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Balance Changes inspired by the RumHam


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We have a lot planned for the future of this game. This will be the first step in an attempt to streamline the game and make it more accesible to casual players. There is a lot to cover so let's get started!

  • Hog Rider, Battle Ram, Graveyard, Pekka, Mini Pekka, Royal Hogs, Miner, Hunter, Prince, Lumberjack: Damage and Health reduced by 50%

First things first. We envision this game to require less skill than before. Because of this we decided to make Beatdown the only viable way to play this game because it is arguably one of the most straightforward archetypes. To accomplish this goal we are making other archetypes and tank killers slighty weaker.

  • Giant, Golem, Goblin Giant: Damage and Health increased by 50%

Even though the nerfs above are a step in the right direction we weren't really satisfied. We hope that this should be enough. We will be watching closely though and there will be a hotfix asap if we still feel beatdown is not strong enough.

  • Xbow, Mortar: Now targets your own tower

We have heard you! While mortar is in an ok place we accept that xbow is in a really bad spot right now. The recent nerfs and indirect buffs to beatdown make it really hard to get a tower connection. So to help siege players out siege buildings will now target your own towers instead of enemy units. This way you will loose the match you would have lost anyway a lot faster gaining you a lot more freetime.

  • Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon: Will heal enemy tanks from now on

Playing against Inferno type cards is really frustrating for Beatdown players. Nothing should be able to stop your tank. So to compensate for all the misery these have caused they will now heal the enemy tank instead!

  • Bomb Tower, Cannon, Tesla, Tomb Stone, Furnace, Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut: Removed from the game

We feel that defensive buildings and spawners are too strong in defending beatdown pushes. Their ability to pull and shred the tank are outrageously overpowered. Since most of these buildings except for maybe tomb stone were kinda bad anyways we decided to remove them all together!

  • Ice Wizard: +4% Health

Let us know what you think about this balance update in the comments below!

See you in the Arena,

A salty xbow main.

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