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Deadly X-Bow Deck – Proven to Work!


Ni-hao to everyone here on CRA! It’s me Supermarine back again from a little while of downtime playing Overwatch and Battlefront 2 (new version)!

I’ve come back from my little break to give you guys an amazing X-Bow deck to use in Challenges and Tournaments.

I myself have gotten a record of 9 Grand Challenge wins and fourth in a 50-man tournament using this deck, so it’s very promising for me now! Now, enough chit chat!

Let’s get to the guide!


Clash Royale X-BowClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale RocketClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale The LogClash Royale Inferno Tower

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The Deck

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem: He poses as your mini tank and anti-swarm support for X-Bow.

Since he only costs 2 Elixir and has about as much health as a tourney standards Hog Rider at max level, his versatility is endless!

He pairs well with the Archers and Ice Spirit to help clear Horde or Inferno Dragon, and he can take on a Skeleton Army all on his own and kill them due to Death Damage!

He can also be placed preemptively to help protect X-Bow from higher health troops such as Knight or Ram.

He even kites tanks due to his slow movement speed!

Overall, he is a very strong card that isn’t to be taken lightly.

Clash Royale X-BowX-Bow: Of course, this is your main win condition.

Going RATATATATATATATATATA all over that Tower from your side of the Arena, the X-Bow always was, and always will be a force in the Arena.

It’s advised not to use it on offense until Double Elixir or as a punish move so as to not attain a disadvantage on defense.

Oh yeah, and here is another tip I learned from watching CMcHugh in the Crown Championship a while back: If you place an X-Bow in the center just before Double Elixir, you’ll still have that X-Bow around to support your next X-Bow placement on offense! Amazing!

Clash Royale RocketRocket: Even though this card is on a downhill spiral after the fall of Spell Bait, it is still prominent in Siege due to its high damage and ability to cycle as a second win condition.

That’s what its roles are here, including the role of killing glass cannons. It can even be used to turn many types of Hog, Balloon and Elite Retard pushes to ash.

Be careful when casting it, though! If miscast or used poorly, you’ll be in big-time trouble!

Clash Royale ArchersArchers: Very versatile and very good on both offense and defense, the Archers have been with y’all ever since the Training Camp.

These fine ladies are great versus ground and air swarms alike, and paired with Ice Golem or The Log, you can enhance their potential!

They are also the best opening move in the game according to some people, as you don’t have to commit to one lane, and also they are a cheap method of investing Elixir as well.

The only thing that can’t help you with is hair coloring advice!

Clash Royale GoblinGoblins: Small, fast, green, and very mean money thieves, the Goblins are your main ground swarm and melee DPS unit.

Having the ability and health to take on Goblin Barrel (if you don’t have your Log out), Magic Archer and even Executioner and Sparky, these three can give off a ton of value!

They are amazing for cheap cycle, and also very easy to level up as an added bonus! Just be very wary of low damaging spells like Arrows and Log, as they can both take out the Goblins with ease, destroying any value you might get out of them.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit: I love this guy! He is so versatile for just 1 Elixir!

You can do things with him like reset Infernos, kill small ground swarms, and reset the charges and targeting of deadly troops like RG, Inferno Dragon, and Sparky too!

You can even use him to cheap cycle, and also cancel out opposing Ice Spirits! Amazing!

Clash Royale The LogThe Log: It’s BIG! It’s SOLID! It’s WOOD!!!

Also has that one disembodied voice going all like “Loooog!” whenever this spell is cast. My favorite Spell and Legendary Card, its versatility is enough to make anyone’s head roll trying to figure out how to deal with it.

It can be used against Barrels, ground swarms of any size, and even moves tanks closer to the Inferno Tower!

All you gotta do is pick it up and let it go!

Clash Royale Inferno TowerInferno Tower: The building whose Dark Elixir fueled flame makes a vibrating sound for no reason at all (and also my fave building), the Inferno Tower is you absolute main tank killer.


I’m not joking. EVERYTHING (except swarms).

Use it wisely, as people will be using reset cards on it without a doubt!

Be ready to protect it on defense!


Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Tesla

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale elixir collector

Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Knight

Clash Royale The LogClash Royale Arrows

General Gameplay


Start out slow.

See what deck your opponent is using. Rocket any “Rocketables (Balloon, Sparky, Elite Retards, etc)” whenever you can, and try to hit the Tower too, as to make things easier when performing your offense in 2X Elixir.

