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Arena 5 Pushing Deck with Valkyrie and Hog Rider


I am pretty sure that lots of players have been finding it very hard to getting past Arena 4 and 5 in Clash Royale. Also, I have received dozens of requests for a new deck for this hell, that’s why today I am going to show you an easy-to-use Clash Royale Arena 4 and 5 deck. Hopefully this new deck can help you out!

push to arena 5

You can replace Zap with Arrows if your Zap is low level.

Arena 5 Pushing Deck

Shared by Bobluck6

I tested this deck with my alt low level account and I easily made it to Arena 6 with level 4 Hog Rider and level 5 Common. Also, I am pretty sure that you can easily request these cards from your Clan mates without any problem, people in low Arena not use these cards truly. This deck is totally free-to-play as it doesn’t use any Epic.

This deck is a modified version of a popular one in Arena 7 and 8. It helps you deal with the game meta in Arena 4 and 5 easier.

I will make it easy in this guide because I did write lots of ways about using these cards before. I strongly recommend you read this guide first to learn how to play and counter every card in Clash Royale.

General Gameplan

While using this deck, you will want to play defensively first and then launch a counter attack right after that with troops you used to defend.

Valkyrie + Musketeer + Hog Rider is the main push of this deck. With Cannon, Musketeer and Valkyrie, you can easily deal with almost any push in Arena 4 and 5. After defending, If your Valkyrie is alive, drop your Hog Rider right behind her so Hog can push her to the opponent’s Tower quickly, Valkyrie will also help your Hog remove all distractions on the road, not only deal damage to the Tower. Musketeer behind will help you do extra damage. Sometimes, this push can easily finish off a tower If your opponent doesn’t know how to deal with it properly or you protect your push well with Fireball and Zap.

Hog + Goblins push is a classic one but also very effective. Use it when you want to play aggressively or want to launch a sneak push when your opponent is on low Elixir.

If your opponent usually play Barbarians to stop your Hog Rider, try to predict it and pre-Fireball them. Your Valkyrie can remove them all with just one swing. High risk but high pay.


Normally, if you play defensively and follow my tips above, you can defend well against most pushes. But, yes, there are always some hard ones. They are:

  • Balloon: Musketeer is the only anti-air troop int his deck and you will always want to have your Musketeer ready to deal with Balloon. Lure the Balloon to the middle with your Cannon and place your Musketeer right in front of your King’s Tower, most of the time, Balloon can’t make it to the Crown Tower. If you want to pay more time for your Musketeer, don’t hesitate to use Zap and Fireball.
  • Hut Decks: This kind of deck is extremely popular in Arena 4 and 5 because it is pretty easy-to-use to push to at least Arena 4. Once your opponent dropped the Barbarian Hut, or when you feel your opponent is low on Elixir, launch a quick push on the other lane with Valkyrie + Hog or Hog + Goblins. Keep playing like that and you can destroy one Tower before the x2 Elixir time, then, defend till death! Oh, and don’t hesitate to use Fireball If you can damage 2 Huts and the Tower nearby.
  • Giant Decks: Use Cannon to lure the Giant to the middle and use Valkyrie, Musketeers, Fireball,… to deal with the troops behind. Don’t focus on the Giant first, support troops behind are more dangerous! You can use Skeletons or Goblins to take down the Giant faster.
  • Cannon Decks: Drop your Cannon reactively in the middle and it can easily solo-kill the Hog Rider (of course with the help from the Tower nearby). If your opponent couple Hog with  Goblins or something like that, use Valkyrie or Zap to 1 hit them.
  • Vs the same deck: Do your best!

Okay so that’s everything I want to share with you today. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or If you have any advice! Hopefully you can push to Arena 6 soon with this deck. Good luck guys!


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