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3.1 Pekka Cycle Deck


Hello , I Am Sean.

I am going to show you my deck that works on Arena 9 pretty well!

Pekka Cycle Deck
Pekka Cycle Deck

First of all the Pekka

She is your only tank killer and your only tank use her wisely for counter attacks! but be careful about small units like Skeleton Army or Goblin gang so support the Pekka with a Dark Prince or ready your Arrows!

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince will be used for killing swarm units like Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang you will want to use him to support the Pekka or you can use his shield ability to tank a hit from a charging Prince or a high damaging hit.

Ice Golem

You will need to use the Ice golem to support troops like goblin gang or you can use it for killing low hp units with the death area damage!

Ice Spirit

Use the Ice Spirit for stopping air attackers like Air Balloon or stopping an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon. The Ice Spirit Can be used for cycling to Pekka or other units because of its low cost.


Your Main Tanky Air Killer! The bats will be used for killing Airballoons or Lava hounds maybe even a Mega Minion. Put the bats in front of your tower and In front of the Lava hound or Balloon it will be able to stop the Balloons more effectively!

clash royale bats


Use the arrows for killing swarm units or in rare occasions for killing a princess but I do not recommend using it to kill a princess because after it would be hard to counter minion horde.

Arrows Clash Royale

Dart Goblin

He will be used to kill low hp units like skeletons or minions on low hp if you want to save your arrows. He has a Fast DPS (Damage Per Second) and a long range of 6.5 tiles so he can outhit the Inferno tower! He can chip on towers but he has low hp so he will die pretty fast so be careful.

Mega Goblins
All Goblins

Lastly The Goblin Gang

The Goblin Gang is the only ground swarming unit. You will want to use him to swarm Single Hit Units like the Giant Skeleton or Prince etc…  He can speed up the Pekka if you put him behind the Pekka for a fast push!

Well, that’s it for my 3.1 P.E.K.K.A Cycle Deck! Hope this helped!

Good Luck

-Sean / Seqn

email: realshadowpup@gmail.com

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