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The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale (Updated)


Hello my friends, today I am going to show you everything about Legendary cards in Clash Royale. You will easily see the best use of them as well as which one is the best for your current deck. This deck is very useful If you are about to buy one from the Shop.

best legendary clash royale

Choose the best Legendary Card for your deck!

Before talking about our Legendary cards, here is some basic tips for you:

  • Don’t try to switch decks and build decks because of the Legendary you want to use. Instead, buy the one which fits your deck well. For example, If you are very good at using Royal Giant, it’s better to wait and buy either Princess, Ice Wizard or Lumberjack than to buy the Lava Hound. But, anyway, sometimes it’s totally worth it to build the whole new deck based on a Legendary card. For example, If you really love the high risk high reward Sparky deck, build a deck about her. It’s all up to you.
  • What is the Legendary which fits your archetype best?
  • How many Legendary cards do you really need? Remember that the more Legendary cards you have, the harder it will be to improve your deck level.
  • Think twice before purchasing the Legendary card. Don’t spend 40,000 Gold for the Legendary which shows up first If you don’t really know how it fits your deck.
  • There are 2 main ways to save for a Legendary. First, If you are able to buy Gem, get the 2,000 Gem Pack, which immediately gives you 40k Gold and 500 more Gems. The second one is to save Gold by donating cards and opening chests.
    It usually takes up to 3 weeks to save 40,000k Gold, but this is truly not a big deal at all because personally I still enjoy the game without Legendary cards. Take a look at here to see more about the second way!

The Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Now, let’s move to the main part of the article. The list below orders all the Legendary cards in Clash Royale from the worst one to the best one in term of purchase and variable.

Before I start, I must say that ranking the Legendary cards is harder than it used to be (Courtesy: Sparky buff). Supercell has commendably increased the standard of the balance changes from nerfing cards to oblivion and buffing to domination to creating a balanced meta.

Right now, each legendary card can fit perfectly into one role, one deck and become really powerful in it. Example: Lumberjack in Golem Beatdown decks.

Mostly, I have ranked the cards based on their versatility, skill cap and over-all place in the meta after the update.


  1. These are my personal opinion so they might differ from you. Don’t feel bad if your favorite legendary is at a lower spot.
  2. A card at a lower spot doesn’t mean it’s bad. IMO all cards in the game are good (except for those few like the Rage which don’t need skill). So, if you practice, you can win battles and mostly the cards at the top are there because how easy to use and versatile they are and how OP they can be.
  3. The release of new cards may affect the list as per their interaction with the legendary cards.

Clash Royale Mega Knight

#15 – Mega Knight

Mega Knight could be the worst legendary card right now (yeah worse than Sparky).

The previous balance changes had hit hard and MK seems to be unable to jump back.

Less effective Jump/Spawn and taking time to kill cards like Ice Wizard and Witch has made him easier to counter.

He still has great stats in truth and lot many perks but well it seems like MK has become Jack-of-all-trades but Master-of-none.

Not that threatening and powerful anymore seems to have away from him and using the evergreen PEKKA and trying out other cards.

Even with Skeleton Barrel buff, the combo wasn’t revived and both cards are still underused.

Clash Royale Ice Wizard

#14 – Ice Wizard

Now why did I put Ice Wizard this low?

Well, with the recent Tornado nerf, Executioner isn’t the only card that got hit.

Ice Wizard really only works well in Tornado Decks and he lacks the splash of the Executioner and well DPS in general!

People typically rely on the Ice Wizard to deal with beatdown pushes, by slowing down the troops for as long as possible. With the lessened time. troops will be clumped up, I do see him being very bad vs beatdown from experience facing him in challenges.

Also, with the rise of Lightning, he will also be 1 shot really quick. I myself run Lightning quite a bit and the popular Ice Wizard+ Mega Minion combo = value city!

Sorry @lightningmasteryt sad truth is while fun to play with he’s a shadow of his former self.


Clash Royale Sparky

#13 – Sparky

While Lightning perhaps is on the rise, Sparky is spell resistant (save for Rocket).

That being said, he also suffers a little from the Tornado nerf. (Not much since he only needs 1 shot to clear most troops).

Sparky has the potential to be top 5 cards in game if he got an HP buff to survive a Rocket.

Now hear me out, A Balloon will survive a Rocket however a sparky for +1 elixir cannot? That is somewhat annoying when you realize it.

Zappies alone can’t deal with Sparky behind a tank so I don’t really see that a Zappy meta being bad for Sparky. Especially if you just run a Fireball on your deck!

Sparky still does massive damage. Lots of Golem players without any big spells will suffer vs sparky! Needing to overcommit to defend vs her!

You will be defending then building for a massive counterpush if you use her in your decks.

Clash Royale Lava Hound

#12 – Lava Hound

Main reason I have the Lava Hound this high up is due to tornado nerf!

That being said, bait and 3 Muskets are still really popular and unless you make a Lavaloon deck that revolves around countering 3M bait, you will more than likely lose.

That being said, I do think Lavaloon is a solid meta deck due to the indirect nerfs to Executioner and Ice Wizard. However, cards like Inferno Dragon are sill meta who counter the combo quite well!

Goblin Hut shifting out of the meta due to Lightning buff is also a plus. Also, with Spear Goblins nerf their DPS would’ve reduced as well!

But with the way the meta is playing, a Lava Hound at the back is just like asking for your other tower to be taken.

Hound decks aren’t good at preventing damage.

In a 1-1 scenario, Lava Hound decks are a lot worse off than say a Golem deck! Because you need 12 elixir in your push to take tower. Meanwhile, Golem alone can do massive damage.

Lava Hound is a decent card! Albeit not top tier! That being said there are decks that can make her work.

Clash Royale Lumberjack

#11 – Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a solid addition to any deck! That rage can be useful at times.

However, he is overshadowed by other cards like the Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A etc who will fit in his role very well.

However, he does do many things better due to damage and hitspeed. Ie- Better on offense with like a Hog as he’d shred through cards like a Gang and Rage synergizes well with the Hog.

Similarly behind a tank! For DPS and potential rage for a LOT of troops!

He is really fun, but not the most practical card, because there are better options for his slot. However he is still quite useful.

