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Clash Royale April Update Recap: Clan Wars, New Card and More! (Updated)


As the upcoming Clash Royale April update is just around the corner, we have created this page, picking up everything you want to know the update. This includes both official news and leaked information as well as rumors.

If you know anything about the update which hasn’t been included in this page yet, please let me know in the comment section below.

clash royale update

What is Clan Wars?

It’s been 6 months since the last major Clash Royale update and Supercell has been working very hard to bring back the hype to the game.

Clan Wars should be a real gamechanging feature, which could bring back left players and lots of new players.

clash royale clan wars map

clash royale war day

Some Information You Need To Know About The Clan Wars

  • The Clan Wars system is not based on the Tournament Standard. The Clan Card levels can’t be higher than your owncard levels.
  • Clan Wars last 2 days long. The whole clan (50 players) can participate in the Clan Wars
  • Players must be at least level 8 to join the Clan Wars.
  • The Clan War lasts for 2 days. Clan can participate in numberous Clan Wars during the Clan War Season (2 weeks).
    • Day 1: Collection Day. Play different gamemodes to collect Clan Cards, which will be used in Clan War Battles.
    • Day 2: War Day. Each player has only 1 battle. Do the best to win this battle for your Clan.
  • There are be Clan Trophies and Clan Leagues, for determining the rewards as said earlier.
  • The rewards will be sent at the end of the War.
  • There are spectating days.

Read more about Clan Wars at here!

What Is The Clash Royale April 2018 Update Release Date?

Update: The Update is here! See you in the Arena!


Here are some confirmed changes most of you might have already known

  • The Removal of Clan Chests: The old Clan Chests will be replaced by the new Clan Wars reward system.
  • Permanent Mute Button: This was mentioned a long time ago by Supercell.
  • Spectators can now emote also! (Both players can see it)
  • Players who quit 2v2 Quick Matches will have to wait before playing again (short ban).
  • Now you can sort your card collection by “rarity descending”.
  • New Supercell ID system in the Settings.
  • Arena Value Packs now contain Lightning Chest, King’s Chest and Legendary King’s Chest.

Balance Changes

  • Dark Prince: Shield HP -25%
  • Spear Goblins: Hit Speed 1.1sec → 1.2sec
  • Barbarian Barrel: Range 6.5 → 7
  • Knight: Hitpoints +3%
  • Dart Goblin: Damage +3%
  • Ice Spirit: Area Damage -4%; Freeze Duration 1.5sec → 1sec
  • Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count 6 → 7
  • Lightning: Radius 3 → 3.5
  • Tornado: Duration 2.5sec → 2 sec; Damage per second +21% (this affects Total Damage -3%)
  • Magic Archer: Hits moving targets better.

Read more at here.

Chest Reworks (Confirmed)

lightning chest

Lightning Chest

Players now can use ‘Strikes’ to replaced unwanted cards. The new cards will have the same rarity and amount.

Higher Arena chest gives more strikes.

Arena Strikes Available Common Rare Epic Legendary Droprate Total Cards
1 2 64 16 1 0% 81
2 2 67 17 1 0% 85
3 3 71 17 1 0% 89
4 3 74 18 1 0% 93
5 4 77 19 1 0% 97
6 4 79 20 2 1% 101
7 4 82 21 2 1% 105
8 4 86 21 2 1% 109
9 5 89 22 2 1% 113
10 5 92 23 2 1% 117
11 5 95 24 2 1% 121
12 5 98 25 2 1% 125

fortune chestFortune Chest

Everyday, 4 different cards are featured in the Fortune Chest.

Most of the time, the chest will favor the cards which could be useful for you. 2 out of 4 cards are guaranteed upon opening.

Arena Common Rare Epic Legendary Droprate Total Cards
1 125 32 5 0% 162
2 131 34 5 0% 170
3 138 35 5 0% 178
4 143 37 6 2% 186
5 150 38 6 5% 194
6 156 40 6 5% 202
7 161 42 7 7% 210
8 168 43 7 7% 218
9 174 45 7 7% 226
10 181 46 7 10% 234
11 186 48 8 10% 242
12 192 50 8 10% 250

king chestKing’s Chest

Available for all players from Arena 1 to Arena 6.

Very high Legendary drop rate at Arena 6.

Arena Common Rare Epic Legendary Droprate Total Cards
1 176 48 16 0% 240
2 184 50 16 0% 250
3 191 52 17 0% 260
4 198 54 18 10% 270
5 206 56 18 20% 280
6 213 58 19 33% 290

legendary king chestLegendary’s King Chest

Available for all players from Arena 7 to Arena 12.

Each Legendary’s King Chest guarantees a Legendary Card and the unique ‘card drafting’ mechanic that allows you to choose between two different cards at a time.

Arena Common Rare Epic Legendary Droprate Total Cards
7 219 60 20 100% 300
8 227 62 20 100% 310
9 234 64 21 100% 320
10 241 66 22 100% 330
11 249 68 22 100% 340
12 256 70 23 100% 350

New Cards Coming in this April Update?

