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The Log

The Log Clash Royale


  • The Log can be unlocked from Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop)
  • The Log is an arena damage Legendary Spell.
  • When played, The Log rolls through the Arena, dealing splash damage and kick back all troops on the ground.
Target Width Distance Cost Type Rarity
Ground 3.9 11.6 2 Spell Legendary


  • As The Log is a cheap spell and it can 1 hit lots of troops, including Princess, it can be effectively used in lots of defensive situations.
  • The Log can be used to replace the Arrows since it has a very similar radius and damage. Although it costs 1 less Elixir but it can’t target air troops.
  • Place it right on the bridge to target the opponent’s Tower and deal some damage, If you want to finish it off.


Level Damage Crown Tower Damage
1 240 96
2 264 106
3 290 116
4 319 128
5 350 140


  • 24/8/2016: Cast time decreased by 66%; travel speed increased by 20%.
  • 19/9/2016: The Log now kicks back ALL ground troops.
  • 20/10/2016: The Log now rolls faster and longer; Damage increased by 9%.


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