Also spell resistant (except rocket).

Lumberjack is a good punish card as well! I’ve had many times where I’ve used him in a push with say a Hog to get massive damage with a spell hovering.

Knight buff etc also push Lumberjack further out of the meta in my opinion! That being said, super fun card to play and quite powerful in his own right.

Clash Royale Magical Archer

#1o – Magic Archer

While his fix honestly does help this card greatly, Fireball is on the rise!

Fireball 1 shots this bad boy and that kinda sucks. In my opinion an HP buff is great, so he will get Fireball+ Zapped would go a long way.

Great way to get Chip but not hard to answer and loses in most 1v1 matchup.

However, he has an insane range!

You can use him like a Princess, or Dart Goblin on other lane to either split their push or cause them to use spell, allowing you to have an easier time defending.

However he requires a high skill cap which is why he’s this low on the list!

He does work really well on defense if unanswered! Hence why I do acknowledge that he is a good card.


Clash Royale Night Witch

#9 – Night Witch

Night Witch, did hold the #1 spot for a while by quite a large margin over the then dominant E-wiz.

She however was hit with more nerfs than I can count. limiting her from being playable in practically all decks to just in beatdown.

The Bats nerf also affected her, nerfing her further and in my eyes dropping her a few ranks as bats DPS was her shining trait.

With Poisons reduced usage rate however, I do prefer her a lot more this meta, plus she’s not 100% countered by Lightning either! Her Bats do offer value.

Paired up behind a Giant or a Golem, she is still effective in say DPSing down a defensive P.E.K.K.A used on your Golem etc, with her Bats adding to her DPS each time them spawn!

Overall, solid card!

Clash Royale Graveyard

#8 – Graveyard

Poison is moving further out of the meta with Zappies on the rise! More and more Fireball Zap decks are shifting into the meta.

The nerf to Tornado is also an indirect Graveyard buff, with a nerf to both Ice Wizard and Executioner.

While nowhere near the former glory of always being top 3 legendary cards, Graveyard itself also did suffer from the Tornado nerf!

Ice Wizard and Graveyard does pair well with Graveyard and with Ice Wizard suffering from the nerf and Goblin Hut being less effective, I do think Graveyard is somewhere around the mid-way point of the list!

Clash Royale Princess

#7 – Princess

Princess is not bad at all!

However, with the rise of triple spell, she’s starting to lose a bit of effectiveness!

That and the reasonable nerf to bait in general with Tornado being nerfed and Ice Spirit as well!

Tornado, + Ice Spirit allowed Princess to shoot her arrows at clumped up troops for longer. Due to the nerf, her effectiveness in my eye has gone down a considerable amount.

Princess is also almost always guaranteed chip when you got your opponents tower low! Which can come in handy on drawn out games too!

She’s overall a solid card and definitely one of the best cards in game albeit there are others that provide more utility than her that will be listed below.

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon

#6 – Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is a pretty good card to use right now as a tank killer.

It is very powerful on defense against slow tanks and can certainly be converted to a deadly offensive threat with the right plays.

There are two problems mainly with the Inferno Dragon

  1. Isn’t great against fast win-conditions like Hog or Ram and Siege win-conditions i.e. Mortar and X-bow.
  2. Many counters available (again including newly buffed Lightning) so sometimes, it really struggles to get heat-up.

In the Princes dominated meta, defensive buildings are generally weak as major defenses as the Princes can ruin any buildings with ease most of the time, so Inferno Dragon is great in such situations to kill the tank while you can focus on killing the Princes separately.

Also, beware of swarms.

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

#5 – Electro Wizard

Not sure why people are hating on my main boy E-wiz! He’s pretty much a spell resistant Zappy with a spawn Zap!

Synergy well with the popular Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit and Zap. Also works well in a pinch if you combo him with Skele Barrel to shut down a large swarmy push.

His stun while not as impressive as Zappies, he does offer a lot of utility!

That being said, I do prefer Zappies over him for quite a lot of situations. Ie- Zappies stun locking a Giant! Or a Prince, but quite literally everyone runs Fireball nowadays leading me to play this bad boy quite a bit more.

I also find that he works a lot better vs 3 Musketeers decks since he like I said before, he synergizes well with zap!

The main reason I do have him this low is due to Zappies! Other than that he is just great to have in almost any deck!

Clash Royale Royal Ghost

#4 – Royal Ghost

Despite being nerfed. He in my eye is quite balanced and whole not overpowered he provides great utility for his cost of 3!

Very annoying to deal with and splash attacker for one!

Shuts down bait and pretty much a surefire 3 musket counter! Letting you focus on 1M lane and drop him on top of the 2M.

Royal Ghost works for quite a few decks! Beatdown, some Miner control and perhaps Graveyard decks.

His stats themselves aren’t too impressive but mechanics are quite useful!

For 3 elixir he provides a lot of value!

That being said, I do see a lot of people using Skeletons again post Ice Spirit nerf. Leading to a potential +2 elixir trade counter to him. That plus his nerf did drop this card down quite a few spots for me!

Clash Royale Bandit#3 – Bandit

Bandit is great!

Similar to Royal Ghost for only 3 elixir. Bridge Spam still being alive makes her rather scary. With the potential to deal massive damage if once connected onto the tower!

Her ranged dash is very useful in many situations. Can dish out clutch combos.

Plus cheap cost does mean you won’t get punished for an aggressive bandit.

Decent dps! And does deal a good bit of damage.

Synergizes well with the still prevalent Dark prince!

She demands a response and with the Ice Spirit nerf, not as easy to mitigate the damage she dishes out!

Combos well with quite a wide array of cards as well provided you utilize her dash and that’s why she undoubtedly deserves to be up here.

Clash Royale The Log

#2 – The Log

Although Log is really versatile, it just can’t surpass Miner!

That being said, Log is very useful in quite a lot of situations!

  1. Stopping Dank Prince charges
  2. Dealing with Goblin Barrel
  3. Countering little swarms
  4. Just mitigating damage in general.
  5. Chipping tower.

However! Only doing 86 damage and with the Logs range nerfed numerous times, it’s not *as* good as it used to be. Albeit still probably one of the actual top 5 cards in game!

