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Devastating 3.3 Three Musketeers Cycle! – 23-0 Streak!


What’s up guys! Norbysweg here, back with another extremely successful deck for you guys! Let me introduce you how I made this deck, and what I found out about.

Half a year ago, one of my mates suddenly left the clan. I followed him into another clan, and asked him what happened. He said that there is a Clash Royale app named Gamebattles, where you could battle players in in-app ladders, and win money. You had to enter an app-made clan, where you would battle the selected player, submit the score, and get to the top. At the time I wasn’t very good at the game, hovering around 2000-2500 trophies, but I really thought about that a lot, that someday I would win that thing.

So here I am! After completing the 20 Win challenge, I got very self-confident about my gameplay, and wanted to advance.

Guess what, I entered this league, and managed to get a 32-2 score, and a 23-0 streak in the first day! All of that was made using one deck (rarely switching to Log bait if I lost the first game).

Today I’m gonna talk about my own Three Musky cycle deck, and how I managed to get that lovely score in just a day!

Devastating Three Musketeers Cycle Deck

Clash Royale KnightClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale The Log
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale BatsClash Royale elixir collector

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 Pros Cons
  • Extremely fast, annoying
  • Counters many Popular decks, including Pekka Hog and Three Musk bait
  • Extremely good in bracket play: it’s an unexpected, fast cycling deck
  • Dominating in ladder : 3 rares, 4 commons, 1 legendary/common
  • Counters Mega Knight!
  • Very weak against Poison
  • Weak against Rocket
  • Not best in Grand Challenges, can easily matchup with weaknesses above
  • Hard to get chip damage in

General Gameplan

As you’ve probably seen already, this deck is both a cycle, and a Pump deck.

Come on, it’s hecking 3,3.

Generally I place my pump first. At this point, if they use a spell on it, you cycle Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Bats, Ice Golem, and place another one. If they attack and spell at the same time, you almost won the entire game. Along the fact that you can defend with cheap cards, you cycled back your pump at the same time.

If you don’t have the pump in cycle, the best move is to wait your opponent out, so you can defend and cycle at the same time. Cycling Ice Spirit and Skeletons is okay, but rolling through your cards like they were nothing, and leaving yourself with no elixir but a pump isn’t really the optimal move. They can push and spell, so you lose both the tower and pump.

Three Musketeers should only be played at the start if your opponent pushes his soul out. A Mega Knight should be obviously tanked with Knight or Ice Golem, while bats or Skeletons are chipping away at it. If he pushes with something like Giant NW, you should place the Three Musketeers on one side, closer to the middle (of you don’t have a pump there).

Middle Game

When playing against a P.E.K.K.A Lightning deck, you will obviously outcycle them, and have 2-3 pumps until Double Elixir.

However, if you play against something like Log Bait (also 3.3 Elixir as well), a pump down is a luxury. You can cycle faster than them, and have all the chances to getting one down. However, only one fits in the middle, so don’t overextend, because you will be giving your opponent a good rocket opportunity.

7 out of 10 matches, I got a crying face when I pumped up the second time. You can easily guess that they’re down a lot of elixir.

In middle game, you can easily split Three Musketeers, to get a good chunk of damage on both towers. I generally support depending on my cycle, but knight for the one, and ice golem for the two is perfect.

Generally, when the Musketeers are almost at the bridge, your opponent will drop a counter, because they can’t stay at 10 elixir.

Usually, you want to keep their counters in mind, and hard spam the side they haven’t countered.

Bats easily take out an Ice Spirit, other Bats, and lots of little counters.

If you know they counter the 2 Musketeers with P.E.K.k.A, hard push the opposite lane with Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Bats, and everything you have.

If you’re in the very lead, you might even get to place another 3Musks too!


In this part, it’s all about the chip damage.

Always split your Musketeers, unless they don’t have a counter spell in their deck.

In overtime, I usually split them right in the front of the King Tower, so you get the needed amount of elixir to support both lanes, and also cycle back easily.

If you just can’t get past their defenses, there are two moves you can do.

  • First, you are averagely close at tower health, you want to trick them into defending the unsupported side of your push, and push the other hard like Jesus Christ.
  • Of you did it right, you should be able to place another 3Musks the side they didn’t defend. When they add up to your remaining support, it is devastating.

If you are in lead of Tower Damage, you should just sit back and Log cycle.


Since the meta is too diverse right now, I will only consider the medium-damage spells, which counter the Musketeers.

Clash Royale fireballFireball

Pretty ok matchup, if you can get many pumps down, you just need to bait out their fireball and you won the whole game.

It’s very important to split your Musketeers, and preferably not close to the Tower.

Clash Royale PoisonPoison

The hardest counter to this deck! Poison has bigger Tower damage, larger radius, can entirely kill Three Musks, Bats, Skeletons, Ice Spirit.

The damage over time fact also kills some of your cycle cards no matter what, like stated above.

The optimal situation is having 2-3 pumps down, medium tower damage, and splitting Three Musks.

An important tip – against Poison, never play your cycle cards to support your 2 Musketeers. They will die instantly from Poison.

Clash Royale LightningLightning

Easiest matchup!

Get lots of pumps down, and when placing the Three Musketeers (In one lane if possible), put the Knight/Ice Golem/Both of them, to tank the Lightning. This way, they will be hit by the Lightning, keeping the Musketeers alive.

Clash Royale RocketRocket

Pretty hard, but not impossible.

Pumps are the key to victory, so outcycle your opponent with your very cheap cards.

Split Musketeers, and not close to the tower if possible.

If they have the habit of Rocketting the musks, a good move is to predictively support, and all-in push the one Musketeer lane, while keeping the one with two musks unprotected.

Ending word 

This deck is relatively easy to play, and one of my favorite parts is, the BM (laughing, crying emotes, etc.) couple very well with it! When having multiple pumps, the BM is the only thing you still need to mentally breakdown your opponent.

This deck got me many, many, many good results, and I hope you can use it consistently! It’s very good against many decks in the Meta, and shines especially in bracket play, competitive play.

That was it guys! I hope you got a deep understanding on this special deck, and hope to see you use this deck with skill and, most importantly, nerves!

Norbysweg out!


  1. Guys, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried 3M graveyard miner. It also has mega minion, elixir collector, fireball, log/zap, Skeleton Army

  2. that moment you been considering making a guide on a deck for a while only to realize that its already been made

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