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Change the magic archer to be more like the royal ghost


Magic Archer

Hear me out here, I think I have a win-win solution to the Magic Archer.

Instead of having a 1.7s initial attack speed, make it a phasing mechanic similar to the Royal Ghost. The Magic Archer will ‘unsheathe’ his bow for 1.7s before engaging any enemy and keep it out for a few seconds (maybe 3-4). This means that he can freely walk and attack after re-targeting without the crippling initial attack delay. If the Archer does not engage any unit or tower for the few seconds, he will sheathe his bow (possibly instantly) and need to unsheathe again for 1.7s before attacking. With this, he can engage swarms and GY as he did pre-update, and still maintain his initial attack nerf.

Basically: Royal Ghost invisibility mechanic, but for the Magic Archer’s attack.

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