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Arena 1 Deck Which Helps Me Push To 1700+ Trophies


This Arena 1 Deck is a very cool deck to use, as you can technically use all Arena 1 cards and still push to 1700+ trophies. After you get there, you can continue using deck like I did, otherwise you can use a lot of other stunning Decks on Clash Royale Arena. I hope you guys will like this Deck and thanks Courier_6 very much for sharing this deck!

Arena 1 Deck Clash Royale

Best Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck

Reasons that this Arena 1 Deck works for all new players

  • Surprising deck
  • Basic deck
  • Elixir efficient


First card is my preferred deck, others are replacements if one is looking for different stats

  • Giant/Giant Skeleton: Your main tanker. I prefer Giant to Giant Skeleton because the Giant Skeleton can be distracted while the Giant cannot. Use him to tank for the power units.
  • Barbarians/Knight – The Knight acts as a secondary tanker behind the Giant. Barbarians should be better, as they can be used on offense AND defense, and there are four of them. However, Knight takes 2 elixir less to play.
  • Bomber/Wizard/Dragon: Bomber costs the least out of them all, so I prefer him. It also does more damage than a Dragon. I haven’t fully tried out the Wizard yet.
  • Musketeer: Use this to counter big troops behind the CT, especially Baby Dragon. Then use a tanker and push.
  • Spear Goblins/Archers: They are extremely effective on both offense and defense. Can be played to keep the rotation going.
  • Skeletons/Goblins: The same reason as above.
  • Arrows/Zap: Arrows can destroy squishy units better than Zap unless Zap is high-leveled. Use this to gain the elixir advantage.
  • Prince: He is the main damage dealer of this Arena 1 Deck. This handsome guy was nerfed. But only a bit. He can still wreck towers.

In the higher trophy ranges, no one expects you to use such a basic deck. They will think they can crush you and make many mistakes. You can easily counter them if they do and win. This is probably one of the most elixir efficient decks that work.

Warning: This deck gets crushed by Hut/Zoo decks, so be aware of the fact that if your opponent starts deploying huts, play defensively.


Hog + Freeze – Deploy Skeletons. After the Freeze spell is deployed, deploy a power unit or Spear Goblins.

Prince – Deploy Skeletons, and Spear Goblins right after. You end up with a two elixir advantage and two extra spear goblins.

X-Bow – Deploy Giant and a power unit to take down the X-Bow. Then use the Prince on the other lane if the opponent uses a bunch of elixir to defend the X-Bow.

Example Strategy

Note that there are many ways to play with this deck, and this is only one of them but it’s the best way to play at Arena 1-3. I will try to update this in the future If this strategy has enough attention :D.

From 3:00 To 1:00

With this deck, pushing first is Okay. It is actually what I do many times. First, you want to deploy ONE of these troops behind your King Tower after the elixir bar has filled up (don’t waste a second, try to time it just right). From order to deploy in when you have more than one – Giant, Knight (if you are using it), Bomber, Musketeer.

If you don’t have any of these, use Spear Goblins to damage the enemy’s Tower a bit.

If you deployed a tanker, deploy a power unit behind it. If it was a Knight, you can also deploy a Giant in front of the Knight after you deployed a power unit. The order that the units should move towards the enemy’s tower is best as Giant, Bomber, Barbarians (or Knight), and Musketeer. While your opponent is spending all his Elixir defending against that push, you can play Prince on opposite lane and either:

  • Have Arrows ready to counter
  • Play Bomber after Prince

This way, they will have to invest more elixir on the opposite lane, and you can start attacking on the first lane. Repeat this process for two minutes to wear down the opponent.

1:00 to End

Once the Elixir starts rolling in, start deploying tankers and power units right after. Do it rapidly in the lane where your tower is damaged more than the other. That way, the tower will be protected, and when they try to go all out on that lane, you can use the Prince on the other. Usually, you will have already taken out a crown tower by now. IT DOESN’T MATTER! Attack the other crown tower with all your troops while maintaining elixir to counter pushes on the other lane.

If you are at Arena 6 or above, here are some tips for you:


  • Arrows to Fireball.
  • Prince to Hog (unless Prince is really high level).
  • Skeletons to Elixir Collector.

Fireball is better than Arrows at this level due to the massive use of buildings. It can also take out many good troops that wouldn’t be taken out by Arrows, like Musketeer. The Hog is better than the Prince because it is faster and is one less elixir. It has less HP but is still good. Elixir collector gives you elixir advantage and can be used as a defensive building when you are winning and want to end the game.

Remember – there are many different ways to play this deck. Play what suits your opening hand. There are no real combos that this deck relies on, so it is easy to recover from faults.

Okay guys thanks for reading guys! Please ask me any question whenever you need help!


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