All that being said, you could replace The Log with Arrows in pretty much any deck to an almost identical level of performance! Minus the knockback.

However I do not see Zap, being 2 elixir and providing the value it does! Albeit needing a bit more skill being surpassed by The Log anytime soon however.

Don’t get me wrong! I use The Log but unlike my mentality back in the day. Ie- Okay I’m playing 3M so I’ll use Zap and The Log in every other deck. Nowadays I find the mentality is. *Ah I’m gonna run X-bow, 2.6 or Graveyard so I’ll use The Log and Zap in practically every other deck*

Despite me seemingly hating on The Log, it is in my eye the 2nd best legendary!

So all hope isn’t lost, but Miner simply outclasses The Log.

Clash Royale Miner

#1 – Miner

Sorry Blaze Stone!

Miner in my eye is still the best legendary card in game!

This is mainly due to the fact that Zap just gives you far more utility on your decks than Log, on both ladder and challenges.

That being said, Miner is a Mini tank sniper, pump killer, secondary win condition, occasional defensive mini tank, and somewhat of a cycle card being only 3 elixir!

Miner can save you from quite a few situations!

For example, Miner alone can counter 2 Musketeers side. (Wait for 1 to lock onto tower then miner the 2 and voila! You just went up 3 elixir. )

He’s just far far too versatile. I see Miner fitting into any deck!

Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings (Updated)

  1. Miner
  2. The Log
  3. Bandit
  4. Royal Ghost
  5. Electro Wizard
  6. Inferno Dragon
  7. Princess
  8. Graveyard
  9. Night Witch
  10. Magic Archer
  11. Lumberjack
  12. Lava Hound
  13. Sparky
  14. Ice Wizard
  15. Mega Knight

Please share your personal opinions in the comments section below!


  1. – Lava Hound is far underestimated
    – How is Inferno Dragon better than Hound
    – Lumberjack really deserves some appreciation
    – Mega Knight really shouldn’t be that high.

    • MK is a very good card in 2v2 and if you know how to play him well. Lava Hound just doesn’t have the threat element. Inferno Dragon is a cheap and efficient tank killer, thats why it’s higher. Agree w Lumberjack!

    • 1.you are correct that LH is underestimated
      2.Inferno drag has that powerful shred ability and absolutely cannot be left alone,but instead lava hound is far more expensive and doesn’t btring enough damage to be left alone
      3.I agree
      4.MK kills most decks,try pairing him with tornado

  2. you know the deck of the week is a giant (SPARKY) (NIGHT WITCH) deck and you put them at the end of the list you just suck

  3. I used to use my version of lava hound all the time, from arena 9 and high arena ten, then people started to use level 9 wizards and the hound and balloon with ice spirit were destroyed 🙁

  4. i kinda disagree with the list, first things first, ice wiz should be around #6, lava hound is better than lumberjack tbh, and ewiz and mega knight should swap spots

    not to be rude, im just expressing my opinion (although i am extra pissed that ice wizard is #9)

  5. how all legendary card are to be balanced:
    Lava Hound: More HP
    Lumberjack: More HP and Damage
    Sparky: Balanced
    Night Witch: Balanced
    Ice Wizard: More HP
    Inferno Dragon: Balanced
    Miner: Balanced
    Princess: Balanced
    Graveyard: Balanced
    Bandit: Less Damage
    The Log: Balanced
    Mega Knight: Less HP, Less Damage
    Ewiz: More Damage: Less HP

    sry if i forgot any

  6. Lumberjack… the problem is he drops one of the worst spells in this game, and he is outclassed by knight a lot(hp wise and elixir wise)
    U need to replace lumberjack’s rage with log(which should make more sense) OR increase his hp to match the knight

      • I agree with the freeze, but reduce the duration of it to 2 seconds or 1.5 seconds. Or introduce the Icy Lumberjack as a new card

      • They can’t just change the duration of the freeze just to make a card less op. Also, it kinda ruins the lore of the lumberjack and the log.

      • It doesn’t make any sense.I think the reason lj is at frozen peak is basically cause he is the only one who can realisticly survive there.

    • Rage is so underrated. I’ll take it over freeze anytime, since freeze leaves behind what will turn into a counter push, while rage allows me to overwhelm the defense.
      It’s hilarious watching people scramble as my raged lavaloon and or witch just decimate a tower.
      My opinion is, rage is in the top three most underrated cards in the game.

      • Agreed, Freeze is a really hard card to use. Time it one second too early and you don’t freeze any of their troops. Time it one second too late and your troop is already dead. It’s only best used if you have mastered the card. Rage might be a no-skill card but since it’s 2 elixir I’d prefer it over Freeze any day.

    • Knight and LJ don’t have a good comparison as their roles are different. Knight is based more for defense while LJ for offense.

    • I’ve always liked the idea of a troop dropping a spell. They should add more cards like that (poison-dropping card?)

    • I don’t have a problem ranking lava hound there, but I disagree with some of the reasoning behind the ranking, especially in light of what was said about lumberjack right afterwards.
      Lumberjack has more uses than what was mentioned, including in lavahound decks. I think both is those cards are underused underrated cards. Both together, with the right support are nasty.

      • All cards mentioned have more uses, I only mention the most prominent ones. Together they are strong, but we are talking bout individual cards

    • I told in start that this ranking was hard and based more on versatility. LJ is slightly more versatile and There is no bad in this list, it is more like better.

  7. His dps may be trash but his ridiculous health,spawn damage and jump damage makes him worth being 7 elixir,try to understand and stop corrupting cards.

  8. So is #trashcanowheels is over, meh now i might be able to use a card which i thoght will never ever will become poupular

  9. Imo bandit should be lower, and miner should be higher, Ewiz deserves a #2 spot, with MK on #1,
    Agree on the LH. but even tho sparky isn’t that versatile, she should be #9, Inferno dragon is a bit better in versatility, NW on #10, Ice wizard on #11 and LJ on #12,

    • mk isnt that good, its easy to counter, e wiz is still super good. I agree bandit and miner should swap

  10. i actually was gonna submit one about this, but i was too lazy
    my list there:
    13. lumberjack
    12. lava hound
    11. sparky
    10. inferno dragon
    9. night witch
    8. bandit
    7. graveyard
    6. miner
    5. ice wizard
    4. princess
    3. electro wizard
    2. the log
    1. mega knight

  11. My 1/2 cent
    Right now Ice Wizard is replacing Ewiz in many of the top decks (especially splashyard). Princess is being used in hog control decks as well as log bait, and is EXTREMELY powerful right now. Mega Knight is easy to stop but still strong. I agree with you on Sparky, it isnt that great. No one really used it in the Kings Cup recently. Lavahound is pretty weak, so is lumberjack, I agree. Miner has stayed in the meta for ages, it always has a spot in the meta.

