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Cheap Pekka Hog Deck


Wassup guys! Dank/Dark Prince here with yet again another guide! In case you’re wondering why I’m doing so many guides, I want to reach Top Contributors list as fast as I can, it’s not about the $20(still much appreciated though). Anyways, this guide is Pekka Hog, a dangerous mashup if you know how to use it. Let’s hop into the guide!


  • Even defense and offense
  • Isn’t overly expensive
  • Easy to learn


  • Few cards are level dependant
  • 3/8 cards are Epics/Legendaries(f2p but barely)
  • No splash air defense



Mini PEKKAPekka: Big Momma Pekka has arrived! A whopping 7 elixir well spent in my opinion, Pekka deals massive damage and has a healthy amount of hp. She’s your main tank in x2 elixir and an amazing tank killer on defense! Oh, she’s also technically a win condition, but that’s debatable.


Hog: I think 90% of my decks are based around this card. I simply love it. Hog Rider is your main win condition in this deck, great at taking towers or just chipping away at them. Best used behind Pekka or Ice Golem.


Inferno Dragon CardInferno Dragon: This is your main tank killer, whether air or ground this is perfect for your needs! Inferno Dragon is like a moving Inferno Tower, but cheaper and y’know…not a building. Also, it’s not too bad on offense if you can get it to the tower.


Electro WizardElectro Wizard: Ewiz is for a little more air support, and it resets targets. It’s shocking ability when dropped stuns opponents, and every hit does too x2. You can pair him with almost anything in this deck and deal some damage.
Ice Golem: This is your mini tank for when Pekka isn’t such a good idea. Pair with Hog for a full tower, or just some chip(damage) or use to kite troops to keep them off your towers.

Ice spiritIce Spirit: It’s your perfect cycle/defense/offensive card, all depends on your needs at that moment!
Fireball: Sometimes your troops just aren’t enough on defense and offense. Fireball takes care of pesky troops and low health towers. It’s only a medium spell so don’t waste it on troops with high hitpoints.
Zap: It kills, it stuns, it’s just so much fun! This card is for resetting troops or obliterating those with low hp.


  • Pekka: Mega Knight
  • Ewiz: Musketeer, Archers
  • Inferno Dragon: Inferno Tower
  • Hog: Battle Ram
  • Ice Spirit: Skeletons
  • Ice Golem: Knight


Giant: Giant is all about overpowering their enemy, you have all of the counters you need to keep them from doing that. This is no competition.

Hog: I faced Hog 5 times using this deck, and all 5 resulted in a 3 crown for me. It’s all about not overspending, and predicting their Hog at the correct times. Play smart, not hard.

Clash Royale Hog Rider

Spell Bait: OOF. This is almost a challenging matchup, and can easily turn into a loss if you mess up your cycle. Zap the Goblin Barrels, distract the Princesses, and keep an Ewiz for Inferno Towers, just don’t get caught wasting elixir.

Golem: Usually a problem with my guides, but now it’s easy. You have 2 options for Golem, Pekka or Inferno Dragon, how you deal with the support(spells or troops) is up to you. If they build up, it’s a problem so make sure they can’t and you’re golden.

3 Musketeers: Tbh, this is only here so I reach around 1k words. Fireball pumps until x2 elixir, then save or 3 Muskets, hold Pekka or Inferno Dragon for any tanks, and Ewiz for anything else they have. Keeping fireball in hand is your main priority.

Clash Royale Three Musketeers

Balloon: 3 matches versus Balloon(won all but 1), and it can be tough but it’s definitely beatable. Holding Pekka is a great thing to do, Inferno Dragon + Ewiz takes care of anything pesky in the air coming towards you. Overspending the last thing you want to do.


3:00-2:00: Don’t do anything major yet, spend this time learning your opponent’s deck. If you do pushes(which you will), keep the cost under 6 total. Losing an advantage, or giving them one is a death wish.

2:00-1:00: Now it’s time to punish them. It’s fine if at this time your down in damage, drop Pekka strategically and watch the gap dwindle down. Pushes shouldn’t cost over 8 elixir total until double elixir. Defense is still important though. You’ve been warned.

1:00-0:30: Now you can really let loose if you haven’t already. Pekka suddenly seems cheaper than 7 if you cycle right then you can defend and pressure them. If you’re down any towers, make their side look like a mirror then.

0:30-End: This is an important time, you should be up by towers so you have 2 options, A) defend and wait, or B) try for that juicy looking 3 crowns, it’s up to you in which you feel is safer. And that’s all to the guide people, hope you enjoyed it.

Btw, if some of it seems to rhyme I think it all does, it was early in the morning when I wrote this so it might be silly. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it. Leave suggestions for my next guide in the comments. Peace!

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