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Get to Arena 7 with this Arena 6 No-Epic F2P Deck!


Hello everyone, Today I am going to introduce with you an Arena 6 No Epic Free to Play Deck which helped Swirlled, co-leader of Reddit Beta, push from 1700+ trophies to Arena 7! This is his first ever guide! Anyways, he was testing a deck at around 2500 trophies and to my surprise worked quite well.

This deck as I said in the title does not use epics, mortar or bomb tower. Although, you can replace Rocket for Lightning if you please.

Get to Arena 7 with Arena 6 No-Epic Free-to-Play Deck

Get to Arena 7 with this Arena 6 No-Epic F2P Deck

Rocket – Used to hit those players who use huts, elixir collectors, etc. Can be used to hit buildings behind towers, troops along with the tower, or just to snipe the tower. Ex. opponent puts elixir collector behind tower, I rocket it hitting both the tower and elixir collector. Only reason I use rocket is because I do not have lightning spell on this account. Although on my main account I use lightning and prefer that over rocket. Can be replaced with lightning

Goblins – Used defensively and offensively, sometimes I send this right after I send in my hog rider, this is increase my damage output and maybe bait a zap/arrows. Play this card in middle of base so their troops are lured to the middle and get hit by both towers or take the long route to your tower. Cannot be replaced

Hog Rider – Use this when you are sitting at 10 elixir in beginning if you don’t have anything else to play, that way you can see what they have to counter and in the future try to play it when they can’t defend back along with goblins or spear goblins. This card acts as the front line and tanks for your smaller troops. Cannot be replaced

Arrows – Used to counter swarms, minion hordes, etc. Sometimes used if you need to get that last hit off the tower. Can be replaced with zap if you please

Elixir Collector – Place this in front of your towers in the middle so that troops are going towards the middle. Used to tank for your towers and generate elixir so you can spam more troops. If hog/prince or whatever is already at your tower, don’t hesitate to place it on top of them if that’s what it takes to win. Can be replaced with cannon if you don’t have elixir collector yet

Minion Horde – Used to defend against tanks or big threats such as P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Giant, etc. Can be used offensively if you know your opponent has no counter such as arrows, zap, fireball, etc. Cannot be replaced

Minions – Can be used to defend against smaller threats such as knight, valkyrie, musketeer, can be used behind hog rider to inflict some great damage. Cannot be replaced

Spear Goblins – Can be used defensively to slowly chip off opponents or lure troops to the middle, can be used offensively behind hog rider and potentially bait zap or arrows Can be replaced with archers, not recommended

My card levels are commons: 7, Rares: 4, Epics: N/A, (Lightning level does not matter)

Please be sure to read top Clash Royale tips at here!

General Play Style

If you have Elixir Collector in your starting hand, awesome, place that in front of your king tower in the middle of your base so troops are lured there and attack that instead of your tower. If they place down bomb tower, or elixir collector and you have lightning/rocket, take it out. If you don’t have it, use minions to take it out, potentially bait some troops to be played. Counter their ground troops with your air troops and lure them away with your ground troops. ie. they use barbs at river, use spear goblins and minions to defend, potentially baiting arrows, if not, send the hog in to tank and let the minions and spear gobs to attack the tower. Repeat process just play safe and be alert of their cards, their counter cards, and when it is your time to strike. If one of their towers are low enough, go ahead and rocket or lightning but make sure your towers are clean of their troops because you are using 6 elixir. In overtime, once you send the hog, maybe lightning/rocket their building or tower or tower + troops, and have a swarm of goblins and minions coming at his tower, and they arrow your swarm, that is when you send the next batch in, whether its in the other lane or the same lane, they will have a tough time defending if they already used their counter card because this deck cycles super quick.

Thank you for reading swirlled_’s first ever guide guys! If there’s any questions in the comment section I will try to answer. Feel free to ask me anything or give me constructive criticism. Other than that I hope this guide helped you, good luck in the arena, challenger!


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