X-Bow isn’t to be used as a rush attack; it should be used as a punish move instead to make your opponent over commit.

There was one occasion where my opponent placed a tank in the back on the left lane when I was at full Elixir, and I took the Tower with the X-Bow opposite lane!


Now is when the X-Bow comes out.

Like with any other Siege decks, you MUST protect the main win condition.

However, if things go south with the X-Bow, you also have a Rocket that you can use to cycle the opponent out. Continue to use one of these two battle strategies until you win.


Clash Royale GolemBeatdown:

Versus Giant Beatdown, you always want to use your Inferno Tower to kill the tank and Ice Golem to distract any support units such as Wizard.

Use Ice Spirit to freeze if necessary, or Goblins to add on extra DPS.

Versus Golem, you would want to treat it like a Giant.

Always use the Inferno to kill and IG to distract anything else. The only difference is that you absolutely must use Goblins or Archers on the Golemites.

Use Ice Spirit to freeze support or high DPS troops if necessary.

Treat P.E.K.K.A the same way, but he sure to protect the Inferno Tower using your Goblins! Lava Hound is essentially the same thing as a Golem, but it flies and spawns more troops with less health.

Just use Inferno Tower combined with Ice Golem in the cluster of Pups, plus Archers to deal with support or other win cons, and you’re good!

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Use Ice Spirit+Goblins to dispatch this nuisance quickly.

Use Archers if the Goblins get Logged.

Versus heavier Hog pushes, use Inferno Tower, as it won’t put you at an Elixir disadvantage.

Clash Royale Three MusketeersThree Musketeers: Rocket is the easy choice versus these three.

If split, Rocket the two Muskets and use Ice Spirit or Ice Golem combined with Goblins to dispatch the lone Musket, along with any mini tanks supporting it.

Use Archers for ranged damage if necessary.

Also note that if you Rocket their Collector and they place it in the anti-Rocket position the next time, you can actually use your X-Bow to take it out!

This allows you to save your Rocket for the Musketeers!

Clash Royale Dark PrinceDouble Prince: Always prominent and threatening, Double Prince is on the rise.

Versus these two sons of the King, Ice Spirit, The Log and Inferno Tower are all really key to constructing their demise

First, place the Inferno Tower. Then use your Log to stop the charge of both Princes.

Finally, use Ice Spirit to freeze them both and the Inferno should do the rest of the work!

If there are any big tanks involved, the difficulty rapidly ramps up.

What you need to do is Rocket both Princes (the Prince will die, but DP will not), then use Inferno Tower (for the big tank), along with Ice Spirit (and Ice Golem, if necessary) to defeat the Dark Prince.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard: Archers and Ice Golem are both amazing counters.

Goblins are a little riskier, due to the fact that most Graveyard users have Poison.

Versus Graveyard Freeze, you want to use the Archers, then once they Freeze, Log+Goblins.

Clash Royale MortarSiege (mainly Mortar): Rocket is a good counter, and also Inferno Tower.

Be sure to protect your Inferno though, as the opponent will definitely be trying to absolutely murder it using their reset and threat cards!

Use X-Bow as a counter only as a last resort.

Clash Royale X-BowMirror Matchup: By Mirror Matchup, I mean other X-Bow decks.

Now, the two best counters to use would be X-Bow (yes, I did actually say that) and Rocket, as Inferno Tower is a very risky card to play in the scenario.

Be sure not to let them punish you if you try to gas their Tower using Rocket cycling!

Also watch for Tesla, as a preemptive Ice Golem+Archers works great versus that structure!

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison: Versus these, you don’t have many Miner blockers that can survive a Poison.

Instead, use the Ice Golem to soak while Archers do the rest of the work.

Goblins work fine against lone Miners though, and also keep in mind that you have an Ice Spirit to freeze the Miner if you mess up on you placement of a Miner Blocker, so use him to your advantage.

Also be aware that if the opponent is using a big tank along with the Miner, punish if you can, otherwise just use the Rocket cycle to gas them out.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait: Log and Goblins are your best counters to Bait.

Another good thing about this matchup is that they don’t have many good counters to X-Bow other than Prince and Musketeer, both of which fall victim to Rocket.

So if you have the opportunity to kill both with one launch, be sure to punish afterward.

