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Push to 2300+ Trophies at Level 7


Hey guys it’s me again. In this guide, I’m going to show you the easiest way (palad1nz0’s Deck) that helps me push to 2300+ trophies as a level 7 player. If you don’t know, I shared his another Deck before, which can help you easily push to 1900 trophies even If you are at just level 6. You can take a look at that guide at here.

palad1nz0 is currently at top 8th in Thailand and this guide is gonna talking about this outstanding Battle Deck. I will try to explain everything as simple as possible!

This is the Deck:

Battle Deck

General Gameplan

Place the Tesla at the middle of your land and wait for your opponent to drop a card. Once the opponent drops a card, Lightning or Fireball it immediately If it is near the Tower and it costs about 4-6 Elixir (approximately same as your Spell). Otherwise, you can wait until those troops come near your Tower and then counter them with your cards then launch a counter attack. By using this Deck, you will need to guess what cards he has.

  • Try to have a Tesla up every time. This Battle Deck is pretty weak against Hog, Balloon and Prince when you are not protected by a Tesla. You can counter most attacks with the Tesla.
  • If you have the Goblin Barrel and Minion Horde in your hand and nothing happens when you reach 10 Elixir, throw the Barrel at the enemy Tower and followed by your Minion Horde on the bridge. The opponent just can’t arrow all of them before losing hundreds HP. As far as I can see, most opponent panic at this point and will start dropping everything they have. This is the time you use your Spells, depending on their responses, use either Lightning or Fireball on their troops. This combo can deal up to 1000HP If you use it properly.
  • Don’t use your Goblin Barrel Card without a backup. Many players just throw the Barrel when they have nothing better to use. Most of the time, they will get countered by Arrows immediately before they can deal any damage to the Tower. Goblin Barrel is an useful tool that can be used to make your opponent panic and bait out the enemy Spells which can easily counter your Minion Horde.
  • Try to use your Spells whenever you can. Just zap the Inferno Tower whenever it gets placed. Just Fireball the Barbarians placed behind the Tower. You can use your Lightning Spell to kill Wizard, Witch, Musketeer, Huts,… and deal additional damage to the enemy Tower. In most of my attacks, I deal about half of the damage to the Towers with only Spells.


Hut-Building Decks: You can always win the game easily with the Lightning Spell and the Fireball. Just Lightning every single hut the enemy uses, fireball those summoned troops. Just make sure that you have a solid defense before zapping their Huts since the Spell cards costs lots of Elixir. Protecting your Towers takes priority before zapping their huts.

Balloon-Freeze: This is another popular strategy and you absolutely can easily deal with it with your Tesla. The Balloon will always target the Tesla instead of your Tower and you will have enough time to deal with it by using either Wizard, Minion Horde or the Spear Goblins. My favorite combo to deal with the Balloon is using the Minion Horde to take down the Balloon then drop the Goblin Barrel on the opponent Tower followed by the Spear Goblins. The opponent will always try to protect his Balloon with Arrow or Fireball and can’t protect the Tower after that. This works pretty well most of the time.

Prince/Hog + Freeze: This strategy is pretty similar to the Balloon-Freeze above but you can use either Minion Horde or Barbarians to take down the Prince/Hog. You will want to try to use the Barbarians because Minion Horde + Barrel is an amazing combo you want to use right after that.

X-bow Decks: Since the update with the X-bow nerf, I haven’t seen many X-Bows. But, If you face them, you can use these methods to deal with it:

  1. Use Barbarians + Wizard/Spear Goblins.
  2. Just zap it (and also the enemy Tower If you can) with your Lighting Spell and it will have just about 10% HP. You can finish it with any troop.

Golem Decks: Golem is the hardest match-up in game to play as far as I can see. You always should have the Tesla up all the time. Take down the Golem as quickly as possible with your high DPS troops (Minion Horde would be the best choice). Ensure to deal with the support troops behind the Golem (Archers, Bombers, Spear Goblins,…). A single Fireball can take them down within a second!

More Tips

  • Always attempt to mix up your defensive strategy If you can. At 2000+ trophies, your opponents are very smart, you just can’t win the game If you use only 1 defensive strategy allt he time. For example, If you use Minion Horde to defend against Minion Horde, in the next defense, he will use the Minion Horde again and try to use the Arrow to take down your Minions immediately, so you just simply use the Wizard this time.
  • The Spear Goblin is extremely useful in this Battle Deck. After using the Minion Horde and Goblin Barrel combo, you can also drop the Spear Goblins too. They can deal A LOT OF damage when they have a tanker. Also, I have mentioned the Barrel + Spear Goblins combo above, this will also deal lots of damage.
  • When you reach 10 Elixirs and don’t have any good combo, just drop either the Spear Goblins or the Barbarians on the bridge. Most of the time, they will drop the Wizard or Barbarians to defend and you can drop the Lighting Spell/Fireball. This will clear the way and your remaining troops will be able to deal couples of hits to the enemy Tower.

Attack Logs

Finally, here are some recent logs with this Battle Deck for you:

Hopefully you like this Deck. Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any suggestion or question!


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