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Bandit Draft Challenge – Best Tips To Win The Challenge


The Bandit Draft Challenge is going to be live in just a few hours and here is the basic information you should know about it.

Bandit Draft Challenge

Bandit Draft Challenge

Basic Information

  • The first entry is free.
  • At the beginning of the battle, each player has to choose a card from 2 cards. The other card will be given to the opponent. Each player has to pick card 4 times.
  • One of you, chosen randomly, will have to choose to play with or against the Bandit. This means, If you have the Bandit, your opponent don’t.
  • This is the very interesting challenge coming with one time rewards. The first reward unlocks at 2 wins.

Although the Bandit is released on March 24th, you can join the Bandit Challenge from March 17th to get the chain obtaining her before the official release.

  • 2 Wins = Gold Chest (based on your current Arena)
  • 4 Wins = 8,000 Gold
  • 6 Wins = Magical Chest (based on your current Arena)
  • 9 Wins = 25,000 Gold
  • 12 Wins = Bandit

Once unlocked, you will be able to pull the Bandit out from any chest before March 24th.

I strongly recommend you take the Bandit If you have the chance. She is a relatively strong card and She is the new card and your opponents most likely don’t know how to deal with her properly.

The Bandit has a fair amount of HP. She deals nice damage (single target). If she sees any target in the attack range, she will charge it immediately. While charging, she is unvulnerable, meaning she doesn’t take any damage (including splash) while charging.

She is excellent at moving towards the Arena Tower to finish off and countering single troops.

She is very weak against swarm. So, you can use swarm to counter her, or you can drop card next to her, prevent her from charging.

You should treat the Bandit like a Knight on the opponent’s side. Treat her like a single Elite Barbarian charging towards your Tower.. Don’t leave her alone If she has full HP.

Never counter Bandit with Princess, Bomber, Dart Goblin etc. Bandit can 1 shot them easily.

Tips for Bandit Draft Challenge

Hey guys it’s me Zigge here with a guide on how to win the Bandit Draft Challenge. I just got 12 wins and I can’t wait to share my best tips with you.

Supercell decided to mix it up this time and add in some drafting to this Challenge. Many people find drafting hard but it’s great when lower leveled people play in the Challenge. If it was just a normal Challenge, the 5k players would beat everyone and the lower people would just get crushed. With this new twist that most people are not used to, the lower level people have a chance at winning. Anyway, let’s get into the tips!


The most important thing when drafting is synergy between your cards. For example, if you pick Miner and the next choice is between Lightning and Poison, choose Poison because it has greater synergy with the Miner. This will increase your win rate strongly.


While the Bandit might seems like a fun card to play, you must think of the rest of your deck, to help yourself, you can ask yourself these questions;

  • Does Bandit fit into my deck? (synergy)
  • Does Bandit counter my opponent’s deck?
  • Does Bandit counter my deck?
  • Does Bandit fit into my opponent’s deck?

Bandit is a very niche card but it can give you a huge Elixir lead if played correctly. She hunts down glass cannons (Wizards, Musketeers, etc.) and does a decent job against small swarms (Goblins, Skeletons). It’s hardest counter are Skeleton Army, air units and heavy hitters (Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, etc.).

Bandit works very well with tanks like Golem, Giant and especially Lava Hound, where she can dash around killing all the counters. She works especially well with if also have Zap. You can place her in the middle against an Inferno Tower, then Zap it. The Inferno Tower will retarget onto your Bandit and she’ll kill it with no problem, and your tank can freely walk to their tower. The only problem with this is that she probably won’t survive and be able to kill their other cards.

Swarm Cards

Skeleton Army and Minion Horde are among the best cards in draft, especially in this draft mode because they counter Bandit. My strategy when I have the option to pick one of these cards early is to pick it, then grab the counters for it. If you’ve already given your opponent a hard counter to it, just let them have the card if you also have a counter to it.


If you don’t know how to play Graveyard, skip this one.

The Graveyard is kinda like with swarm cards, you pick the card and then all the counters for it. The only difference is that the Graveyard usually requires a spell to pull of and the only spells that work really well are Fireball, Poison and Freeze.