    However I would put Princess at #1, Miner at #2, and the rest can be switched around. Sorry for bad grammar I’m tired

  12. I don’t think Bandit is that good anymore now that she doesn’t go for those short distance dashes. That was probably what made her so hard to deal with. Now it’s easier to activate the king tower off her with 2 cheap cards like archers + ice spirit or skeletons + ice spirit, which is a massive negative against cycling bandit at the bridge.

    Before the fix, she was incredibly dangerous to cycle at the bridge but now doing that seems to feed value to the opponent. Good card but now a lot more dependent on the situation so I would drop her below miner, who is actually better in this meta than before.

  13. 1. Electro Wizard
    2. Mega Knight
    3. Log
    4. Miner
    5. Princess
    6. Bandit
    7. Inferno Drag
    8. Night Witch
    9. Ice Wizard
    10. Lumber
    11. Graveyard
    12. Sparky
    13. Lava

  14. The lumberjack makes a great card for counter attack. Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard slow down pushes. Log is my main favorite because of how stupid the Zap Nerf was. Because it can’t kill stab goblins, having no log forces the use of arrows, which does not make a positive elixir trade. Unless SC introduces a F2P version of the log, it remains the best spell for a positive trade against the barrel of goblins. Side note: I’m at 3600 trophies. Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays.


  15. Good order, I agree with the list. Also, I do have the royal ghost, but I am choosing to not to upgrade him or buy more royal ghost cards in the shop. It’s clear that he is definitely too strong right now. I think that it’s almost certain supercell will nerf him just like they did to night witch, because they were/are both op when they came out. Supercell tends to be a bit too harsh when nerfing op cards so personally I think royal ghost will no longer be useful after the next balance changes. With this said, I don’t see any value in buying royal ghosts cards from the shop just so that he can be usable for me on ladder. He is still a fun card to use in challenges tho

    • I think the royal ghost is the best leggy. It’s the only one people say need a nerf, people don’t say the ewiz needs a nerf. The royal ghost is just provides more value than the ewiz plain and simple.

      • I ranked them in terms of versatility. Royal ghost is more of a niche card. On defence he’s not that great. Knight is more viable of an option on defence. E-wiz covers offene and defence. Clears swarms, resets troops like inferno dragon which are pretty common. Help you win pekka vs pekka, great to counter skele barrel if zap it out of hand. Retargets troops. You name it. Due to many many uses I think he’s #`1

      • Knight is far better on defence. Royal ghost is an offensive card more times than not. Ie- He can’t defend vs lava pups etc. Timing is harder vs some cards for an example. E-wiz is far more versatile than Royal ghost, trust me I know I’ve won several gc’s with rg.

  16. Is this based on ladder or challenges? I have been using Graveyard lately and i am at 3991 trophies right now, just 1 win and ill get a draft chest end of the season

  17. Also, nightwitch is used ALOT more and is way more useful in golem. Ewiz is used differently in golem decks knight witch is more of an offensive threat

  18. Pretty active on Discord??????????????? LIES! And uhh rip my precious lavahound. Ewiz isn’t great but neither are any of the rest of the legendaries honestly. Maybe royal ghost and ewiz switch around but legendaries aren’t too important anymore.

  19. Leggy ranks according to use rates in a12

    2 electro wizard (#2 and very lvl dependent… says a lot)
    3. I drag
    4.mega knight
    5. Princess
    6. Miner
    7. Night witch
    9.ice wiz
    10. Lumberjack
    11. Graveyard
    12. Lavahound
    14.royal ghost

  20. I keep making lists, but here’s mine:
    14. Lava Hound
    13. Lumberjack
    12. Night Witch
    11. Bandit
    10. Sparky
    9. Princess
    8. Inferno Dragon
    7. Graveyard
    6. Ice Wizard
    5. Electro Wizard
    4. Miner
    3. The Log
    2. Mega Knight
    1. Royal Ghost

      • Hey man… everyone has their own opinions. Don’t hate. You are hating and overreacting. Chill out. You have your opinion. That’s cool. I have my opinion. That’s cool. lightningmaster has his opinion. That’s cool. There is no need to rage over someone differing in opinion in you

  21. Here are my best. This ranking is based on value.
    1. Royal Ghost- We thought the mega knight was op/Supercell was just getting warmed up.
    Overvalued, needs a nerf. 3 elixir Splash?! Invisibility? Wow..
    2. Log- Doesnt hit air, but hits hard on ground and the pushback is an excellent mechanic.
    3. Electro Wizard-Feel sorry for the ewiz cause I didnt place it at number one? Dont, its not as op
    as royal ghost, but packs a extremely powerful punch as a moving zap master. Resets infernos
    (perfect for tanky decks like golem beatdown), stuns, you gotta love this guy! But hitpoints? Alot
    better after the buff.
    4. Mega Knight- For seven elixir, the health is perhaps low, but you have the consider the massive
    spawn and jump damage together with the large splash radius.
    5. Inferno dragon- Moving fast into the meta, got an indirect nerf (resetting after shield break) but
    pretty spongy, and flies too. Watch out tank deck users, a portable inferno tower thats only four
    elixir is coming your way.
    6. Princess- Has brilliant range, the only card that avoids tower damage while targeting it, wipes
    out melee units from the other side of the arena! Whats not to love? Ah yes, the hitpoints lack
    that of an archer…..depressing…..but meh, its only 3 elixir, pretty valued.
    7. Miner- Really, a shovel doesnt strong, does no damage, but a great distraction card, as it can
    travel to wherever you desire, and also tanks/distracts the tower to avoid damaging a win
    condition, or any card that does big damage.
    8. Bandit- During her rush, she cannot be damaged, that really is a cool bonus point. For 3 elixir, it
    has ‘meh’ health and a great club that hits hard. Not much else though..
    9.Night witch- I feel sorry for her, her nerf was fairly harsh. Not as overpowered as she was when
    released but a decent 4 elixir support card (look at the mini pekka, you cant complain) especially
    for the STILL popular golem beatdown.
    10. Sparky- Annoying yes, especially with something like a giant. It’s buff made it stronger, but for
    6 elixir? A little expensive perhaps? A high risk high reward card.
    11. Ice Wizard- Ah, wheres the damage man, you only slow stuff down but you’re useless in tanky
    decks, which are really popular. But you’ve got a nice beard though.
    12. Lumberjack- Ugh, go back to chopping trees. Big damage but easy to counter. 4 elixir? Not
    good. Your bottle of rage is slightly useless, but thanks for giving us the Log!
    13. Graveyard- With a card like bowler, you really get to see the fact that it does do something. but
    its hard to get the two cards together, especially if you’re facing a hog deck. If its not paired up
    with something, countering it is a piece of cake, if the king is activated, you dont need to
    counter it. Sad.
    14. Lava Hound- Lavaloon is the only thing keeping this creature alive. But even Lavaloon doesnt
    work anymore. Place it down to give your opponent an elixir advantage. I dont know what else
    to say…..so im not.