Update: There is no new card in this update. But we will have new cards in May, which is very close.

Hint: Watch your step when walking in the woods near Royal Arena…

Again, we have no clue yet.

This section will be used for the new cards (hopefully) once the update launched.

A few weeks ago, there was a guy asking CR team on Twitter that where was a new card coming. and they said Maaaaybe… with a hush emoji.

Maybe this is not a solid proof, in my opinion, Supercell really must release some new cards right now, which should be win-conditions, not all-around or support cards.

The gameplay must be evolved around them, creating a fresh new strategies for people.

And now is a perfect time to release new cards.

According to Tim, new heroes (not cards) were not a part of the Clan Wars update… Are they gonna be released soon? Archer Queen and Barbarian King?


How about the New Arena?

How about the new Arena?

Supercell hasn’t offered any indication about this yet, however, WELLGAMER has datamined some very interesting stuffs inside the game code.

There is new Arena called Atlantis, which could be coming in this update, and a new game mode named “King of the Hill”.

This is just so exciting!

leaked arena gamemode clash royale

What do you think about the Clash Royale April update?

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


    • Hog Ebarbs is not beatdown. It is cancer, takes no skill, and more like a bridge spam/control deck, but definitely not beatdown. Beatdown uses tanks such as Giant, Pekka, Golem, or Lava Hound

  1. I think you misinterpreted Tim’s message about new cards. He only said that HEROES won’t be a part of this update, but that doesn’t mean that there will be no new normal cards. There are rumors about a new monkey card too.



    (Does the update start tomorrow morning or evening or whathever?)

  3. I’ve slowly played less and less of clash royale because fortnite is now more entertaining and fun for me than clash.. However, with this new clan wars update I may just have to start getting back into clash royale! 🙂

    • I don’t know If it’s just me.

      I was playing PUBG and Fornite like 6 months ago. Losing interest after just a month.

      • I play PUBG and Fortnite only with friends. And I was never so interested in it like in Clash Royale.

      • It was great however boring after a short period of time. Maybe not that type of game.

      • No nintendo either? you’re missing out on some of the greatest games. however if gaming isn’t your thing then it might as well as be worthless.

      • I don’t want to spend big bucks on PCs or gaming consoles, so I stick with mobile games bc that’s what I’m good at. I actually only have 2 games on my phone, (ros and cr) buy I can play them for hours.

      • RIP, you are missing a lot by not playing console or pc, so many great games and (way better in general) of course you pay a lot though

      • I played Fortnite for a month and got so bored, I have 70 wins yet they all feel worthless, the game is too repetitive ad boring.

      • I never had the chance to try fortnite, I thought it looked cool but now I know it is boring XD I tried mobile PUBG and thought it wasn’t too bad

      • it is not boring , if you heard about it and not played it then how can you say its like that?

      • have you played recently? they add stuff monthly, and fortnite is not boring IMO, maybe you just played to much

      • Eh I keep up with the updates, and I know what they include but TO ME it feels way too repetitive, from the gameplay to the similarity of the added items, plus port-a-fort pisses me off.

  4. Well according to my private investigations, the new card appearing is a spell card.

  5. I’m begging Supercell to get a solution to filthy gemmers… plz… The game is so messed up most people are just card farming or gemming to win. They have no skill. I’m league 1, and when I started a new account, an arena 5 player had higher card levels than my main account

  6. guys i am using a deck which has 90% win rate. Rate this deck. For me, it works like magic!
    3)Hog Rider
    5)Fire Spirits

    • to be honest looks like a 3hybrid deck which leads us to a conclusion that: 1) either you aren’t at arena 12 2)You are the god of cr and makes unbeatable new meta crushing tri-hybrid decks 3) unlikely but your win% might be just bs. The most likely the answer is 1) then 2) then 3)

      • I am seriously honest about this win rate.
        Lemme share the success story of this deck :
        I stopped playing CR about a year ago when i was in royal arena (2000 trophies). Then i once again started to play this jan. I propelled my way to jungle arena in no time. Now i currently have 2900 trophies. I have been using this deck from arena 4 but now since i have many favourable cards I made great changes to this deck. It was a hard time at first but later (now) when i got used to this deck , there is nothin stopping me from winning!!! According to statroyale, last 25 battles i had won 22 of them which is 88% win rate.

      • I am in jungle arena mid. So, this deck has undergone great changes from the time when i was in pekka playhouse aka arena 4. I used it so much, that it rarely fails.

      • Mid jungle arena? That’s not very good. If I had tourney standard cards and I used my ladder deck in the 2400-3200 noob trophy range, I can guarantee a 100% win rate. And I’m very bad at the game.
        You’re stuck in Jungle Arena and you have level 6 pekka. I don’t even have a single level 6 epic and I’m 1000 trophies above you. *claps*

      • btw did i tell you im stuck ?? NO. Like you said, im having a high win rate too cuz im playing with low levelled players. i i am just continuing after a long gap, and ill probably reach 3600 trophies by april 30th.

