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A Battle Ram Graveyard I created to help push in the lower arenas.


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Card Roles

Battle Ram: Your tank. Pair this with the Graveyard for a deadly push that must be defended.
Graveyard: Your win condition. Play this card smartly and pair it with other cards to support it since it is easily countered.
Poison: Use this spell to counter swarms that your opponent plays against your BR or GY.
Log: This helps you knock back troops and kill Goblin Barrels. You can also use the Log to cycle to a good card order.
LumberJack: This guy is insane. He will obliterate tanks. He also drops a rage spell that helps.
Minions: These are your clean up crew. They can take care of lots of cards for a cheap elixir cost.
Ice Spirit: This is your cycle card. You can cycle it at the bridge for chip damage or pair it with the battle ram for a great push.
Electro Wizard: He will stun troops when dropped and when attacking. Overall he is very versatile.

The Original Mega Hog!
The Original Mega Hog!

This is a fast pace deck. It helped me push 800 trophies as a lvl 9. During Double Elixir you can use BR and GY if your opponent invests a big tank in the back. It is a very big punishing deck. It also has a lot of cards for defense. Try to defend your opponents push well and get a big counter push. As soon as they drop cards to protect your counter push go in with a BR and GY on the opposite lane since they won’t have a lot of elixirs. You want to get a big elixir advantage then punish them. Try not to activate the King Tower if possible since it makes GY a lot harder to play. Against another GY deck you should save your Poison. If you Poison on offense they will wreck you with a GY push. Play perfectly until they make a mistake. That goes for playing against any deck. If they make a mistake, you should punish them really hard for doing that. In Single Elixir it is important not to play BR and GY together. That will put you down to 1 elixir and leave you vulnerable. Only GY if you just defended and have 6 or more elixir worth of troops counter pushing. You can then support that push with a GY to see how they will counter it. Against a Giant Double Prince deck you have to play conservatively. If your opponent plays a Giant and Double Prince you should Ice Spirit the whole push to stop the charge. Play the Lumberjack on the Princes with a Mega Minion as well. Minions can be played on the Giant. The Electro Wizard can also be played next to the tower to stun the Giant and one of the Princes. After that defense tries to counter push with a GY as well. If you can take a tower that is good. If they play a Giant in the back go BR and GY opposite lane and force them to spend elixir. If they use a lot of elixirs defending your push they can’t support that giant. Then defend the Giant with a Lumberjack and the other side with a Mega Minion and Minions as well as Ice Spirit finally. Against a Golem you will use BR on defense. Use a BR on the other side when they play a Golem in the back. Try to get as much damage as possible without expending tons of elixir. Use the BR in the middle of the support troops. Then use the Lumberjack and Mega Minion to kill the support troops while the BR tanks. You can also play an Ice Spirit on the support troops. Lastly play Minions on the Golem to slowly kill it. After finishing off the support troops your Mega Minion and Lumberjack should go back to kill the Golem. After the Golem dies you can use a BR and GY the same lane or opposite lane, your choice.

Hard Counters:
A deck with a lot of counters to GY is hard to play against. Try to get a huge push on one side after defending. After they play their GY counters you can go BR and GY immediately opposite lane and take advantage of their situation.

Here are the substitutes for the Legendaries.
Graveyard: No subs except for maybe Goblin Barrel
Lumberjack: Mini Pekka, Valkyrie
Log: Zap
Electro Wizard: Musketeer, Hunter, Mega Minion.

the ultimate guide photo
Clash Royale: the ultimate guide

Additional Tips:
With this deck just try to play it really quickly and play all reactive. This deck pushed me from Hog Mountain to Legendary Arena as a level 9. Also if your BR is underleveled you can use Cannon Cart since it is such a good card for only one more elixir. Swap out the cards you don’t like in your deck and fit it to your play style. If you can get your BR to a high level that is really good. Also level your minions so they can’t be zapped. One person I know tried this deck I gave him and he loved it. He has been playing it for around eight months and has mastered the deck to the point where he can win many matches.

Clash Royale- Hog Bandit Deck
Clash Royale- Hog Bandit Deck

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