    Do you agree with my picks?

  22. 2nd after repost. Nice rating, can really agree. Sad Sparky is number one because I have almost finished a guide that uses her!

  23. “Fun Fact: RGhost doesn’t receive damage from Balloon and Giant Skelly’s death bombs while invisible.”
    *takes a deep breath*

  24. my opinion

    1.Mega Knight
    2.Electro Wizard
    3.The Log
    4.Royal Ghost
    5.Ice Wizard
    8.Night Witch
    12.Lava Hound

  25. me
    12-night witch
    10-log(yeah go hate me)
    8-ice wizard
    4-inferno d(geez! zappies aren’t that powerful!)
    3-royal ghost
    1-mega knight(im so biased on this one)

  26. Me:
    14- Lavahound
    13- Graveyard (very easy to counter, totally not threatening)
    12- Log (very replacable, overrated tbh. Zap does almost always a better job)
    11- Sparky (great on defence, succ at offence)
    10- Princess (other than bait purposes, she bad and is outclassed by ice wiz)
    9- Bandit (great card but rgh outclasses her)
    8- Night Witch (tbh i thought she sucked until i played with her, dont regret having her as my first lvl3 leggie)
    7- Ice Wizard
    6- Lumberjack
    5- Ewiz (he is not that great anymore considering how many (better) replacements there are)
    4- Inferno Dragon
    3- Mega Knight (very good in defence)
    2- Royal Ghost
    1- Miner

  27. The best legendaries in the game… BASED ON MY SKILL SET NOT EVERYONE ELSE’S list:

    14: Lava Hound – Good card, but I never use it

    13: Princess – I used her for a while, but never quite got the hang of her as I have more of a counterpush beatdown play style. Again, still a good card

    12: The Log – Because I use Sparky, I need the insta-kill of Zap. Log takes too long for my liking. Again, still a very strong card

    11: Miner – Like Princess, Miner doesn’t fit my playstyle well. VERY STRONG CARD however

    10: Bandit: A good card, but I don’t use it much because I prefer Mini Pekka or Lumberjack

    9: Royal Ghost – Only card I don’t have, so I don’t use it. Probably wouldn’t fit my decks well though. Strong card

    8: Inferno Dragon – Because I use Sparky and MP, I don’t have much need of another tank shredder. I LOVE ID however, and I hope to find a good deck utilizing it w/Sparky

    7: Electro Wizard – Very strong utility card I use on occasion. I prefer Ice Wizard or Musketeer though.

    6: Night Witch – Because I use semi-beatdown decks, I use her occasionally. I can’t make her work that well though.

    5: Lumberjack – I love this Pink Kool-Aid addict. He’s fun to use, but still needs more health. I switched from LJ to MP.

    4: Graveyard – My first deck that was actually good utilized Graveyard. Much stronger now that the RNG of it is fixed. My go-to win condition other than Giant.

    3: Mega Knight – I prioritize defense, so Mega Knight fits my playstyle well.

    2: Ice Wizard – Again, my emphasis on defense allows me to utilize Ice Wizard to the max. My go-to support and air defense card.

    1: Sparky – #NotATrashCan – I fell in love with using Sparky a while ago, and use her in every one of my decks because of her strong defensive and counterpushing potential. I fit my decks and playstyle around her, and devastate unsuspecting opponents. I consider myself a Sparky Maestro

    Again, these are based on my skill set. Obviously, Blaze’s list is more accurate for all CR players in general. Please don’t hate

  28. Also, I think that If a Lumberjack comes into contact with a Log, Lumberjack should attack and “kill” the Log in one hit. That would be pretty cool to see

  29. mine after balances:
    14. Lava Hound
    13. Sparky
    12. Night Witch
    11. Bandit
    10. Lumberjack
    9. Princess
    8. Inferno Dragon
    7. Graveyard
    6. Royal Ghost
    5. Ice Wizard
    4. Electro Wizard
    3. The Log
    2. Miner
    1. Mega Knight

  30. It would be cool if the lava hound spawned pups before even dying like the night witch or something like that.

      • It wouldn’t be cool cause it’d be too op and your opponents would be spamming it. Trust me, you’ll regret it.

