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An Excellent deck for 1400+ to 2800(NO LEGENDARY)


In this page, I am going to share and explain a deck which I used from 1400 to 2800 trophies and had huge success with it. Well, let’s get started.

This deck is pretty easy to use and uses the balloon as the main offensive unit; it is a control deck you do positive elixir trades while defending and do small pushes.

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As you can see it has few troops (like bats, ice golem)which unlock at higher arenas so starting at 1400 trophies you can use this deck.

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The Knight replaces the Ice Golem. The BD replaces guards. Spear goblins replace bats. Fireball replaces Tornado.

It uses NO legendary cards so everyone can use this. Also, the final deck has only 3 epic cards rests Rares and Commons which can be leveled up very easily.

This deck needs a medium skill level. I went from 2100 to 2700 in around 3-4 days. It had a very high success rate. Can be used in 2v2 also. I used to score 6 wins In Classic Challenge with level 8 king tower and only one troop upto tournament cap level which is pretty decent I feel.


Roles of Each card in this deck.

BalloonCardThumBalloon: This is your main offensive card mostly used after defending and having positive elixir trade. The damage it deals with its bomb is insane and the death damage also hits units poorly placed(which I have seen a lot)while countering it.


IceGolemCardThumIce golem: A mini-tank to distract and defend its best used for kiting troops to other lanes like Pekka, Mini-Pekka, Prince, Valk, Giant skeleton etc. It’s death damage can also kill skarmy and it also freezes them like ice wiz.


TombstoneCardTombstone:  Mostly used for defending against single attacking units like Prince, Pekka, Musketeer etc. It can also counter unsupported Giant skeleton if placed right. It also takes out inferno dragon with help from arena tower. It tanks at least 3 hits from unsupported Sparky(1st hit the skeleton, 2nd hit the building,3rd hit spawned skeleton).

GuardsGuards: One of the best cards for defense in the game. The can counter all types of wizards on your side. They take out a lone sparky(surround him). They distract Pekka, Prince etc. while dealing damage itself. Can do good chip damage if left ignored. (Each guard takes 4 hits to die from the tower).


Tornado: One of the most OP defensive spell in the game. It has so many uses. In the beginning, you can use it to activate king’s tower by luring troops to it like Gob barrel, Hogs, Miner etc. or you can use with the wizard.


WizWizard: A splash damage card that deals high damage. The wizards+Nado combo is almost as good as Exnado combo. Can deal heavy damage to opponents tower even if it only gets few hits.


thumBats: High DPS defense cards. Helps take out tanks too.



Fire spirits: Another splash card it is mostly used as support behind balloons. It kills minions, hordes, spear gob, gob gang that is used for defending balloon. If the opponent uses musketeer or wiz or medium hp troops balloon Lvl 4 will still one hit tower. If the troops are planted behind tower 3 fire spirit will hit tower for 550-700 damage depending on their level or else they will hit the support troop to lower its health. If someone places troops beside the tower they hit both. Can be used on defense too.

Well, that’s pretty much of the final deck.

In lower arenas, Knight is your mini tank, spear gob for chip damage behind loons, Fireball anything that is 4 elixir or plus if u can get arena tower or fireball if you get good value without the tower(like 2 wizs or witch wiz or musketeer wiz).

General gameplay


From 3:00 to 2:00
This is as usual as it goes for most decks get an idea of opponents deck and cycle keep doing positive trades and small chipping. If you see opponent plant collector then go with loon spirit or Loon wiz combo if you have them in your hand same goes for the golem. If you get to activate kings tower it will be very useful.

From 2:00-1:00

You now know opponents cycle and cards keep that in mind and bend more on the offense side.

From Double elixir time.

Do heavy offense use Balloon and wiz or Balloon and Fire spirit. If you know for sure they have Balloon counters out of hand send a lone balloon too will be alright. Defend heavy push with Tornade Plus wiz and if needed use tombstone(for golem Pekka etc.) or ice golem keep in mind you do +ve trades.

Tips for this deck.

1) In beginning send Balloon with Fire spirit behind them to kill minions, hordes or bats. Even in end-game, you can send fire spirits alone to do 500+damage.Plant balloon first so tower target Balloons.

2) You can use Ice golem as Mini-Tank for Balloon it can land at least one more hit if Ice golem tanks for it.

3) Wizard Plus tornado is very deadly it can give you the huge advantage.

4) Use ice golem to kite troops whenever you can.

5) Guards are the absolute beast against single target troops all of them will take 6 hits to shut them out.

6) Don’t forget to activate King’s tower in beginning.

7) Placing tombstone in front of arena tower will allow Hog to only 1 hit your tower even if they use poison.

8) Spear gob can do great damage behind a mini tank use them too.

Cards to be careful of!!

E-Wiz: The greatest enemy of Balloons it shuts down balloon completely.

Inferno tower: Another thing to be wary of. (any building cards to speak of).

Hunter: He can 2 hit Balloon if placed correctly.

The solution to E-wiz is trying to out cycle them or use Balloon when they don’t have E-Wiz.

For infernos, well I have rarely seen guys using infernos till 2800 trophies they were like 1/10 attacks. Counter them by using Ice golem in front then Bats and Loon.

Hunter: Well not many people gave it now it was rarer than IT.Same like E-wiz out cycle out use when they don’t have it.

Well, guys that it for this guide! Thank you for reading and I hope you give this deck a shot!

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