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Arena 5 Free-To-Play X-Bow Deck


Hello guys, I am Vskg and today I am going to show you a great free-to-play X-Bow Decks for Arena 5 and above players. The main strategy of this deck is to fast cycle through cards to get multiple X-Bows while easily dealing with most attacks! If you don’t like X-Bow, please just don’t comment and use other decks on Clash Royale Arena!

Arena 5 Free-To-Play X-Bow Deck

Free-to-Play X-Bow Deck for Arena 5

Clash Royale X-BowClash Royale WizardClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale BomberClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale elixir collector


  • X-Bow : Okay, this is the main card of this Deck. It’s your cheesy building that makes your enemy fall in tears (I do NOT recommend using X-Bow for distraction to the following troops: Hog Rider, Lava Hound, Royal Giant and Giant). In short, no mercy!
  • Ice Wizard/Wizard/Musketeer : This is your main air counter Troop, that also helps a lot on defense, and sometimes get some hits on the enemy Tower, and makes your enemy tilt.
  • Goblins/Skeletons : Cheap distraction that gets rid of Hog Rider or Royal Giant getting on your law. Also a good Cycle Troop.
  • Archers/Spear Goblins : These are your Backup Air Defense troops, they’re perfect for those minion hordes and 3 Minions that want to sneek by your Stab Goblins. (I rather use Archers, since they don’t Die to Zap)
  • Bomber/Witch : Your Counter for Barbarians and/or Skeleton Army, Witch does work well, but Bomber is cheaper and get cycled fast, and serves as a good distraction for that hit from the Prince or Mini-P.E.K.K.A.
  • Zap : The best spell on the game in this meta. Should not be used to clear Goblins or Spear Goblins, the right way to use Zap in THIS Deck is to wait until the enemy put down a Minion Horde, use your Archers/Spear Goblins and Zap it, getting an equal elixir trade or +1. (You can only use Witch or Wizard without the Zap.) Is good against Barbarians too, Bomber + Zap Rekt Barbs meaning an equal elixir trade and a Counter push.
  • Minions/Fire Spirits : I could put Fire Spirits in the Zap section, but zap is just too necessary. i rather swap them with minions. Minions will take out that Royal Giant, Hog, Giant, Balloon, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Sparky, etc. Fire Spirits will take out Minion Hordes, Barbs, Skeleton Army, Witch, Goblin Barrel and even other fire spirits. Swap them by your will if you’re getting trouble against the cards i mentioned before. I strongly recommend using Fire Spirits and you should take a look at this in-depth guide for more details about this card!
  • Elixir Collector : Very Important Card, that makes it possible to cycle a 6 Elixir Card. I usually do not place a single X-Bow until 60 Seconds left. I only play defensive all game, cycling through my units to put down 2~4 Pumps, and when the clock beats 1:00, it’s X-Bow time. you Gonna be nuts on how fast you can cycle with Elixir Collector.
    TL;DR: You use it, then you use X-Bow.

Tips and Tricks

  • Against a Royal Giant user, always try to out cycle his Royal Giant, the 1s deploy time buff on the X-Bow means that the enemy must cycle through 4s of Elixir to get his/her Royal Giant Back before the X-Bow locks on his/her Tower.
  • Against a Hog user, Yep, You’re screwed if it is a Hog Cycle deck, but in the actual meta, the Trifecta deck is more popular. ALWAYS counter Hog with Minions and/or Archers and/or Bomber, they will not die by Zap (on tournament Rules), after your opponent plays the Zap, Follow up with a huge push with your zappable units, like Goblins/Skeletons/Spear Goblins, and only play the X-Bow on Overtime, where you will be able to Out Cycle most decks if you have enough Elixir Collectors.
  • Against Miner place your Elixir Collectors in the front of the king’s tower, and try your best to predict where the Miner will show up!

Okay so that’s it guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help about this Arena 5 X-Bow Deck! Good luck!


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