  31. My list would be:
    14. lava hound
    13. sparky
    12. bandit
    11. princess
    10. night witch
    9. graveyard
    8. ice wiz
    7. lumberjack
    6. electro wizard
    5. the log
    4. royal ghost
    3. inferno dragon
    2. mega knight
    1. miner

  32. My list
    14. Lava hound
    13. Ice wiz. he is very good on defense but does low damage
    12. Bandit. she is very good on offence, she works well in bridge spam and beatdown but royal ghost outclassed her
    11. Sparky. very good on defense with tornado she can destroy a push but countered very easiliy
    10. Graveyard
    9. Night witch. good card but only is good in beatdown or bridge spam
    8. Lumberjack. one of my most fav cards, but only works well in beat down, and lumberloon
    7. Inferno Dragon. Can melt a tank in a few seconds, i prefer IT bcuz it can distract things like giant golem etc
    6. E wiz.
    5. Princess. She is my most favorite card, bcuz of her versatility, she destroy minion horde for a positive trade, chip damage, and baiting spells
    4. Royal Ghost
    3. MK. amazing on defense and a level 1 MK has almost enough health as a level 2 Lava hound
    2. Miner. my second most favorite card. he can be a mini tank for goblin barrel, bats minions etc, he goes well in bridge spam, beatdown and bait decks
    1. The Log. my 3rd favorite legend bcuz of its ability destroy swarms and pushback, steamrolls princess, dart gob, gang, gob barrel, skarmy etc

  33. grave yard, lava hound and mega knight place ments i this list seem off but i agree with miner being very good ATM (i wish i had mine a higher lvl though)

  34. Fix the MA and the eWiz. That new legendary sucks, and eWiz is not bad enough to deserve #7. Also, log is barely used.

  35. My list (and my levels)

    15 – Sparky (2)
    14 – Bandit (2)
    13 – LJ (2)
    12 – Princess (2)
    11 – GY (3)
    10 – MK (2)
    9 – Ghost (2)
    8 – Ice Wiz (2)
    7 – Inferno Dragon (2)
    6 – Hound (2)
    5 – Night Witch (3)
    4 – Ewiz (2)
    3 – Log (2)
    2 – Magic Archer (1)
    1 – Miner (3)

  36. How is LH higher than Ice Wiz and MK? LH is still bad (no damage) and i rarely seen him
    And GY isn’t dead, my clanmate is in 5k and using giant GY

  37. My own list would be:
    15. Lava Hound
    14. Sparky
    13. Bandit
    12. Night Witch
    11. Lumberjack
    10. Royal Ghost (tbh i dont see why ppl say he’s so strong)
    9. Graveyard
    8. Ice Wizard
    7. Mega Knight
    6. Electro Wizard
    5. Magic Archer
    4. Miner
    3. Princess
    2. Inferno Dragon
    1. THE Log

  38. I agree with this list, except for the fact that RG is crazy high! it just doesn’t make sense at all. and maybe princess could swap with ewiz? other than that it is all good. and btw, should I make a troll deck with a troll playstyle? I’m not saying this to be funny, I have been a victim of a similar playstyle deck, and that deck 3 crowned me. it is a bit situational, but it can prove deadly to unsuspecting foes. the deck is all about using the element of surprise. first, you throw a light spell into nowhere, possibly activating their king tower. then you spam laugh emojis, and GG with thanks. keep spamming those emojis, then the opponent will think you are doing this to drop trophies/lose the challenge to join a new one. after that, there are two things that could happen: 1. your opponent spams everything he has to end the game quickly. this is not too uncommon, and fortunately, this situation is what we want. they will drop a bunch of glass cannons, and then that is when your MK come in to clean the battlefield, and some minor troops, too. they are out of elixir, so counterpush with MK(freeze, gob barrel, graveyard, some quick dmg card) then seize the sweet victory. if anybody would want this fun to play(not for grinding trophies/wins, just for fun) deck, then I could make a guide for it.

    • Here’s a riddle… try to come up with a more childish way to win than you just proposed. Here’s the answer – you can’t. It’s the most pathetic strategy I’ve ever heard of. People like you wreck the game. You’re trying to trick people into thinking your a troll? Why? because you’re a little brat. Beef up your deck, and out play people. Don’t peddle your technique to other brats looking for friends. How bad do you get whooped when people don’t fall for it?

      • dude, just chill, ok? I said this deck is only for friendly battles and such, not for seriously grinding tourneys and ladder. and why would this wreck the game? if you try to use this deck on real battles, then you are just giving free wins, so dunno how this can ” wreck the game” like you just stated. and by the way, this isn’t my main technique, I only used it a few times on friendly battles. as for beefing up my deck, I play golem double prince, is that enough for you?

  39. Well uh what? Haven’t seen more than 3 people using Royal Ghost after his nerf, Ewiz should be Number 1 or 2 with the Goison with ewiz and double prince stomping everything. Haven’t seen the log bait meta either, spells, gobs are still in the same form and poison is still in 90% of decks. Completely disagree with Inferno Dragon, spam decks or 3 crown beatdowns are covering at LEAST 70% of our level so with the target nerf and the over use of the updated Goison with ewiz, decks with the poison+zap combo, Inferno should be 13 or 14.

  40. Poor Sparky… She needs to survive a rocket and maybe only be set halfway back on the charge from zap

  41. This is my legendary rating/list thingy:

    15. Lava Hound (no value whatsoever)
    14. Sparky (still bad)
    13. Night Witch (oof.)
    12. Lumberjack (pretty bad. except beatdown)
    11. Graveyard (only good in pushes)
    10. Ice Wizard (decent)
    9. Inferno Dragon (mostly good)
    8. Mega Night (The nerf was overkill)
    7. Bandit (Yaaay! A buff)
    6. Miner (overrated)
    5. Princess (good for log bait)
    4. The Log (the ONLY legendary spell)
    3. Royal Ghost (still good after nerf)
    2. Magic Archer (surprisingly good. It’s gonna get nerfed though :'( )
    1. Electro Wizard (SOOO MUCH VALUE!!! OP for resetting charges on prince, sparky, I-dragon…)

  42. This is my list
    15. Sparky (Just gets countered by too many things)
    14. Ice wizard (low dps, crap card in general but good for defence)
    13. Lava Hound (Great if your opponent has weak air defence, but there are better legendaries)
    12.Graveyard (Rip graveyard it used to be awesome but gets countered too easily, if used correctly it won’t disappoint though)
    11. Bandit (Replaced by Royal Ghost)
    10. Night witch (Not so versatile anymore)
    9. Lumberjack (High dps and free rage but only good for golem decks)
    8. Princess (Good at what she does, stay back and attack from afar, but hardly any health)
    7. Miner (Overrated, Jeez I’ve used him for ages and i don’t like him that much)
    6. Inferno Dragon (Great against tanks, better than inferno tower)
    5. Magic Archer (The most balanced legendary ever, just like princess, he needs to stay back but good for chipping)
    4. Mega Knight (The nerf seems overkill but cmon, he only needs to do one extra hit for cards that can survive the jump)
    3. The Log (What’s not to like?)
    2. Royal Ghost (The better bandit, still good after nerf)
    1. Electro wizard (spawn damage good for swarms, resets lots of cards, great support for your tank, walking zap spell)

  43. I still think LJ should be able to attack the Log. He’s a friggin LUMBERJACK for crying out loud! The Log is a TREE. Lumberjacks cut down trees. Lumberjack go chop chop, log go bye-bye. It would be awesome

  44. IMO the Bandit should be higher. While she may not be to the same standard as she was before, she still is an incredible card for 3 Elixir. Not top 3, but maybe between 8-5.

