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Bomber – The Comprehensive Guide


As requested, this is going to be the heavy requested Bomber Guide for you guys! This is probably one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale!

Hopefully after reading this small guide, you guys will give him a try in your anti-meta deck.

Clash Royale Bomber

Clash Royale Bomber

Bomber, one of the most “okay” card throughout the entire game.


Players have the Bomber from your very first battle in Clash Royale.

He is fragile but everything we need is his huge splash-damage. He is one of the best clearer of the way for tanker like Giant, P.E.K.K.A etc. Just be wary because be can’t hit air units

Comparing to Wizard, Bomber can do whatever Wizard can, with better arena splash size, except he can’t target air units.

… But since Wizard is not being used a lot, why would people use the Bomber? Good question! It’s because of the Elixir cost. Clash Royale is all about Elixir trades and Bomber is absolutely full of them. He offers tons of value for only 3 Elixir.

With the Tower’s help, Bomber can take out all of the Barbarians without a scratch. He is also insane against Goblin Gang, which is going to be released soon in just a few weeks.

Hit speed Movement Speed Deploy time Range Target Elixir Cost Count Rarity
1.9 Medium 1 second 4.5 Ground 3 x1 Common

He is a cheap splash support. He makes up in sheer ground battle control but be loses in lack of air targeting.

Due to his damage and damage radius, he is deadly against Goblins, Barbarians or whatever. They will be all killed in the blink of an eye without asking a single question. Unless he is locked on something else already, like the Tower, which would be probably one of the worst case since you would loose a 12th of your Tower every 2 seconds.

A protected Bomber is deadly If the opponent doesn’t have any air protection to take him out.

Also, make sure your placement won’t force him to re-target. Otherwise, your Bomber killers will be removed immediately unless they have less than 271HP.

Level HP Damage DPS
1 147 128 67
2 161 140 73
3 177 154 81
4 195 170 89
5 214 186 97
6 235 204 107
7 258 225 118
8 283 247 130
9 311 271 142
10 342 298 156
11 376 327 172
12 413 359 188
13 454 395 207
  • 15/12/2016: Damage increased by 4%.
  • 19/9/2016: Damage increased by 2%, HP decreased by 2%.
  • 4/7/2016: Damage increased by 9%.
  • 18/5/2016: damage increased by 10%.
  • On 2/2/16, this card get increased its hit speed to 1.9 sec (from 2 sec).


Bomber Vs. Meta Cards

Skeleton Army: This is the big one. Since its most recent change, Skeleton Army has gained tons of popularity. But, Bomber can wipe out them all with just 2 hits. Even somehow the Bomber gets killed after doing 1 hit, the Skeleton Army will be also very useless. Bomber can easily counter the Skeleton Army for an equal trade, being ready for the counterpush right after that.

Elite Barbarians: Bomber can deal damage to both Elite Barbarians with pretty much the same DPS. With a distraction like the Ice Golem soaking damage for the Bomber, you can easily get the positive Elixir trade.

Archers: Archers should be still called the meta card. An equal level Bomber can easily 1-shot Archers. If the Archers are badly placed on defense, your Bomber can also hit the Tower nearby.

Ice Golem: Bomber kills Ice Golem in 4 hits while also dealing damage to all troops right behind the Ice Golem. Tornado + Bomber is one of my favorite combos for dealing with Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians.

On defense

The Bomber is very good on defense. Most cheap spells in Clash Royale can’t kill him. He is invulnerable to Arrows, The Log and Zap (of course). Poison can kill him but luckily we don’t see many of Poison decks at the moment.

If your Bomber counters your opponent well, don’t keep placing him in the same spot because your opponent would wise up and use Fireball to damage him and your Tower.

Bomber Rules:

  1. Use Bomber to defend cards he is strong against. He is not a tank killer so don’t try to use him to take out a Golem. He can’t solo kill Wizard, Musketeer,… Use him to take out Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Goblins etc.
  2. He can shine in almost any push. Don’t be afraid to make use of him after a successful defense. He is such an insane glass-cannon. When left alone, he still can mess up a Tower. Even a supporting Ice Spirit can help him do 2 more hits on the Tower, which is 542 more damage. He plays a huge role in beatdown decks. He blows away cheap support cards like Goblins, Guards etc.
  3. Fear the air units. He doesn’t target air units. A single Mega Minion can shut down your mini-Bomber push entirely.
  4. Change it up. This should go for every troop which is killed by Fireball. Don’t place your Bomber in the same spot over and over again.

In Conclusion

Bomber is a squishy but powerful card which has a lot of potential in the current meta.

That’s awesome If you can give this little skeleton a try! He is a very good choice for almost any anti-Meta deck at the moment!

Shared by ZathusTheMageV

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