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Chip Meta-Breaker Deck – Counter Giant and Elite Barbarians


It’s me Zigge here with my Chip Meta-Breaker Deck for you guys!

This is the fifth and final guide of the CRA Birthday Special!

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Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Zap

Counter Giant and Elite Barbarians with Chip Meta-Breaker Deck

There is no clear ”Meta-deck” at the moment but there are lots of popular cards, Meta Barbarians, Meta Minion, Giant etc. Also this deck is very unique because there’s no win condition, yes you read that right. You can basically put anything in there and it will work. Let’s get into it!

Pros Cons
Counters the Meta well. Weak to Bowler
Very cheap Weak to Royal Giant
Strong against air A bit weak to Hog Rider

Card Breakdown

Win Condition – This could be a Hog Rider, Giant, Miner, or Lava Hound. I prefer to have a Miner because he fits into this deck the best, but it’s up to you. So I strongly recommend you try a Miner if you have him.

Minions – I decided to put in the Minions because it makes this deck very good against air deck. Imagine your opponent has a Lava Hound and Mega Minion coming, you place your Mega Minion and a Zap. Your Mega Minion will take out your opponents’. Now you he used his Arrows on your Mega Minion, you place your Archers, your opponent uses a Miner on them, now you place your Minions and theres nothing your opponent can do.

The Minions are also good at taking out Elite Barbarians or any other ground troop like a Mini P.E.K.K.A or Valkyrie.

Fire Spirits – The Fire Spirits are one of best cards in the game because of their high splash damage and low cost. They can easily take out a pack of Barbarians or a Minion Horde. They pair well with any win condition but replace them with Miner if you use Lava Hound.

Fire Spirits are also very good on defense because they can pull any unit, ground or air, then deal a significant amount of damage. They are even good against some units like Valkyrie and Knight just because of their high damage.

Tombstone – Tombstone is one of the best card in the current Meta because of the popularity of Hog Rider and Meta Barbarians. The best thing with the Tombstone is that it is an investment building which means that you can place it down anytime, and then get value of if much later.

Tombstone is also one of the bets counter to Elite Barbarians. A lone Tombstone can easily shut them down without a problem. Did they just zap your spawned skeletons? No problem, use your Skeleton Army!

Mega Minion – Yes, there is a Mega Minion in this deck, and there’s one reason for it, I don’t use this deck. Normally I’d never have a Mega Minion in my deck but the reason is that it fits in so well in this deck (It does in any deck). Bu anyways, use the Mega Minion to counter Lava Hounds, Giants and other stuff.

Archers – Archers are still one of the best cards in the game. They counter the Mega Minion perfectly and with their high DPS and low cost, they fir into any deck. The Archers are mostly defensive in this deck but if you get them to reach a tower, they will deal almost 150 DPS.

Guards – The Guards counter Elite Barbarians very well but also other cards such as Prince and Mini PE.K.K.A. Even a big P.E.K.K.A won’t stand any chance against these bone brothers with shields. The Guards are very easy to use but if you’re unsure of their uses, check this out.

Zap – I’m not gonna explain that.

General Gameplan

So basically the gameplan is very different depending on what you choose for win condition. All I can say is that this is a control deck and that

Starting Hand

The cards you wanna play first, in order;

  • Miner or Hog Rider (if you use one of them, otherwise, try splitting Archers)
  • Tombstone, 4-3 plant
  • Archers, split in the back
  • Fire Spirits, at the bridge
  • Mega Minion, in the back

What are the pros and cons for every different win condition I can use?

Already decided your win condition? Skip this part.

Click here to read more about the win conditions



  • Fits into the deck best with Minions and Guards
  • Is the cheapest win condition


  • This deck runs no high-damage spells which supports your Miner well



  • Pretty cheap for his high HP
  • Works well with Tombstone


  • Weak to Elite Barbarians
  • Doesn’t fit into the deck very well

Lava Hound


  • Fits into the deck very well
  • Works very well with Tombstone, Miner, Mega Minion and Minions


  • Weak to Mega Minion which is very popular

Hog Rider


  • Can jump over the river, which make him work well with flying units
  • He fits ”okay” into the deck as this first was a Hog deck
  • Works well with Fire Spirits


  • Very weak in the current Meta due to all Elite Barbarians

What do I do against Giant Bowler?

Giant Bowler is a weakness of this deck. Imagine they have that Giant, Bowler Mega Minion push. What you do to counter is, first of all you place your your Mega Minion and Zap to take out your opponents Mega Minion, then you place your Minions to take out his Bowler and Guards for his Giant. You will take some damage but then you place counterpush with your Miner or whatever you have.

What do I do against Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem push?

This deck is built to counter the Elite Barbarians. Use your Mega Minion to take out the Ice Golem, then use your Tombstone to distract their Elite Barbarians. If they Zap, you use your Guards.

Offensive Combos

You can basically experiment with what you’ve got and make your own pushes.

Defensive Combos

You won’t get anywhere without a good defense.

The defense is very situational so you have to defend with what you have in your hand.

Guys that’s it for my guide! Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!


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