The choices are not random!

After playing in all of the Draft Challenges, I’ve noticed that the same choices come up multiple times. This is very important to know since if you got one of them, there’s a big chance your opponent chose the other card. These are for example;

  • Barbarians & Bowler
  • Three Musketeers and Freeze
  • Ice Spirit & Skeleton Army
  • Goblins & Ice Golem
  • Lightning & Rocket
  • Zap & Arrows
  • Ice Wizard & Princess
  • Princess & Minion Horde
  • Lightning & Zap

Some of them might be random, but at least 50% are rigged.

What counters what

Learning this is probably the most basic but golden tip. A somewhat common choice is between Barbarians and Bowler. The Bowler counters Barbarians so picking Bowler is the best pick most of the time.

Memorizing your opponent’s cards

This is very important since you know half of your opponent’s deck. Memorizing it will help you a lot when playing.

Memorizing your cards

This is as important as memorizing your opponent’s cards. Why, you may ask. It’s all because you can surprise your opponent with a pocket Rocket or Freeze.

Surprise Cards

Surprise Cards are very good if you manage to choose one. This will only work if you choose the card because if you got it from your opponent they’ll know you have it.

Air units & air targeting units

If you recognize there’s a lot of air cards to choose, 90% of the time a Lava Hound will be there too. Either to take all air cards and give your opponent the Lava Hound or you take the Lava Hound yourself for a powerful air deck.

Air targeting units are very important because if you don’t manage to choose the Lava Hound or not, choose air targeting cards like Musketeer and Tesla so you won’t get steamrolled by your opponent’s Lava Hound.

Improve your Chances of Getting 12 Wins on the Bandit Draft Challenge With these Tips!

Hey guys, Its Unstoppable with a second guide on the Bandit Draft Challenge. Everyone has one free entry, so everyone has a chance to win the new legendary card! I have gotten a lot of 12 wins in the draft Challenge recently, even farming over 150K gold in just a couple days from the last one, and I have some tips to share. Also check out my first guide on the draft Challenge here.

Check my FB page for a lot of the screenshots of the 12 win openings if you enjoy seeing that stuff.

Draft Challenges are definitely much harder than Grand Challenges. The reason is this: There is more randomness in your wins. For instance, the best player in the world perhaps has 90% win rate in Grand Challenges. But this rate would probably drop to 60% in the draft Challenges due to him getting simply unlucky. However, there is definitely still a lot of skill involved, and here I will provide some tips on how to make the best choices in your selections.

Specific choices:

(there will be exceptions, for instance if you gave your opponent a card that you need the counter to. This guide is in general which cards you want to pick out of common choices.

Lumberjack vs Dark Prince: This is a common choice. I go with Dark Prince because he is underated, deals splash, and slightly tanky. Lumberjack is too fragile, although he does offer some good DPS and a rage effect, its hard to take advantage of these when he dies so quickly.

Lumberjack vs Inferno Dragon: Another common choice. Inferno dragon is much better. Especially since over 60% of the games include tanks, and less than 50% have Zap/Lightning in them. Inferno dragon is pretty underated in these.

Freeze vs Mirror: Another common choice. Freeze is a great pocket card, one your opponent never expects. Especially good paired with Hog, Graveyard, Balloon combos.

Mirror vs Clone: Mirror. Clone is practically the most useless card in the game, unless you have lava hound.

Rocket vs Lightning: Always get Rocket unless you, for instance have a tank to pair Lightning with, or if Inferno Tower/dragon was in the previous selection, you will need Lightning to prevent the opponent from getting it. The reason is that often you do not have a win condition. It resorts to a stalemate of defense for 3 whole minutes, which is crazy. If you have a Rocket, you can patiently win by Rockets. It takes only 6 Rockets to finish a tower from full HP to 0 HP.