Use Ice Spirit against Ice Wizard if it comes out.

Clash Royale Battle RamBridge Spam: Rocket excels versus Spam decks, as it can reduce even the biggest combos to rubble.

Dark Prince and Ram may survive, but they can be dispatched using a distraction Ice Golem.

Watch out for Bandit, though, as she can do some major damage to key defensive troops if you’re not careful!

Also be sure to punish with X-Bow if they overshove on offense, and have preemptive Goblins or Ice Spirit at the ready to help protect.

So that’s all for this deck guide!

Leave a comment if you guys enjoyed, or have some feedback or thoughts for me!

See you folks later!


    • Use Knight instead of Ice Golem. That should help but keep in mind you have inferno tower which is able to counter Mega Knight.

  1. i might try using this deck once my x-bows lvl 4, but with zap instead of log (as my zap is lvl 11)

  2. zap could work, as goblins + ice spirit can also counter barrel
    that wouldnt matter for me as i have a lvl 11 zap at 3200

  3. I defeat most people who play this deck with my battle deck. that’s what they get for taking out inferno tower XD

  4. Hi guys! I want to ask you: how to play x-bow cycle against 3 Mustketeers? I almost always lose against them…Should I fireball collector or how?!

    • Fireball collector along with tower. That is their backbone and they need it to recover from placing 3M.

    • Well, it depends. If they start with pump, fireball it. If there pumping mid game, punish. If they pump in 2x elixir, just save the fireball for the two muskies

    • I actually play X-Bow and I think one important strategy against three musketeers is to play a defensive X-Bow if you have fireballed the pump and they play three musketeers. Never fireball the minion horde and it’s not that bad of a matchup. In 2x elixir, they won’t be playing pumps and you can keep fireballing the musketeers. If they do play a pump, punish with the X-Bow.Three musketeer decks actually don’t have the most solid defense against siege units so you have to capitalize on the moments you do get to place the X-Bow down.

  5. Omg i got the hog mountain value pack and got 100k gold and I had the Miner AND the royal ghost in my shop. I am a happy man even though I’m not f2p anymore

  6. can someone recommend a good deck for me, my legendary cards are the ewiz, icewiz, log, LJ, and inferno dragon(got ewiz, inferno dragon, and LJ yesterday). I prefer hybrid decks, and beatdown(favorite is beatdown+hog cycle hybrid).

    • if got baby drag and mega minion good level for ladder, Golem would be good. You can play golem pump poison(swarms, squishy high dps units)/lightning(inferno towers, mini tanks or annoying glass cannons) Whichever spell u can use depends on ur ladder, baby D, Mega minion, ewiz, goblins(good level) and log or arrows(arrows better against minion hoarde if no poison. GOdd if u play golem lightning bro)

  7. new poll : how do you think the new cards fit in the meta? I think that the royal ghost is mega-used but will be nerfed, a bit like the night witch, and as for the other cards they do not seem to really be used.

  8. You usually wanna go same lane with x-bow if you are using miner poison, when they use
    x-bow, use Mega Knight to tank for the x-bow and use miner on the x-bow and poison the tower and the x-bow and the support troops. You want to play mind games so keep switching up miner spots on the x-bow, sometimes even miner the tower and poison the x-bow, screw them over 😀 X-bow decks usually run log so feel free to use your bats more often!

    • yesss i hate paid to plays they pratically dominate CGGS(i think) and ladder. The only reason an F2p is on the Top 200 is because they speacilse in one deck while paid to plays have the CHA CHING to upgrade many cards and therfore have speacialty in mnay other decks

  9. 2nd bc why not
    You’ve got no mega minion or inferno drag how am I supposed to get the new rise of lavalooners?

  10. I’m gonna claim 3rd because it is my 5th guide!! and how do I contact the CRA team? I want my authors box!

  11. I use mortar with ice golem, ice wiz, ice spirit, inferno dragon, log, tornado, and fireball. Should I write a guide on this deck? It’s the deck that got me to challenger 1

  12. This deck is impossible to win against Giant Prince (Any variation) and near to impossible for golem prince (any variation). Warning. Other than that free wins.

    • againist golem your first apperance of xbow is the key.
      once your opponent found your win condition it will be nearly impossible to reach the tower.
      so the first xbow push have to deal enough damage that u can finish off the tower even without the xbow(with fireball cycle, maybe).

