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Best Ways to Get Free Gems in Clash Royale


Clash Royale is one of the best Mobile Strategy games, offering a mix of RTS, CCG, and Tower Defense elements. The game only supports Multiplayer mode and lets you engage in MOBA-style gameplay, wherein you must confront an opposing team when struggling to complete tasks. It was released in 2016 by Supercell and achieved a $1 billion milestone within a year. Clash Royale primarily focuses on the Tower Defense game style that puts you in arenas of 2 to 4 players intending to smash more towers than the opposing team.

For a quick win, you have to smash the king’s tower. Besides, the game introduces lots of playable spells, troops, and buildings, and all are represented using cards. Many cards in Clash Royale are based on buildings and troops, following the footprint of Clash of Clans, released by the same developers. Before starting a fight, the game asks the player to create an 8-card deck and use it to attack and defend the opponent’s cards.

What are Gems in Clash Royale?

If you lots playing Clash Royale, surely you would be familiar with Gems as they are in-game currency and may help you level-up fast. Getting free gems in Clash Royale is possible, thanks to a few ways introduced by developers. No one can deny Clash Royale’s popularity and how it dominated the mobile gaming industry when it was released within a year. Apart from that, Gems are the premium currency that can unlock Chests within no time; furthermore, you can use gems to purchase items, participate in challenges, and more. In short, gems are in Clash Royale to improve your gaming experience.

For what Purposes can gems be used?

We’ve compiled a list for those players who aren’t familiar with using gems to level up their accounts. Here’s a brief guide:

  • You can skip a tier using Gems whenever you are in a Pass Royale.
  • Using gems, you can get your hand on Global Tournament Bonus Rewards instantly.
  • You can start any Tournaments of your dream with gems and join Challenges.
  • Different items are available, including Emotes, Chests, Cards, Gold, and Magic Items that you can get using Gems.
  • Using gems, you can skip the opening of chests.

Use Gems to make in-app Purchases

Clash Royale supports an in-app purchase system, including gems. Although players from worldwide can get limited gems for free, additional gems require them to use real-world cash. Using your credit cards, you can purchase as many gems as you need; however, the payment methods may vary depending on your country.

How to Get Free Gems in Clash Royale?

Are you ready to learn how to get Free Gems in Clash Royale? If so, then keep reading the guide.

1. Daily Rewards

One of the most effective ways to get your hands on free Clash Royale Gems is to play the game and claim almost 100 free Gems at the start. So, don’t forget to join the game regularly to keep receiving free gems.

2. Season Rewards

Besides Daily Rewards, you have another opportunity to get Free Gems by merely joining seasons because it releases with lots of rewards. The game features an option on the right of your screen titled free prizes. So, you must visit that option to get chests full of gems and other rewards, including gold and more.

3. Game Events

Getting Free Gems with Game Events isn’t easy as the method is suitable for only hardcore players who can get gems for free with their experience because the game releases events with tough challenges to overcome. Therefore, it is an opportunity that you should never skip and keep trying to get Free Gems in Clash Royale.

4. Opening Chests

Opening Chests may help you get jokers, cards, and gold as prizes; however, sometimes, they land with gems. Therefore, you should keep collecting chests when playing the game because having lots of chests means lots of prizes. Every chest comes with a limited time to open and claim a prize; usually, they have three hours to access; however, the gold chest comes with 8-hour to open. Similarly, the epic chest and magic chests can be opened within 12 hours.

  • Silver Chest – 2 Hours
  • Gold Chest – 3 Hours
  • Magic Chest – 8 Hours
  • Epic Chest – 12 Hours
  • Legendary Chest – 24 Hours

5. Earn Gems with Pass Royale

Last, Pass Royale is the solution to get Free Gems in Clash Royale; however, you must access the Pass Royale after grouping ten crowns. Once you access the Pass Royale, you can get over 30 rewards to claim items, including Gems.

Use Third-party Services

After learning about some in-game methods to make in-game Gems for free, you should know about some websites that may help you earn gems for free; however, in return, you have to complete surveys, make purchases, watch videos, shop online, complete offers, or play games. There are some famous sites available, including the following:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best rewarding websites that help you earn money by completing different tasks online, including Playing Games, Taking Surveys, and more. You will earn Swag Bucks for completing tasks and can redeem them for money in your PayPal account. Later, you can use PayPal money to purchase in-game gems for Clash Royale.

2. GrabPoints

It works on the same method as Swag Bucks; however, it rewards you with gift cards and mobile currencies, including Clash Royale Gems.

3. Happy Surveys

Every person has an opinion, so getting paid for that would be a great option. You can take surveys on Happy Surveys and complete them to make your earnings. Later, you can use your money to purchase Clash Royale Gems.

4. Idle Empire

Like Swagbucks, Idle Empire is a similar service, offering you an opportunity to earn money by completing a bunch of online tasks, including Watching Videos, Completing Software Testing, and Paid Surveys. Idle Empire is considered the best website for gamers because it lets you earn rewards that can be used to make in-app purchases for currency and skins.

5. Coin pop

You can play dozens of games on Coin Pop to get free gems. If you love playing Clash Royale and are willing to get free gems, but don’t have deep pockets, then we suggest you go with Coin Pop, as it helps you get free gems using gift cards. In short, gift cards can be redeemed for money to your PayPal account.


We won’t suggest you use any Clash Royale Free Gem Generator as they aren’t valid and may steal your credentials; therefore, you should always work your way to find trustworthy platforms as mentioned above or keep yourself limited to in-game methods to get Clash Royale Free Gems.

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