  45. I dont even understand why do people list Lava Hound as #14/13/15 in the comments, it’s powerful, and it’s not supposed to destroy towers by themselves, but to tank for something – Words said by a lava hound player

    • Yea my buddy used to run all flying deck. Lava hound as his tank. Needless to say he no longer plays this game. Most players with some skill have learned to maneuver around an expensive tank such as lava hound. You spend 7 elixer I keep my 10 I flood both sides now what position are you and your 3 elixer in? I drop ground on side of lava hound to avoid him being hit I’m after the tower… bang your dead by your second push.

    • yeah but lava hound is not versatile and isn’t worth 7 elixir. if compared to golem, it is worse every single way. for example, nobody lets a golem connect to their tower, but if lava hound is alone, all they do is zap at the end. I personally prefer golem, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  46. Yessss. Miner is my favorite too. You can see my deck.
    My clan name is Jack Sparrow and i belongs to INDIAN SPARTANS Clan.

  47. What if Sparky could hit air troops with her shot, but she wouldn’t target air? So like Sparky would only target ground, but if an air troop was in her blast, it would get hit too. I think that would help her out quite a bit

  48. This arrangement is good but i think night witch in place of lava hound couse lava hound still need to updated like death damage as in golem

  49. I think so in my opinion royal ghost should be on the top , you must read it’s description in the ranking table and then think about it.

  50. I like the log and electro wizard best because they help out my deck which has seemed to work from royale arena up to electro arena so far

    • Lumber jack is my go to rush card. Never seen any card take a tower down faster than a lumber jack infused with rage

  51. I really wish the Freeze spell had a Frostbite effect, somewhat like the poison. Sounds really good in my opinion.

  52. Here’s my list
    15. Ice Wizard
    14. Lava Hound
    13. Sparky
    12. Night Witch
    11. Graveyard
    10. Bandit
    9. Lumberjack
    8. Mega Knight
    7. Inferno Dragon
    6. Electro Wizard
    5. Magic Archer
    4. Princess
    3. Miner
    2. Log
    1. Royal Ghost

  53. Magic Archer support post. Well I agree with lot of your ranking, but Magic Archer on 5th place without being in any meta, is a joke. He’s not like Ghost, Miner or MK. He’s gameplay is fun to watch but right now it’s very underpower like GY. Poison and Fireball just shut him down. So yeah, randomly include him on 5th place seemed like a joke to me.

  54. Lumberjack sucks in golem decks. I don’t know what you’re talking about. In other decks though, he’d be #5. Royal ghost sucks more. He has no DPS and towers ignore him. Bandit and miner are overrated but not UP.

  55. Poll (wanted to make this): what is the legendary you absolutely hate (both face and use):
    for me, it’s night witch for use and mega knight for face

  56. IMO – I am a 4000 With all cards but the MA at this point in time
    15. Ice Wizard (Low DPS – Struggles to kill without tower help)
    14. Night Witch (Mediocre DPS but struggles against poison)
    13. Sparky (Very Risky to use but *can* reap extreme rewards)
    12. Bandit (Low DPS – Easily stopped by goblins or guards)
    11. Graveyard (While easy to counter with poison, they need to save it just for that)
    10. Lava Hound (Decent option for a win condition but is negligible by itself
    9. Magic Archer (Easy to kill, but can be a serious nuisance)
    8. Inferno Dragon (While the nerf wasn’t much, the abundance of bats and zap makes this card less viable)
    7. Mega Knight (Moderate Nerf – Lacks its former ability to easily stop pushes)
    6. Log (Great option to use with the influx of bait decks but does nothing to bats)
    5. Royal Ghost (Still obnoxious to deal with after the nerf)
    4. Princess (Massive range and wide splash damage)
    3. Miner (Very useful card in all sorts of scenarios
    2. Electro Wizard (Comes with zap, decent dps, and a stun with his attacks)
    1. Lumberjack (Comes with a rage, high DPS, moderate health, and a very fast speed for only 4 elixir)

    I’m curious about your thoughts

    • I will have to disagree with the ice wizard placement because it’s such an under used card that’s op and can get paired with just all types of goblins or bats/minions also I’m at 4000+ with missing only royal ghost and magic archer but e wiz at #2 is so bad and easily countered

  57. My personal list:
    14: Graveyard
    13: Mega Knight (He sucks now)
    12: Sparky
    11: Night Witch
    10: Lumby
    9: Magic Archer
    8: Lava Hound
    7: Ice Wiz
    6: Bandit
    5: RG/ID (tied)
    4: Princess
    3: Ewiz (Still very good)
    2: Log
    1: Miner

    For those of you who don’t agree with my Mega knight placement and think “oh, he is very tanky, he is still good,” that’s ok. But he has disappeared from the meta right now.