      • Well, did you get to 3600 yet? Probably not. Also, with a level 6 pekka, if you’re stuck below 3300, you’re a noob, no offense. My friend got to 3400, and he’s a level 1 that’s never spent any money on the game and he’s only been playing for 4 months. He got to jungle arena with just two legendaries, including a 3/2 princess.

      • 3300 is less than my friend’s level 1 account. He’s a cancerous 12 year old with a B+ in Algebra I (things are really strange in Northern Virginia), so he’s not even that smart. And to be good at clash, you have to be smart.

      • wow, didnt know it will turn into such a big argument. but to settle it…a lvl 6 pekka should, at the very least, be at 3700 trophies. i’ve fought people with lvl 4 pekka in 3900. i beat them of course, because my cards are higher lvl, but 3300 trophies is nothing to brag about.
        ps- lvl 7 hog is garbage

      • And also im just asking how good is this deck for arena 12…….cuz i believe i can reach there in no time

  7. Ok so in a nutshell, this whole clan war is like a soccer league where clan which gets most medals will be placed at top while the clan which gets no medals at the bottom

  8. A summary of clan wars:

    So basically, you collect cards the first day as much as you can with 3 battles per person. Then, those cards you’ve accumulated are used to make a deck for the second day. The more cards you collect, the higher that card level.

    On the second day, each person on a clan must face another person from another clan ONCE. The more games your clanmates win, the higher your clan war trophy. War trophy is used to determine your clan war league, and your reward is based on your clan league and the highest ranked war you participated.

    I’m not sure if I’m right tho :p

  9. Thoughts on clan wars:

    Better than clan chest of course since it’s not a crown race and you can initiate the clan wars anytime. The rewards are bigger, but your clan needs to git gud, unlike clan chest whereas your clan needs to be dilligent (choring). The clan war mechanics are a bit confusing for starters. Nothing really new in term of gameplay. Top clans will dominate this though so it’s hard to reach high league as smaller clans, thus preventing from getting maximum rewards.
    Overall: 7.5/10
    (-1 for lack of new gameplay, -1 for not being balanced for minor clans, -1 for confusing mechanics, +.5 for being better than clan chests)

    • Lack of new gameplay? You collect cards when you already have them! That is pretty new.

      It is slightly balanced for minor clans, because I believe that both clans have to agree to go to war to go through with each other before it can actually happen (CMIIR). Plus you have to collect cards, so you can’t use maxed E-Barbs unless you are lucky enough to get the cards to max them.

      I’m sure that if you just go for it you will understand it quick enough. Look at the tab, do 3 battles, next day battle one person with a weird deck, rinse and repeat.

      • I actually got a REALLY good deck from the Clan Cards! Here it is:
        Royal Giant
        Three Musketeers
        Baby Dragon

      • The RG Three Musk combo is a working pro deck in challenges, actually. Provided using the correct cards, you can win pretty normally.

        To rate this for ladder, that one is pretty good with fireball + zap combo and a knight/valk for a cheap tank, but you only really need one cheap tank. Barbarians are decent, but there are better cards that can get better trades, like Goblin Gang, but Barbarians will do. You will probably need an elixir collector replacing a mini tank for bait/advantage.

        Rating this in Clan Wars, you got a pretty lucky collection there. Well constructed deck!

  10. there is one thing i hate abt clan wars: card levels are affected by your levels and that sucks. Maxed out players will benefit from this

  11. Has anyone else noticed that someone in your clan gets two war battles? or just me

    • It’s to make it fair between the clans that are participating… smaller clans with less participants get people with two attacks in order to balance out the number of attacks each clan gets so that they are the same

  12. some of my clanmembers could attack twice, i guess it is stil buggy. so far clanwars is not what i thought it would be. cant imangine lost players will return to the game because of clanwars.

    • It’s to make it fair between the clans that are participating… smaller clans with less participants get people with two attacks in order to balance out the number of attacks each clan gets so that they are the same

  13. my clan cards suck its only support only win conditions are giant with no support, a level 4 hog, and a balloon

    • I shall join because I left cr because April update was trash…. I shall log on sometimes to request cards

  14. Our clan is Rowland Royale # 99PJCJ9P – 78 trophies 10/10 chest. We have a some very competitive players at the top that will team carry in war. and also many chill people, not that competitive. So as long as you are at least average, you will be ok. If you’re willing to learn, we will help you get better

  15. My clan, Robot Forces (#2RGLR99V), Clan Score at 7247. Not very active, I’m just interested in the casual clan war.

  16. As fun as this update looks, I can’t have my first war in the clan I created because every adverdising attempt (which sucked because I don’t know how to appeal to a majority) gets countered by people not being interested.

  17. Wait, King of the Hill? Obviously not the show, but I’ll throw in the theme song for the lols.

  18. i have been delaying writing my golem hunter guide i will try and submit it by this weekend. SORRY ALL DONT MURDER ME FOR SAYING THIS

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