Fireball vs Log: Common choice here. Guess what? I’ll go with Fireball, even though the log is the best card in the game right now. Fireball offers more damage, which is a necessity when games go to stalemate as they often do right now. Furthermore, Fireball deals with Minion Horde, which is perhaps the most dangerous card in this Challenge right now.

Worst Cards to avoid:

  • Clone
  • Rage
  • Mirror

These are all kind of useless cards. Mirror can be useful, but only occasionally. Clone and Rage are “win more” cards. If you already have a successful push, you don’t need a rage to help you get “more damage”. It’s a waste of two Elixir.

Best Cards to get:

Royal Giant– An unstoppable tank in this Challenge. Rarely do they have a good building to stop your Royal Giant with, and even if they do, you can simply cycle back to it again. If they use Lumberjack or Mini P.E.K.K.A to stop it, place a damage dealing ranged troop behind your Royal Giant to kill it. Royal Giant is probably the best win condition besides Golem.

Golem– A tank that is very hard to stop, especially with the right support troops. Try to pair it with Zap or Lightning in case of Inferno Tower.

Skeleton Army– An impeccable defensive card that is really hard to gain a positive Elixir trade on. Even if they Zap/log it, it will usually end up stopping the card you want it to stop.

Poison: Now that it can counter Graveyard, Poison is again better than Fireball. With its huge radius and higher damage, paired with a tank it can be really strong. Counters all glass cannon’s, swarm units, air units, buildings, practically everything in the game except for tanks.

Rocket: A win condition that is often necessary in stalemates

Spawners: Spawners are really really good in this Challenge. It is so hard to get past a Barbarian Hut, or a Spear Goblin Hut with your push. If left ignored, a Barbarian Hut can almost take down a tower by itself, and Spear Goblin Hut offers a stream of around 600 damage, more than a Rocket.

Elixir Pump: A solid card in the meta. Creates a positive 2 Elixir advantage for you. There are a lot of spells in the Challenge, so they can repeatedly Fireball your collector to prevent you from making a positive Elixir trade.

Elite Barbs: Very hard to stop, as we all know.

Bowler: Another very strong defensive troop, not weak to Lightning or Rocket.

Best Pocket cards

If you can get one of these, get it. They are a pocket card that your opponent will have a very hard time dealing with if they don’t see it coming.

  • Graveyard
  • Freeze
  • Balloon
  • Three musketeers

For instance, if I have Three Musketeers, and my opponent uses his counter on something else, I can simply split them and make my opponent overspend on counters, creating either a lot of damage or a positive Elixir trade for me. Same for Graveyard and Balloon. Sometimes my opponent will try to draw my tank towards the center with his building. If the building is placed all the way in the center, it will not aggro my Balloon. This will cause him to perhaps panic in countering my Balloon, and overspend. Once again, another positive Elixir trade for me.

A couple cool strategies:

  • One strategy I have found effective is to choose Minion Horde, and then choose all the counters to it, giving my opponent only single targeting units, or ground targeting units. Then I wait and examine his deck. Say he has witch, the only counter to my Minion Horde. I wait until he uses it, then rush the other side with let’s say Lumberjack+Minion Horde. His tower will go down in 5 seconds if he hasn’t hidden anything in his deck.
  • A similar strategy is to give your opponent no splash troops, and pick swarm troops and strong defensive troops. This allows you to cycle to Minion Horde/Skeleton Army and continually rush his lane, causing him to overspend on countering your swarms. This is only effective if you are offered this choice, though, but keep this in mind as it can come in handy sometimes. For instance, one game none of my troops were splash, and he stopped each one of my pushes dead in its tracks with Skeleton Army. I could do nothing but watch as my entire push was shredded by one 3 Elixir card.
  • Finally, one other thing you can do is give your opponent extremely expensive troops. They’ll have such a hard time supporting their pushes while you continually bomb their other tower with your cheaper troops. Then, their Elixir will be split into two lanes, and you can easily pick off the tank with your inferno dragon or Skeleton Army.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I wish you best of luck in getting 12 wins! For any question or comment, let me know at josephshen0430@gmail.com

What do you think about the Bandit Challenge? Are you ready to get the Bandit?


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