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Baby Dragon Clash Royale

Baby Dragon Clash Royale
“Flying troops that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbecue”


  • You can get the Baby Dragon from the Training Camp.
  • He can attack both air and group unit with the powerful fireballs.
Hit speed Movement Speed Deploy time Range Target Elixir Cost Summons Rarity
1.6 Fast 1 second 4 Air and Ground 4 x1 Epic


  • The Baby Dragon in Clash Royale is very hard to counter and very useful as he can deal splash damage and attack both air and ground troops.
  • You can use high HP unit such as the Giant to distract the Baby Dragon while hitting him with other troops such as Spear Goblins or Archers. This will prevent him from hitting your Towers.
  • Another way to counter the Baby Dragon is using Inferno Tower. It can easily take down the Baby Dragon without taking much damage in return.
  • Tombstone + Musketeer is also a great combo for dealing with Baby Dragon. While he is busy on hitting small Skeleton, your Musketeer with very high damage per hit will take him out. Just ensure that he is close enough so your Tower can also hit him.
  • Using your Baby Dragon to deal with him is always a great move since your Tower is also hitting him.


Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 800 100 62
2 880 110 68
3 968 121 75
4 1,064 133 83
5 1,168 146 91
6 1,280 160 100
7 1,408 176 110
8 1,544 193 120


  • 24/8/2016: Attack speed increased from 1.8s to 1.6s.
  • 13/2/2017: Attack range + 0.5 tiles


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