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Best Freeze Spell Decks


Hey guys it’s Ash and today I want to share two of my favorite Clash Royale decks with the Freeze Spell. I believe that the best Epic card in the game right now is the Freeze Spell, and it’s really hard to argue otherwise. If you guys look at TV Royale for instance, it seems like almost everyone is using the Freeze Spell. And then you have many people who believe that this card is OP.

best freeze deck clash royale

Best Freeze Spell Decks

In my opinion, the Freeze Spell is not OP, but when you use it with the Hog Rider, it’s hard to say because the Hog Freeze combo is undoubtedly the best and most powerful combo in the game. So I’ll let you guys decide on whether it’s OP or not. But for now, if you guys have the Freeze Spell, then you should definitely take advantage of it with the Hog Rider. I’ve have been lots of success with this deck, especially combined with the Zap Spell which also stuns your opponent for a second, so that actually prolong the effect of the Freeze Spell if you use it in a timely manner.

For example, say you use the Hog Rider with Freeze on your opponent’s Barbarians and Arena Tower, but when the Freeze wears off, your Hog Rider will die quickly, but if you Zap at the right moment when the Freeze wears off, you can get an additional shot on that tower with the Hog Rider, which can be very significant. Another example is, say you send out your Hog Rider with Archers behind and you also placed the Freeze Spell. But your opponent anticipated that and sent in his Minion Horde right after your Freeze Spell. So what you can do is Zap the Minion Horde and the Tower at the same time, and your Archers will be able to quickly 1 shot all the Minions while your Hog Rider deals additional damage.

Another thing I really like about this deck is that it only has an average Elixir cost of 3.6, which is very low, meaning you can easily form powerful combos with the Hog Rider and Freeze and Zap Spell over and over again quickly.

Hog Freeze Deck

Clash Royale FreezeClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Goblin

Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale ArchersClash Royale fireballClash Royale Zap

The other card that I love to use the Freeze Spell with is the Balloon. The Loon Freeze combo is also among one of the deadliest combos in the game. Probably the main reason I prefer the Hog Freeze combo over the Loon Freeze is because the Balloon cost 5 Elixir, while the Hog Rider is 4, and the Hog Rider is also faster, but the Balloon can punish a defender hard if they fail to stop it on time. So it’s more of a challenge to get your Balloon to the tower, but if you do, then you’re rewarded big time as it does insane damage. In this deck, I’m also utilizing the Elixir Collector because it’s such a deadly card for generating more Elixir and making a powerful late game rush with the Loon Freeze combo. The number one threat to the Balloon is the Minion Horde, so that’s why we have the Wizard, who’s the best counter to Minion Horde. Arrows are great, but by the time your Arrows reach the Minion Horde, your Balloon will be gone.

Loon Freeze Deck

Clash Royale FreezeClash Royale BalloonClash Royale fireballClash Royale elixir collector

Clash Royale WizardClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Goblin

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