      • You will have to either take a tower down or deal enough damage that you can fireball cycle them before double elixer. It’s that simple. The defense is incredibly difficult and you will take damage. They will get value poisons and the defensive fireball cannot kill the princes + the maybe executioner. I have to deal with this all the time in challenges and ladder.

  13. K guys a dumb person in my clan raged and I got kicked. I don’t know if I’ll get invited back, but can anyone give me a clan suggestion thx.

  14. Eh, I wouldn’t replace a mini tank with the Mega Minion; it really doesn’t work that well. I don’t I don’t agree with the whole opposit lane idea. X-Bow is a deck that can go on any lane depending on the matchup. Against beat down, I’d go opposite lane because giving them a counter push is deadly. However, with hog, it doesn’t matter. If u go the same lane, you can counter the hog for a PET, take some damage, and go same lane. Or, you could counter their hog for a positive trade and go in the other lane. What do they have then? Usually, it’s a mini tank, glass cannon, and/or spells. As long as you don’t take too much damage on your Xbow, you can also get a good connection sometimes. The glass cannon and mini tank can be easily dealt with. Musketeer+Ice Golem can be generally countered with a knight a maybe one of the cycle cards. Knight+ Archers can be dealt with with a fireball and you can choose whether or not you want to take a few knight hits onto the X-Bow. In general, this is the same for graveyard too since they either have to waste a tank on your Xbow and/or waste a poison on it unless they can defend it without those for some reason. I feel like tesla didn’t get enough love. Tesla is great dood. You can place it before your Xbow so if they defend it, whatever they out immediately begins taking tons of damage. Or, you can defend using tesla by the river and counter push by xbowing next to it because it can still reach the tower and it doesn’t matter which lane you choose. One more thing because I’m starting to ramble: you don’t need to log the goblin barrel every time. If you defend with archers, you now have a counter push and that goblin gang they were gonna play is now useless. Ok I’m done. (Sorry I’ve played Xbow for forever)

    • oh my god I’m sorry I didn’t include the matchups, of course it is ok to go same lane with hog, hog itself isn’t too threatening. and as for gob barrel, I personally log it a lot because gob gang or princess can be dealt with other cards in your deck without allowing damage. of course, if you see a good counterpush opportunity, it is ok to play like that(I said this already, but I REALLY hate the chip dmg from gob barrel)

    • Well I will start to put many troops around my tower or a furance behind to look for their rocket
      but at most situations facing a rocket counter it would end up in a draw as rocket cannot make a positive trade on xbow

    • Bait is EZ to play against. Log the goblin barrel and fireball cycle. They can never rocket cycle you due to the X-bow and the maybe inferno tower will get melted by Ice Golem + Archers. AND they have a quicker cycle than you. AND there is guaranteed chip.

  15. REEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I hate this deck. My deck counters it decently but it’s just so annoying to play against

  16. Well as a xbow lover my deck sticks with many mid-cost cards like Musketeer or valkrie unlike many cycle decks…
    A weird deck makes your opponent difficult to guess your win condition, and that feels good.

    • I’m not a gm *sad music* but pleeeeeeease friend me. I’m a nice and never toxic/salty guy. Also can u carry me a legendary retribution? I mean like 50 attemts should be enough to beat any pve in Ow. Not retribution for me tho… really want dat spray c:

      • I would really want to, but I can’t, you see the people I play with consist of a couple that prefer to be private or only within friends. So only me in your team is not much help + I am a VERY busy person, there are quite a few others reasons, real sorry but try to understand



      • heh I’m a buisy person aswell and play only on the weekend. Still would be awesome to have a gm friend! ^-^

      • Sorry, I am in a very cozy clan already, and I have a close friend whom wants me to join his clan since last year, so you’re third in queue 😛

      • lol so will you get punished or something for friending someone??? Wow being a gm is weird I guess…

      • “Sorry, I am in a very cozy clan already” this is CR, and GM things are not weird, it’s bc of privacy of some other players I play with- I never solo q.

  17. Wow, you got 4th place in a 50 person tournament. I admire you so much. I once got 2nd place in a full 50 person tourney, but half of the players were in royal arena or smth and the first place person was only league 2, so sometimes tourneys are very easy…

    • I’ve gotten 1st using Bandit Dark Prince bait 😀

      I beat several people in league 3. I really good at tournaments and stuff but not as much when it comes to ladder.

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