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Strongest 12 Win Decks for Electro Wizard Challenge!


Hello, its Unstoppable and today I’m here with the best 2 decks in the Electro Wizard Challenge. In this Challenge, you have to build a deck around the Electro Wizard. The rewards are basically like the Grand Challenge, however at 12 wins you will receive an Electro Wizard.

Best Electro Wizard Challenge Decks

Strongest 12 Win Decks for Electro Wizard Challenge!

I have played 5 Challenges and I have received 3 Legendary cards already as well as around 30 Epics and 40k Gold, so it is totally worth it for the 400 Gems I spent.

Your first entry is free, and the really awesome thing is that you are allowed to use every single card in the game at Tourney Standard.

To read more about this challenge, please take a look at here.

Top Used Cards in Electro Wizard Challenge

First lets do an analysis of which cards are used the most currently and which cards you should put in your deck to counter them.

Elite Barbarians: These guys are perhaps the most overbuffed card in the history of Clash Royale, along with the Royal Giant a few months ago. The only reliable counters are Skeleton Army, Elite Barbarians, Bowler, and Rocket. Skeleton Army is easily Zapped, so that leaves the Bowler, Rocket, and Elite Barbarians as the best possible counters. Its good to have at least two of these cards in your deck.

Ice Golem: The Ice Golem isn’t OP, however it just offers so much value. Not only does it absorb so much damage, as well as kill Skeletons when it dies, it also slows units down with its death damage. This is definitely a card you want in your deck.

Fireball: Since everyone will be running Electro Wizard, Fireball is a must have in your deck. It destroys EW in one hit, and is so good for chipping towers as you do so.

Zap: You can have this card, but you dont need to. Ice Golem is great for shutting down troops Zap normally does, such as Skeleton Army and Minions, and the Zap Wizard can take care of cards such as Inferno Dragon and Sparky.

The Log: The Log is a great utility card, just like Zap. Its great against Archers, Skeleton Army, Goblins, and other squishy troops.

Archers: Strong Utility card. Great for shutting down Mega Minion, which is used by almost everyone

Mega Minion: A very high DPS troop with a lot of health (cant be Fireballed). It is very strong and should definitely be used in your deck.

Graveyard: A very strong spell that is best countered with Archers, Skeleton Army, Ice Golem, or Minions. It synergizes well with Ice Golem and Bowler.

The above cards are very strong, and thus some cards should be eliminated from your deck immediately: Musketeer/Wizard/Witch (reduced to almost no HP by Fireball), Skeleton Army (so many cards counter it), Inferno Dragon and Sparky (Zap Wizard completely shuts it down).

The Best Decks for Electro Wizard Challenge

When I played in this challenge, I noticed that Elite Barbarians + Mega Minion combo is so ridiculously strong on defense, paired with the Ice Golem, that most pushes are ended immediately. In half of my games, the battles were reduced to spell cycling and strong defenses. Almost every game went into deep overtime.

Thus, the best decks are Bowler Control Decks, or Miner/Hog chip decks. Elite Barbarians shred tanks too easily, and thus tanks are not advised.

The First Deck – Bowler Control

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice Spirit

Bowler: A very strong troop in both defense and offense. It has an immense amount of HP, and shuts down almost every land troop (other than tanks and the two Princes). The main reason you need him is because of how well he shuts down Elite Barbarians.

Ice Golem: For aforementioned reasons. It can shield your Mega Minion or Archers, buying you valuable time on defense or offense. It does over 100 damage in chip if left alone.

Mega Minion: A great utility card. It can oneshot Archers, and is a great tank killer.

Archers: Provides so much value, especially when split in the beginning. The can take down Mega Minion, furnace fire spirits, and are great chip damage when left alone.

Fireball or Rocket: Spells are so important, especially with so many high defense cards like the Bowler, Mega Minion, Elite Barbarians, and Ice Golem. Often in stalemate which happens around 60% of games in this challenge, you need these cards to win. Normally whoever throws the most Fireballs win in a stalemate

Electro Wizard: Required card. of course One thing not to do that many players do is Zap wiz the Minion Horde. Don’t do this, as your Zap Wizard will die immediately. Its best to first place an Ice Golem, and when it dies, then Zap Wizard the horde. This will kill them instantly.

Elite Barbarians: Very very strong tank killers. Highly overpowered and you really need these to counter other Elite Barbarians, or tanks.

Cheap Cycle Card like Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Zap, Log, or Miner. Ice Spirit and Skeletons are great for buying valuable time. Log and Zap are both great as well. Miner provides a great deal of chip damage and synergies very well with Archers.

General Gameplan

The gameplay is mainly to play lockdown defense with the Bowler and Elite Barbarians, and go on a counterpush.

You want to play cautiously and find out what cards the opponent uses to counter your Elite Barbarians.

If he uses Bowler, you need to wait until he gets Bowler out of rotation, or you can split your Elite Barbarians. If it is Skeleton Army, either place Ice Golem in front so it will kill the Skeleton Army, or do a prediction Log.

Once it gets into stalemate, the only thing left is to spell cycle, where you have to Fireball his tower over and over again.

Normally I hate doing this, but with so many strong defensive cards in the game, sometimes it is necessary.

The Second Deck – Hog/Miner Cycle Deck

The second deck relies on the same strategy as the first, however you replace the Bowler with a Hog Rider or Miner. This allows for higher DPS than a Bowler, and less stalemates. However you do not have the defense as in your first deck, and is thus higher risk/reward.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my decks for the Electro Wizard Challenge and good luck on unlocking the Electro Wizard!


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