  58. best to worst

    1 Log – zap sucks… really
    2 Ice Wizard – best defender in the game. Not good offensively but better than electro
    3 Miner – much better than barrells for leading attacks and chipping away at towers. Ground only but not so good at defending anyway.
    4 Electro Wizard – good defender who can completely neutralize several cards including some other legendaries. Not so good at attacking
    5 Magic Archer – even better than dart goblin and dart goblin is good. Defend and attack vs ground and air.
    6 Royale Ghost – good card for a ground only unit. Can avoid air defenders and gets frst hit with splash.
    7 Bandit – tricky to use but good fast attacking ground only unt. takes out wizards too.
    8 Sparky – good defense and distraction while you attack the other side. Most players havent a clue how to use him right. Those that do make good use out of him.
    9 Lumberjack – fast ground unit that can provde free spell effect on for other cards occasionally. Most of the time the spell goes wasted though
    10 Night Witch – expensive defender
    11 Mega Night – Better than other expensive tanks. But they all suck.
    12. Inferno Dragon. Only good at one thing. But is at least good at it until met by electro
    13. graveyard – no versatility and ground only. Expensive trick card
    14 Princess – Seriously she sucks. So sloooooowwww and weak.
    15 Lava Hound – OMG dont understand why people use it. Worse than expensive ground tanks and all expensive tanks suck

    • 2 things zap is equal too log sice it hits air and ground and what’s the one good thing about the inferno dragon because he is in my deck and I find him so useful for when I don’t have my fire spirits or mini pekka for things like knight or valk

      • zap sucks. How many of your zaps hit the tower? Maybe 50 percent if you actually use it wisely. Less if ypu dont. My log hits tower 95 percent of the time I use it. Yeh zap hits air but it doesnt kill nearly as much as the log does. Unless your zap is higher level it doesnt kill minions. It doesnt kill primcess. Doesnt kill dart. It doesnt even kill gobs. It has a smaller area of effect too, wont even kill an entire skeleton army. The only thing zap kills outright that a log wont is bats.

        You dont know what an Inferno is good at? You said its in your deck. Because its only good at one thing doesnt mean it cant be used for thngs it isnt good at. Doesnt make it a good card. You will notice more versatile cards are near the top of my list while one dimensional cards are near the bottum. Doesnt mean Graveyard cant be used effectively against the right opponent. Less versatility makes your deck more opponent specific. Inferno is not a versatile card. Its not fast moving. Its attacks slow. It doesnt splash. It doesnt have any special movement. It doesnt tank against ground. It aint cheap either at 4 elixer.

  59. Here is my 15 sparky 14 lava hound 13 graveyard 12 night witch 11 inferno dragon 10 ice wizard 9 eletro wizard 8 princess 7 royal ghost 6 miner 5 lumber jack 4 bandit 3 magic archer 2 the log 1 Mega Knight

  60. Honestly they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on how they are used and if you know how to use them. For example I may be good with one but someone else uses the same card but in a different deck and it doesn’t work or they just don’t know when to place it. So the card ends up being wasted.

  61. For was the list would be this:

    15: lumberjack
    14: princess (to easy to counter)
    13: graveyard
    12: night Witch
    11: mega knight
    10: Royal Ghost
    9: ice wizard
    8: sparky
    7: lava Hound
    6: inferno dragon
    5: miner
    4: bandit (if her dash connects…)
    3: E-wiz
    2: the log
    1: Magic Archer (good for chip damage, and destroys on defense)

  62. 15- Mega Knight
    14- Sparky
    13- Graveyard
    12- Magic Archer
    11- Royal Ghost
    10- Lava Lound
    09- Lumberjack
    08- Night Witch
    07- Electro Wizard
    06- Inferno Dragon
    05- Bandit
    04- Miner
    03- Ice Wizard
    02- Princess
    01- Log
    Honestly it got hard to choose after e-wiz but I have both inferno dragon and miner in my deck but ice Wizard is under used at can take out anything with it like gob gang, wiz, e-wiz, minions, skeletons, fire/ice spirits, mini pekka and valkery. I put mega knight at the worst because he is the most skill-less legendary to play. E-wiz is played way to much so most people know how to counter it with their deck. Lastly I put log at number one because it’s like pre patch zap with more damage on towers and 1 second zap time. Even though I still use zap and is maxed out is because it can one shot level 11 minion hoards if maxes out and hits air.

  63. I got ID yesterday from a super magical chest and its my fort legendary card. i came here to see how good it is and im pretty happy with its rating 😀

  64. Legendaries ranking

    15. Miner
    13. Ice wiz
    12. Graveyard
    11. Sparky
    10. Lava hound
    9. Princess
    8. Inferno dragon
    7. Lumberjack
    6. E- wiz
    5. Magic archer
    4. Bandit
    3. Royal Ghost
    2. Night witch
    1. Mega knight

    Worst to face: E-wiz.
    Worst to use: Miner

    • So you are saying that sparky, night witch, mega knight, inferno etc… is better than log and miner? How!!!!

    • Swap mk wirh miner, i agree with the rest. Night witch is very good the noobs just dont know how to use her.

      • you do know he made that post 2 months ago right? I think that might have been right before the Mega Knight nerf, so it’s justifiable that he put MK as #1

  65. Night witch isn’t that bad, lavahound isn’t that good, bandit is in a bad spot cuz of the amount of guards running around, princess is really bad cuz most of the meta decks are 3 spells

  66. Log’s damage at tourney standard is wrong. That was before the spell damage Nerf. The new damage is 86 I think.

  67. Ehh I’d re-rank this something like.

    1. Miner
    2. Log
    3. E-wiz
    4. Inferno dragon
    5. Bandit
    6. Night witch
    7. Royal ghost
    8. Princess
    9. LJ
    10. Ice wiz
    11. Graveyard
    12. Sparky
    13. Magic archer.
    14. Mega knight
    15. Hound

    ((Last 3 ish interchangeable))

  68. My somewhat biased rankings:
    15. Night Witch (I hate her so much)
    14. Mega Knight (nerf dededestroyed him)
    13. Graveyard (almost everything hard counters it)
    12. Sparky (not good, but not bad, #notatrashcan)
    11. Lumberjack (decent, not very suitable tho)
    10. Princess (weak in meta due to increased x3 spell users)
    9. Magic Archer (good, just weak to fireball)
    8. Lava Hound (lavaloon makes a comeback)
    7. Inferno Dragon (weaker due to rise of zappies)
    6. Electro Wizard (same deal as inferno dragon, tho not as severe)
    5. Royal Ghost (nerf was not too overboard)
    4. Ice Wizard (highly underrated, ultra defense card)
    3. Bandit (damn it is so annoying, yet good (kinda regretted going ghost instead of bandit in my draft chest))
    2. Miner (just excellent right now)
    1. The Log (arguably one of the best, if not, the best spell in the game)