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Arena 6 Mortar Deck [Fundamentals Series]


Hello guys, NItrome95 here with the new Arena 6 Mortar Deck! Hope you have all had a great holiday season, but now it’s time to start writing articles again (Stop slacking Nitrome!).

This is going to be a Mortar deck that is a great start for any player that wants to play siege in the future.

Arena 6 Mortar Deck

Arena 6 Mortar Deck

So what is Siege anyway?

Siege is a deck archetype that uses buildings to damage the tower, whether it be Mortar or X-Bow. Even though X-Bow is generally stronger, I feel that Mortar is more “beginner friendly” because:

  1. It’s a common whereas X-Bow is an epic.
  2. Mortar costs less Elixir, so there is less risk when playing it.
  3. You will have to form many successful pushes with the Mortar for success, giving you more practice.
  4. The splash damage is great at taking out troops your opponent puts in front of your Mortar.

This deck only uses one epic, the Skeleton Army, which is replaceable with 3 Elixir Minions. Other than that, the deck only uses 2 rares and the rest commons.

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale KnightClash Royale fireballClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Zap

Cards Breakdown

Mortar – Your main win condition in this deck, You will want to use the rest of the cards in the deck to have the Mortar reach the tower. 2-3 hits on the tower is considered a successful push. If needed, you can place the Mortar defensively to pull units, and then cycle back to the next Mortar. That way, your previously defending Mortar will be defending your attacking Mortar.

Elixir Collector – Such an important card in this deck. It allows you to build up more Elixir to send back to back Mortars to keep up the pressure on your opponent. You will want to defend as little as possible with this deck, so you will want to have 2 Collectors at all times. Only place these guys when you have at least 9 Elixir.

Archers – Your only defense against air, so use them wisely. You can split them down the middle to pull melee units further. (can u put a hyperlink Will if possible for how Archer split? Thx). If you know your opponent has Graveyard, save your Archers for when they use it.

Skeleton Army – You will use these guys to take down support troops behind your opponent’s tank. Simply use your Knight to distract the support troops and then simply place your Skeleton Army. On offense, you should use these guys if your opponent uses single target units to take down your Mortar.

Knight – I explained above how to use them on defense above. On offense, you will want to have the Knight in front of your Mortar to stall your opponent’s counters. Once you know your opponent’s counter to your Mortar, use the correct troop to “counter the counter”.

Fire Spirits – One of my favorite cards in the game. You can use them to take out swarms like Minion horde, barbarians, or even Goblin Barrel. You will mostly use Fire Spirits to defend your Mortar.

Fireball- This card is a bit redundant, but you will use this to clear buildings in your Mortar’s way, as well as slowly chipping down the opponent.

Zap- Just don’t do anything stupid. Finish off barbarians that you firespirited, clear swarms, retarget units, clutch games with tower damage.

General Gameplan

I will mostly cover all of the strategy in the video below, but you can also read my summary.(The audio got screwed up for some of the video because I blocked the mic lol. It’s my first time using audio so give me a break :D)


You will want to play your Mortar aggressively once you have 2 Elixir Collectors down, preferably with a Knight in front. Once you play your Mortar down, you will have to predict what your opponent will counter with. Based on what your opponent uses, here’s what you use:

  • Inferno Tower – Prematurely drop the Skeleton Army or Knight
  • Barbarians – Fire Spirits and Zap, or Fireball
  • Minions –Fire Spirits
  • Mega Minion –Fireball Zap
  • Minion Horde – Be prepared to drop Fire Spirits as soon as their Horde drops, or the Fireball
  • Skeleton Army – Zap or Fire Spirits
  • Hog Rider – Skeleton Army, or Archers and Knight
  • Big Tanks – Skeleton Army
  • Single Target Troops- Skeleton Army

(List adapted from this guide)


This is where this deck gets a bit tricky. You will want to choose the most valuable troops to use your Skeleton Army on. Use your Knight to tank the troops and Skeleton Army to deal all of the damage. Use your other troops to clean up the remaining. Your main goal is to counterpush to deal even more damage than you took.


Giant Beatdown – Watch the video.

Hog Control/Cycle – Use Skeleton Army to try to get the best value out of taking out your opponent’s hog push. For example, hog rider elite barbarians combo is completely shut down by Skeleton Army. Use the heavy Elixir advantage to launch a counterpush.

Spawner Decks – Just go for the tie.


From what you’ve all seen, this deck is obviously not the strongest ever; it relies extremely on the Skeleton Army for defense.

This Arena 6 Mortar Deck is more used to build up your fundamentals for much other siege decks.

Siege is a hard archetype to play, so this deck can hopefully make a smoother transition to playing siege.


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