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Hog Dual Ice – F2P Deck for Arena 8+


What’s up guys! Zigge back at it again with another great deck. This is an update of my Hog Dual Ice deck that I posted a couple of days ago. After the balance changes, I found that these cards works very well so I just changed some cards. This deck also has some Legendary substitutions so that’s good if you like them. Let’s get into the deck!

Hog Dual Ice

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Guards
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale ZapClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Inferno Tower

Hog Dual Ice Deck for Arena 8+

Hog Rider – The main win condition in my of my decks. My favorite win condition in the game and he’s absolutely sick. Use him with the Ice Golem and Ice Spirit to from insanely strong pushes with very few counters. With a 1,1k meat shield in front of your Hog they’ll have a hard time getting down your Hog Rider. Hog + Poison is a deadly combo if they use an Arrows/Zap/The Log bait deck but a big waste if they use a Mini P.E.K.K.A or building to counter your Hog. This card can be replaced with Miner but you’ll have to switch your playstyle completely and then, also switch in Princess for Ice Golem.

Ice Golem – One of the best mini-tanks in the game in the current Meta. Push him with the Hog Rider for him to move faster. I don’ think I’ve ever seen an Ice Golem take down a tower so you immediately know what this card is for when you hear that, he’s not the damage dealer. He’s also very strong defensively due to his ability to only target buildings and his high health for low cost. Replace this card with Princess if you use Miner instead of Hog Rider or with the Knight if you just need some more DPS.

For more tips on the Ice Golem, take a look at here and here.

Ice Spirit – Probably my favorite card – even over the Zap! I just love how she runs and then kamikaze into another troop. Use her with the Hog Rider as with the Ice Golem but is also, like the Ice Golem, very good on defense, not to kite units but rather to freeze them and let your other troops finish them. If you accidentally waste it, don’t cry over the Elixir, rather cry over that you wasted the card! This card is so excellent that you wanna use it in almost any situation and wasting it is not a good idea. This card can not be replaced due to its versatility and cheap cost.

NOTE: Level your Ice Spirit to the same level as the Arena Towers of the opponent level you usually face

Inferno Tower – One of the best defensive cards in the game. Use it against Lava Hounds, Giants and Golems to burn them down into pieces. Just beware for Lightning, but hopefully, with the latest balance changes, everyone has gone back to Poison (including me xD). Works very well with both Ice Golem and Ice Spirit as they can distract, and slow or freeze their troops allowing your Inferno Tower do to an even better job! Can be replaced with almost any defensive building but the Inferno Tower is good because this deck lacks a lot of defense.

Poison – It seems that this card is at the top or at the bottom, either they kill the card or they make it overpowered. One of the best cards in the current meta as it will kill a Wizard or Musketeer! Use it only with the Hog Rider if you know their counters, even if it’s worth to Poison, you have to think of the rest of their deck if they use a bait deck or if they have a counter that’s not weak to Poison. Hog + Poison is a big investment that can pay out with a big positive Elixir trade and a damage lead. Use it mostly on defense This card can be replaced with Lightning if you want to but I feel like Poison is stronger in the current Meta.

Mega Minion – Much less used after the balance changes and I think it’s in its right place now. Still a very strong card though. Use it mostly on defense and then counterpush with it. This card in not that good in the current Meta to be honest so I personally think a Musketeer or Princess would be better.

Take a look at here for more tips on the Mega Minion

Guards – Very strong card in the current Meta. Impossible to counter with Spells only for a positive Elixir trade which makes them ideal for defense. They are even good against Valkyrie! Due to their spears, they have a little range which makes them able to poke at her from a distance. This card can be replaced with Skeletons, Goblins or Skarmy but Guards are recommended due to their shield.

Take a look at here for more tips on the Guards

Zap – One of the best cards in the game etc. etc. I just don’t know what to say so I’ll just tell you to use it as you already use it. No special exceptions in this deck. You can replace this card with The Log if you want to.



General Gameplan

Just play like any Hog deck. Make small pushes and chip their tower. Don’t overcommit on offense but don’t do on defense either. This deck is fast so always spend your Elixir, especially on offense, no need to wait and save Elixir. Be extremely careful with your Poison as it can lose or win you the game. Try to play on your rotation, meaning that you have a card that they don’t have a counter to at the moment. If you can count their Elixir, that is very important because you know if they have enough for a counter to your Hog Rider.

When am I gonna use my Hog?

Use it when you have it and are on an Elixir advantage. You don’t have to know their exact amount but if you know if you’re in the lead or not, that’s a step in the right direction.

When should I use my Poison?

Use it mostly on defense and try to get an Elixir lead. Sometimes I play games without even using the Poison at all. It depends on your opponents deck, not yours if you use it or don’t. As I’ve said, be extremely careful, I’ve lost matches using it wrongly.

Inferno Tower or Guards + Ice Spirit against a lone Hog Rider?

That also totally depends on their deck. If they have Lightning you should go with Guards + Ice Spirit. If you just wanna clear the last 1000 HP on their tower with Spells, also go with Guards + Ice Spirit as you need an Elixir advantage.

Starting Hand

Order of cards you wanna start with;

  1.  Hog + Ice Golm/Ice Spirit
  2. Mega Minion, in the back
  3. Ice Spirit, at the bridge
  4. Guards, split in the back
  5. Ice Golem, in the back

Offensive Combos

When going on offense which you most of the time do, you need to combo your troops. Here are some nice offensive cards I use with this deck;

Hog Rider + Ice Golem + Ice Spirit

The main push, takes out most of the counters to the Hog Rider. Ice Golem at the bridge, Hog and Ice Spirit behind.

Hog Rider + Poison

Only if you know you’ll make a positive Elixir trade (Yarn do you hear me? xD).

Ice Golem + Guards

Just use it if you need to take down their tower asap (as soon as possible) if the match is about to end.

Hog Rider + Ice Golem/Ice Spirit + Zap

Good against Minions and Hordes.

Defensive Combos

When you play a deck, you’ll obviously need defensive cards. Here are some nice defensive combos I use with this deck:

  • Inferno Tower + Ice Golem + Mega Minion
  • Good against big pushes.
  • Guards + Ice Spirit
  • My favorite combo to deal with small pushes when I don’t have the Elixir for other stuff or want to save my Elixir.
  • Poison + Guards
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) combo. If they have a big push and I don’t have good counters.

How to play against certain decks

  • Lava Hound – Pretty easy matchup. Keep pressure and don’t let them build a push.
  • Giant Poison – Yes, Giant Poison is back… Anyways, use your own Poison to kill their Musketeer and Mega Minion, then it’s easy to play an Inferno Tower and some Guards to finish the Giant and Prince against Giant Poison.
  • Giant Lightning – A bit harder, use your Poison against their Musketeer and Mega Minion, then play your Inferno Tower and an Ice Spirit to aggro the Bowler but not get hit and not let the Inferno Tower get hit but still jump on the Giant.
  • Hog – Depending on their other cards you either use Guards + Ice Spirit or Inferno Tower, try to get the draw if they’re using a Cannon. (Literally HATE that building)
  • Miner – Defend it with your Guards and use Poison to clear out supporting troops.
  • Royal Giant – One of the easiest. Inferno Tower and Ice Spirit if they zap it. Play offensively and don’t let them build a big push.


  • Fast and cheap
  • Great synergy
  • No Legendaries needed


  • Weak to a good Lava Lightning player
  • Weak to Barbarians
  • Weak to defensive buildings

Guys that’s it for my guide. Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!


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