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Arena Packs: Everything You Need To Know


Arena Packs are one of the most exciting features which released yesterday in the super big Clash Royale Update from Supercell. I have received lots of questions from you guys about the pack, that’s why I decided to create a special page for it on CRA.

clash royale arena pack

Arena Pack for Legendary Arena

Clash Royale Arena Packs

The Arena Pack (the screenshot above) will be added to the shop once player reaches the new Arena. The higher your Arena you get, the better the pack.

This pack shows up in Shop for 2 days when you unlock the new Arena. If you don’t buy it, It will show up once every week.

Arena 1 and Arena 2 Pack don’t exist.

The Arena Packs are always one-time purchase items. If you have already purchase the Arena 9 pack, you will never see it again. Players receive Chest, Gold and Gems immediately once placed the order. Each pack contains a fixed amount of Gold, Gems and the type of Chest. The chest opened immediately, no wait needed. By opening the chests, players can only get cards from their Arena and below. For example, If you are in Arena 9 and you purchase the Arena 7 pack, you still can get cards from Arena 8.

There is a 25% chance you will see an Arena Pack from the Arena below, just in case you don’t like your current Arena’s pack, which means you will have chance to get ALL Arena Packs If you are in the highest Arena. For example, If you are in Arena 9, you will be able to buy 9 packs.

Arena Type of Chest Gems Gold Price (USD)
3 Giant Chest 80 1000 $0.99
4 Magical Chest 80 1000 $0.99
5 Super Magical Chest 500 1000 $4.99
6 Magical Chest 500 10,000 $4.99
7 Super Magical Chest 1200 10,000 $9.99
8 Magical Chest 1200 100,000 $9.99
9 Super Magical Chest 1200 10,000 $9.99
10 Legendary Chest 1200 100,000 $9.99

Have you bought any Arena Pack? Please share! Just bough mine yesterday. It was such a big deal!


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