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Goblin Barrel Clash Royale

Goblin Barrel Clash Royale“Spawns three Goblins anywhere on the Arena. It’s going to be a thrilling ride, boys!”


  • The Goblin Barrel is a barrel, and you can fire it from anywhere, and Goblins will pop out.
  • This card can be unlocked from the Goblin Stadium.
Radius Count Elixir Cost Rarity Type
1.5 x3 3 Epic Spell


  • If there is a Gravestone or Goblin Hut protected behind an arena tower, you can use the Goblin Barrel to take them out quickly. First, send in a Knight or Giant on the row with the hut, and when the archer tower is locked on to your tanky unit, deploy the Goblin Barrel, and they will go to work unhindered.
  • Can be used to finish off low hit-point buildings or troops.
  • Like the description says, it can be fired from anywhere, allowing players to finish off buildings they cannot reach.
  • You can use the Arrows to deal with any Goblin Barrel. Simply deploy Arrows card onto the place where the Barrel will land.


Level Goblin Level
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10
6 11
7 12
8 13


  • 21/6/2016: Spawn time decreased from 1.2s to 1s.
  • 4/7/2016: Elixir cost decreased to 3 from 4. Deploy time increased from 1s to 1.2s. Removed impact damage.


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