APK file.

Okay so that’s everything I want to share with you guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help! I will be always here to help you!


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